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  1. Will1981

    Wolves A Match Thread

    why is Barnes on the wing and Gray through the middle makes no sense, Puel Out.
  2. Will1981

    FIFA 19

    86 rated Vardy and Doucoure coming as premier league SBC reward.
  3. Will1981

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    crap performance get Barnes on for Mendy.
  4. Will1981

    FIFA 19

    Stopped at 14-6 this week and got Boly and Donnarruma as my red picks.
  5. Will1981

    Calum Elder to.......

    He will probably be back up for Chilwell next season when Fuchs leaves.
  6. Will1981

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    who let Madders take a penalty?
  7. Will1981

    FIFA 19

    How many FUTMAS players have you all completed: https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app/?showoffId=dihSHIcEnPl2o:FFA19PS4 I have done 16 and will probably complete Cazorla during the week.
  8. Will1981

    FIFA 19

    Finished 17-11 in weekend league, the gameplay was absolutely disgusting though with button delay worse than ever, so much for the new patch fixing it.
  9. Will1981

    Chelsea (A) Match Thread

    well deserved start for Hamza
  10. Will1981

    FIFA 19

    Finished 19-11 in weekend league after losing my last 2 games, pretty gutted but have not been playing well this week.
  11. Will1981

    Mr. Leonardo Jardim

    He also had Bakayoko in that team and somehow made him look good, Imagine what he could do with Ndidi.
  12. play for a 0-0 and take it to penalties.
  13. Will1981

    FIFA 19

    I do not think anybody knows yet
  14. Will1981

    FIFA 19

    I'm ready got the following: Red Informs: 20x (81-86 rated) Discard Informs: 46 (80-84 rated) Other Informs: 11 (75-79 rated) 90 rated players x 4 89 rated players x 5 88 rated players x 9 87 rated players x 12 86 rated players x 28 85 rated players x 32 84 rated players x 48 83 rated players x 92.
  15. Will1981

    FIFA 19

    Diego Costa best player from div 4 rank 1 untradeable rewards and Mata and Ghoulam as my red picks from gold 1 rewards still have the 2x 100k packs to open but my trade pile is full for futmas.