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  1. I have Cannavaro, Desailly and Seedorf all very good but Cannavaro is my favourite so far.
  2. Stopped at 14 wins and 5 defeats.
  3. I thought Sky and the Premier league had moved the game to New York when I saw the title.
  4. I have Haps and Dumfries both very good fullbacks.
  5. yes mate from weekend league.
  6. play a LB at RB on 6 chem and play 2x CM at LM and RM on 6 chem, you do not need the RB.
  7. Got 84 Rondon and 83 Zahavi from my gold 3 red picks and got untradeable Neuer from rank 3 division 3 rivals rewards. However EA have updated the Rivals ladder and I have been bumped from division 3 to division 1 so I doubt I will ever play rivals again.
  8. Never used to tackle for us, then his 1st tackle in months against Madrid got him a yellow card and then got a 2nd for taking a quick free kick from the most bent ref ever.
  9. I still think it should be a free-kick/penalty if the ball touches your arm/hand weather it is deliberate or not.
  10. 14 wins and 4 defeats in weekend league, now for the silvers.
  11. 8 players available via SBC, 1 a day from all 8 nations. 4 available via weekly objectives. 6 prime moments SBC and 2 flashback SBC 1 from each nation involved.
  12. Schmeichel Evans -- Morgan -- Maguire Ricardo -- Ndidi -- Tielemans -- Chilwell Barnes -- Maddison Vardy.
  13. Finished 20 wins and 10 defeats in weekend league, 1st time I have played past 14 wins in months.
  14. Disgraceful from Kepa, Sarri should have subbed off one of the outfield players for Caballero after he refused to go off.
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