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  1. Will1981

    Alex Telles

    Is he not a right back, plus I would rather not have the Algerian fan boys back on here.
  2. I am sure the owners would be keen on this one as it will increase our fan base in Asia now that Okazaki has gone.
  3. Maddison was at fault for both shots from Ings that hit the bar.
  4. Got 95 good packs saved for tonight.
  5. Currently on 20 wins and 6 defeats in weekend league after struggling to make gold 2 for every other weekend this year, I guess buying Van Dijk, IF Mane and IF Mbappe have made a huge difference to my team.
  6. Nice Christmas present from EA, Red Neymar from my Gold 2 rewards.
  7. Will1981

    Ben White

    Why would you write on Leicester branded note paper?
  8. We are playing well look dangerous every time we go forward, ref is terrible giving them every decision they ask for.
  9. just packed Mbappe again, this is crazy
  10. Have done 23 untradable and 6 tradables today, already spent well over 500k on them.
  11. Just packed Mbappe from tradable TOTW upgrade SBC sold for 1,170,000.
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