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  1. Will1981

    Corona Virus

    Just been to Makro which is usually a ghost town, was very busy with no toilet roll or any hand cleaning products. Also lots of people in there with very bad coughs.
  2. I got 84 Nacho for 10 wins and a choice between 87 Kolarov, 87 Verratti and 87 Saul for 18 wins, I took Saul, I would count yourself very lucky with your picks.
  3. Absolute demolition surely AJ can not keep ducking him now.
  4. very good point, we defended superbly.
  5. Just packed Middle Nedved from squad battles rewards.
  6. very similar to the game at Stamford Bridge we dominated the 2nd half but could not find the winner
  7. Will1981

    Corona Virus

    The black death plague killed 60% of europe in the 14th century and was spread by fleas from rats, I do not think it is a coincedence that the corona virus has started just as the Chinese new year of the rat has begun.
  8. Maddison was at fault for both shots from Ings that hit the bar.
  9. Got 95 good packs saved for tonight.
  10. Currently on 20 wins and 6 defeats in weekend league after struggling to make gold 2 for every other weekend this year, I guess buying Van Dijk, IF Mane and IF Mbappe have made a huge difference to my team.
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