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  1. Just had my greatest ever come back in champs 0-5 down after 35 mins come back to win 6-5 in the 88th minute.
  2. I do not think my place of work would be very happy with that though.
  3. Got my negative result this morning not got covid just a bad head cold.
  4. Just had my covid test at the Narborough walk in centre very quick and easy, now got to wait for the results.
  5. Just packed a duplicate untradable CR7 from an 81+ player pick pack, felt really dirty submitting him into POTM Messi's 89 rated squad.
  6. hopefully he gest a 80 rated TOTW which will make his POTM an 85 rated.
  7. Nacho POTM incoming.
  8. Albighton or Thomas whenever they are on the pitch.
  9. weather or not we played 3 or 4 at the back 2nd half we certainly put a lot more effort into the game, ps over the moon for Amartey who gets so much unfair comments on here because he is not the greatest on the ball but he made a great interception for our 1st goal and then scored the winner.
  10. sorry I was wondering who was supposed to be playing left wing in the 442.
  11. I noticed Ricardo more forward on the right but who was on the left in the 442?
  12. I thought we pretty much stayed the same but pushed Ricardo and Castagne a lot more forward.
  13. Funny how letting our best crosser take a corner we finally score from one.
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