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  1. Surely Nacho has done more for us than Perez? His goal screamer against Spurs at Wembley, match winning performance v Everton, superb away at Villa, great goal scoring record in the cups. What has Perez done? He’s redefined the false 9 as the invisible 9 - does nothing at all. Kel is clumsy, but at least he offers something
  2. Perez has played twice as a false 9 against two pretty poor championship sides and his overall contribution has been extremely disappointing. He did score against Stoke, but it was a very straight forward opportunity. Prior to that he’d produced virtually nothing despite us being in complete control. People saying that he played well are being seriously charitable. To play that position well requires a player to be decisive and energetic as well as intelligent. He just seems to trot through games without showing any real desire to impact the play. Given his lack of strength and pac
  3. Perez did not play well today. He was average at best. As an attacking player surely we expect him to beat a man, play an incisive, do something to break the lines. He does sometimes manage to find space to receive the ball, but he lacks any penetration. If his performance today constitutes playing well then we are in trouble.
  4. I don’t see it with Perez. He doesn’t score, create or even really link up play. Does sometimes move into positions to receive the ball, but does very little with it. He has no pace, strength skill or vision - am I missing something??
  5. Nice post - I think it was really poor play, but others see something different, I get that.
  6. It did cost Jamie an open goal and a chance to start scoring again. It wasn’t the end of the world, but Perez doesn’t offer much at all if he doesn’t offer intelligent play - it’s the equivalent of Albrighton being lazy! Time to move on, but not great at all from Perez.
  7. I don’t suppose that means when you have a teammate in a far better position, when you have a very tight angle. Like I say that is absolutely basic football - completely the wrong decision.
  8. Chelsea have been poor of late and look completely bereft of confidence - on paper it’s a great time to play them.... So why do I feel like they will choose tomorrow to return to form? I tend to be optimistic in all other areas of my life, but watching City does something to my mental stability!
  9. If I was coaching an under-10 side and the forward didn’t square the ball from Perez’s position yesterday I would be annoyed! Perez doesn’t offer pace or strength, so he needs to offer intelligence and good decision making. Very poor indeed and it could have been costly at 1-0.
  10. Sky is a business - United have the largest global fan base and the most lucrative sponsorship deals - they make Sky the most money. That’s the unfortunate truth about the modern game.
  11. He’s always looked the best of the bunch when I’ve watched the U23 side. I think his form has dipped a bit, but he looks a decent option
  12. I guess more involved that someone who comes in from outside - he’s been in and around the squad since BR arrived and is well regarded at the club so has trained with 1st team a lot. Known to the coaching staff and most of the players
  13. Given the amount of fixtures we have, I think it is a great idea to recall KDH. With Praet injured we can’t run Youri into the ground and it would be crazy to sign someone (loan or perm) unfamiliar with the squad when we have a solution at the club. Here’s hoping that Big Bren gives him the opportunities and KDH shows us what he’s got
  14. Yeah - can’t fault his effort, but like many others he struggles with the physical challenge at the top level
  15. I find he gives the ball away relentlessly - he works hard and can be quite creative, but he is not a good possession player. When Nacho plays well he is a real asset, unfortunately he’s never found any consistency with us and looks low on confidence.
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