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  1. Must be something going on as planes not allowed to break sound barrier over land unless it is an emergancy.
  2. I agree it is a stupid option would be better if it was a 1-10 rating like the players.
  3. surely if that was the case we would use Fuchs or Thomas at LB and move Justin to RB, I think Amartey will be CB in a back 3/5.
  4. He looked like he was carrying an injury during the game, he kept stretching his back.
  5. Buy him send him on loan to OHL for 2 years to get a Belgium passport.
  6. Why on earth would a Villa fan hate Vardy for scoring 2 against WBA.
  7. https://westhamfans.org/content/tarka-offer-£33-million-seals-deal Burnley asking for £33m.
  8. Triple signing, Tarkowski, McNeil and Pope?
  9. I would like to see him get a loan for the season where he will play every game in a good passing side like Brighton etc.
  10. 20m plus Diabate and Ghezzel.
  11. Will1981

    Samuel Umtiti

    Crazy wages and always injured.
  12. Football Manager 2009 - 564 hours Football Manager 2010 - 1245 hours Football Manager 2011 - 855 hours Football Manager 2012 - 1003 hours - editor 279 hours Football Manager 2013 - 1308 hours - editor 285 hours Football Manager 2014 - 1047 hours - editor 495 hours Football Manager 2015 - 1260 hours - editor 248 hours Football Manager 2016 - 972 hours - editor 215 hours did not buy 17/18/19. Football Manager 2020 Touch - 100+ hours
  13. Rudkin Challenge - Season 3 Rudkin's major transfer dealings: 15/6/21 signed M. Ginter from Bayern on season loan - finally a CB to replace Soyuncu. 16/6/21 sold J. Draxler to Wolves for £18m - disappointing 18/6/21 sold B. Chilwell to Arsenal for £47m - poor decision 30/6/21 sold Y. Tielemans to Chelsea for £70m - good price for my most consistent player. 2/7/21 signed T. Meunier from PSG for £14m - good backup RB. 28/7/21 sold F. Benkovic to Milan for £19m - good price for a backup player. 6/8/21 sold K. Iheanacho to Burnley for £15m - good price for unused player. 8/8/21 signed K. Zouma from Chelsea for £27m - good upgrade on Benkovic. 16/8/21 sold A. Onana to Tottenham for £38m - good profit for one season. 21/8/21 signed R. McCrorie from Rangers for £14m - solid replacement for Onana. 1/9/21 signed D. Origi from Liverpool for £48m - massive flop 2 goals in 23 games. 1/9/21 signed L. Paredes from PSG for £38m - good replacement for Tielemans. 10/1/22 sold K. Malcuit to Jiangsu for £22m - good price for my RB. 26/1/22 signed T. Jedvaj from Milan for £21m - good replacement for Malcuit. 26/1/22 signed X. Shaqiri from Liverpool for £28m - massive waste of money. 31/1/22 signed M. Sabitzer from RB Leipzig for £45m - good player for a big price. 31/1/22 signed A. Martial from Man Utd for £27m - so far so good. Competition Results: Premier League: 1st: Liverpool - 88 pts 2nd: Man City - 81 pts 3rd: Tottenham - 80 pts 4th: Chelsea - 77 pts 5th: Arsenal - 73 pts 6th: Man Utd - 72 pts 7th: Leicester - 64 pts. FA Cup: lost in 3rd round to Chelsea. Carabao Cup: lost in 4th round to Bournemouth. Player Stats: Fans Player of the Season: Willian Young Player of the Season: K. Ajer Top Scorer: Maddison 16 Highest Average Rating: Maddison 7.26 Most Assists: Maddison 9 Most MOTM: Maddison & Kang-In 4 Another pretty poor season, Rudkin went crazy in the transfer market spending £248m on transfers and selling players for a total of £228m, his biggest mistakes were wasting £48m on Origi and £27m on Shaqiri, his decision to sell Chilwell and not sign another LB was a big mistake and I had to play a combination of Ndidi and Justin at LB which ensured another season of not being able to break into the top six.
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