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  1. FIFA 18

    I just did 3 of the Icon upgrade SBC's and got Overmars, Gullit and Ferdinand. Happy with Gullit and Ferdinand (who I will use in the Ferdinand Prime SBC when the prices settle down abit) but already had Prime Overmars so put the Baby one into Prime Desailly who I will finish when the prices come down.
  2. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    get three more subs on now and win this.
  3. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Get Fuchs on for Nacho and go 4-4-1-1 to cover their wingbacks: Schmeichel Simpson - Morgan - Maguire - Fuchs Albrighton - Iborra - Ndidi - Chilwell Mahrez Vardy
  4. Jamie Carragher spitting

    What do you call a Scouser in a suit?... The defendant.
  5. FIFA 18

    I am currently at these 5 untradable PTG's Rigoni - Bertrand - Gundogan - Hazard - Martins - Damm - Lemar - Bertrand - STERLING Defoe - Carvalho - FIRMINO Viera - Vardy - Damm - Bertrand - ISCO Gomez - Martial - Martial - Hazard - Martins - Martial - Willian - MILINKOVIC-SAVIC Lukaku - Giroud - Bernardo Silva - Plattenhardt - WILLIAN I am very happy with those 5 at the moment but may trade in Isco if I can not win Vela on Wednesday/Thursday as I would still like Alex Sandro, Higuain or Goretzka
  6. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    I did not say anything about James I feel he was harshly criticised in the last two games while Ndidi got off lightly after having two stinkers.
  7. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Everyone just seems so much more composed when Iborra is on the pitch.
  8. West Brom away match thread

    Gray has had plenty of chances and very rarely produces time for a change.
  9. West Brom away match thread

    I would have started Barnes over Gray after his performance on Monday.
  10. FIFA 18

    Sold my 3 tradable PTG cards, William Carvalho for 60K, Forsberg for 52K and Stindl for 49K for a total profit of 110K. I have been putting my untradable PTG's through the untradable SBC as follows: Rigoni - Bertrand - Gundogan Defoe - Carvalho - Firmino Viera - Vardy - Damm - Bertrand - Isco Gomez I will do tomorrow I really want Sandro or Milinkovic -Savic though.
  11. FIFA 18

    I make about 70K a week in prize money from squad battles and weekend league and then anything from 30-150K from items packed in the rewards. Every week I buy all the cheap TOTW players and hold them in my club until they rise enough for me to make a healthy profit, I also do the bronze pack method so I never have to spend any coins on fitness, healing cards etc. I have not spent a penny on fifa points and I have completed every single league SBC and currently have 9 Prime Icon SBC's completed, I also have about 3.2m in coins and every player bought ready for the Premier league, LaLiga, Pro League and Scottish Leagu SBC's when they come out.
  12. FIFA 18

    Prime Shevchenko is the best striker I have used this year, he is the best value for money prime squad builder too.
  13. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    2 wins in 12 is relegation form not good enough.
  14. Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    Get Silva off
  15. Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    We were playing ok until Amartey went off then we changed formation and have been shocking since.