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  1. This lad has enormous talent and I wish him all the very best. Unfortunately we are now too good a side to play your way into form and if you are as impatient to break through as he seems to be then we probably aren’t the right place for him. Wish him all the best and from the little I’ve seen there could be a real player there if he works hard and develops physically in the coming years.
  2. Kel started playing this way last season. I really feel we should’ve used him more in the run in last year, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Right now it is a joy to watch an excellent player at the top of his game. I don’t think he can continue scoring/playing at this level, but if we stick with him through inevitable dips in form he will score us many more goals. I would love to see a front 3 of Kel, Vards abd Barnes - even if it is only something for the last 30 mins when we need a goal!
  3. I think BR is way too astute to take the Spurs job. They need to rebuild and they are strapped for cash, they have high expectations and a fairly average squad - it is a tough gig for any manager. With us, Brendan has a strong and young squad, great owners and our fan base has relatively realistic expectations. Obviously BR is creating more aspirational expectations with his brilliant performance thus far, but I don’t think our fans show the same entitled attitudes as the fans of the likes of Spurs and Arsenal etc. Why would BR take a job with such obv
  4. Yeah - I’ve noticed that since the Pearson era we are a team that goes on runs and they often coincide with the form of Mr Vardy (until Kel stepped up!!)
  5. Vardy scored one and set up another last night following a huge performance in the FA Cup Semi, but is it just me that feels like he’s still somewhat out of sorts? He just seems uncharacteristically sloppy in possession at times and doesn’t seem to be playing with the same self belief? Scuffed shots, loose touches, checking back rather than being direct.., Vardy is by far my all time favourite City player despite having watched legends like Lineker, Walsh, Izzet etc. I still think we will see one last spell of a Vardy goalscoring spree in his last season - which will e
  6. I actually prefer the balance of the side with Luke in the team. Surprisingly good in the air, his pace looks like it’s getting better and he clearly has a great left foot. As he settles into the side I think he’ll take a few more risks, because he is inclined to be safety first in the attacking third and I think he has more to offer going forward. Time will tell whether he’ll make the number 3 shirt his own, but he’s certainly shown he has some of the right attributes.
  7. West Brom were abysmal. Job done, we’ll face tougher tests, but 3 points and good for the goal diff; nearly there lads 👍
  8. Unpopular opinion; The current model of football in Europe is broken. It needs to change to stimulate competition and the status quo can’t carry on with sides like Bayern, Barca, PSG dominating domestic leagues. The gap between the elite clubs and the rest is widening all the time. The Super League is a terrible idea and has been designed by the big clubs to suit their own agendas. European football needs a rethink, but not one that is lead by the big clubs to suit themselves. It needs a review of how to stimulate competition and inject more enthusiasm. I pr
  9. Superb performance from Kel. A slow start, but he never stopped showing for the ball and trying to make the difference - the link up play to set up the Maddison chance was fantastic. What a season he is having
  10. I don’t honestly know if you’re disgruntled I just mentioned how the post read. I thought the post was unnecessarily negative. I stand by that and I happen to think Kel is a good player and not bat shit crazy what ever that phrase means. Can we move on?
  11. Well done with the hand picked posts Babs - I had a quick look and this is the first one I found.
  12. You’re overall post reads as negative; peppered with descriptions like ‘horrific’ regarding his current displays and ‘ utter bobbins’ about what you think his future performances could look like. You write like someone who has been a vocal critic of him in the past and you sound like you are disgruntled that he has demonstrated what an enormous talent he is. You are writing about the current premier league player of the month who has been a massive positive for our faltering side through a really tough period - I feel like the overall negativity in your post is a bit daft if I’m honest. H
  13. His overall performances have been fantastic recently. He links play, opens up the game and provides a real goal threat. I think you need to focus more on the abundantly obvious positives rather than working so hard to justify perceived negatives. Some of his earlier performances for us were poor, but his mind per goal and/or assists have been consistently v high (across all competitions) since the Everton home game last season. Ignore the odd clumsy touch and some poor decision making and focus on the things he does well; there’s much to focus on.
  14. I think Kel’s overall game is actually v good - he’s great and getting on the ball and opening up the pitch and that venomous left foot is becoming more lethal with each game that passes. His decision making can be a bit wayward and he can look clumsy, but he definitely gives us do much more than just goals. Kel’s dragged us through this period with Vards out of sorts and Harvey + Madds unavailable. A huge achievement for a player that was actually dropped to accommodate the underwhelming Perez as a false 9 not long ago. If we scrape Top 4 he will deserve a lot of the credit.
  15. I try and be understanding of the players - they are young men and it’s been tough for all of us being locked in doors. ive always loved watching and listening to Madders (even if he frustrates me going down to easily) so I really hope this doesn’t negatively effect his time with us. Such a terrific player. id be gutted if Wes was involved as he’s a legend, but not overly bothered with the other 2.
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