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  1. Well done lads you've just f.cked the weekend up for us again
  2. Typical start playing when the game has gone
  3. It really is Bournemouth over again now. Absolutely bottlerssssss
  4. And to think I have shelled out £105 on 2 fa cup tickets and have the thought of watching this shite. Chelsea are going to run riot over us.
  5. Stowell Just telling perez to run around the middle like the others are doing and play crap
  6. Ndidi is having a mare, can't produce a simple pass to any body in a blue shirt.
  7. God if we play like this next Saturday there won't be any lcfc fans in Wembley after half time,Chelsea must be laughing their heads off.
  8. God its like watching a pub team on a sunday
  9. City have confirmed that their allocation of tickets will be distributed based on away priority points, benefiting supporters who have been following the club around the country most frequently over the past few seasons. The club are due to announce more details soon. Fans receiving tickets from the club will have to pay for their seat, while the 9,500 tickets to local residents and key workers will be complimentary, and will allow for a named guest to also attend.
  10. There will be around 6,000 Leicester City fans at Wembley for the FA Cup final as details for how tickets would be allocated were released. Wembley Stadium have announced that 12,500 tickets for the showpiece occasion on Saturday, May 15, will be given to club supporters, leaving City and Chelsea with 6,250 each, provided they are split evenly. Then, 9,500 tickets will go to residents in the Brent area of London, as well as key workers, stadium guests and FA stakeholders, adding up to a total of 22,000 spectators inside the national stadium.
  11. Draw this game and its 3 points dropped,simple.
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