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  1. yes that **** Attwell is desperate to send someone off.
  2. Between 2 and 3vmostly
  3. was 12-3 in weekend league and just lost 5 in a row makes no sense.
  4. surely needs to be recalled now that Praet is injured.
  5. Praet does that far too much he has zero composure when it matters.
  6. Just got Prime Koeman with my 13 Icon swaps will complete the final 5 over the next few weeks and get the 25x 83+ pack in time for TOTY.
  7. Make that 9 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat when Albrighton plays, world class again today should start every game for us.
  8. since getting Freeze Dembele, Acuna and Coquelin I have lost 6 and drew 2 in rivals dropping from div 2 to nearly div 4 makes no sense.
  9. Here is my team after spending about 1m coins over the past 2 weeks on the 81+ double upgrade SBC, everyone is untradable: https://www.ea.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app/?showoffId=bWEoGJD1nVAZd:FFA21PS4
  10. Just packed Freeze Dembele in an 81+ upgrade SBC, time to retire his gold card.
  11. same then I checked his price 150k+ and then saw that Hoffenheim play Molde in next round of europa league so he should go up to an 85 in February.
  12. I am in div 2 and do not even know how to do any skill moves, I find most people who spam skill moves pretty easy to handle as they tend to do skill moves when they are 10 yards away from you.
  13. Remember last year EA only upgraded players who had more than a +3 upgrade though.
  14. either the 3 packs + the base icon or the 25x83 pack + Prime Koeman not made my mind up yet.
  15. I did it in couch play friendleys used two controllers playing as both teams, foul on the edge of the box, them move the keeper out of the goal and then put the freekick into the open goal.
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