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  1. A referendum on the Boris deal or No Deal Brexit.
  2. yes was great to pack him this early in the game he is great but he really is not the sort of player who suits my play style as I rarely dribble and never do skill moves, if he was tradable I would have sold him a built a better all round team.
  3. My team is pretty poorly balanced as my defence and midfield are very poor but my attack is pretty solid as I packed Messi from a gold upgrade SBC, but I do not spend any money on fifa points so struggle against the mega teams.
  4. yes it is, I was div 1 most of last year but was put in div 6 this year after placements then relegated to div 7 before struggling back up to div 5.
  5. Same here finished 19-11 in 1st champs this year which surprised me as I have been struggling badly in rivals.
  6. Probably Keane and Nesta if I get all the tokens.
  7. Use the loyalty glitch, start a squad battles game against TOTW kick off then go to network settings and disconnect from internet, rinse and repeat.
  8. Just packed Messi from a gold upgrade SBC.
  9. we beat Cambridge 5-0 in the play-off semi-finals.
  10. Spurs have drawn their last 3 away games 2-2.
  11. I am torn on this one am all for green renewable energy but the government have removed the feeding tariff on soler panels and pretty much killed that industry in the UK, I know this was mainly due to farmers abusing the system and covering huge areas of valuable grazing land with soler farms just to take abvantage of the tariffs when this should have been aimed at smaller dometic households, we have hundreds of flat roofed huge warehouses in this country which should be covered in soler panels and not wasted on valuable farm land. I like the idea of wind farms and think they look nice and produce an enormous amount of power but whenever they plan to build any the nimby's kick up a right fuss. Nuclear is probably the best way to go but not sure if it is classed as green renewable energy.
  12. Sorry I have taken a while to reply to this as I have been busy with work etc, I can agree that the words "bullying" and "screwing" may have been a little OTT but I was replying to a post with was equally OTT about it being 1-1. Anyway I have made a list with a few of the issues I have with the EU: 1. Free movement of labour law Immigration was largely cited as a reason for people voting Brexit. As a member of the EU, the Government does not have control over the number or type of EU migrants who come to the UK seeking work. Leaders of the Leave campaign said they will introduce an Australian-style points system, where all migrants would be subject to the same rules, and could be selectively refused entry. "This EU law affects UK citizens in low payed, unskilled and manual work greatly as from my experience UK employers will run their workers into the ground as there is a limitless line of immigrant workers to replace them with, it also gives our Trade Union's a much harder time when negotiating pay rises working conditions etc" 2. Child benefit for migrant workers law Currently, EU citizens working in the UK can claim child benefit, even if their children are not living in the UK. This law could be scrapped as part of any changes to immigration. "pretty sure everyone agrees this law is wrong" 3. Fisheries policy The Common Fisheries Policy gives European fishing fleets equal access to the waters of all EU states within 12 nautical miles of the coast. Quotas are imposed to preserve fish stocks – which Boris Johnson has previously described as ‘crazy’. The Leave campaign promised that Brexit would help fishers ‘take back control’ of Britain’s fishing waters and fish stocks. "surely the benefits of being an island nation is that we should be able to take advantage of one of our biggest national resources" 4. VAT on energy bills law EU law says that the standard VAT rate must be at least 15 per cent. The reduced rate, which only applies to certain specified goods and services, must be at least 5 per cent. Governments aren’t given the freedom to decide that there should be no VAT on chosen items – this caused the argument on ‘tampon tax’, which was eventually scrapped. Outside the EU, the Government could make gas and electricity bills VAT-free. This move would be socially progressive, as the people most affected would be those on the lowest incomes. However, green activists could object, saying that it wouldn’t be green, as it may encourage people to use more electricity. "the average UK dual fuel energy bill is £1254 per year with VAT at 20%, so if VAT on energy bills was reduced to 0% the average household would save £251 per year" 5. Climate change directive The Open Europe think tank see the renewables directive as the most expensive piece of legislation imposed by Brussels. It sets targets for tackling climate change, such as achieving a 20 per cent share of energy from renewable sources by 2020. The cost required to achieve these targets is reputedly £4.7bn a year, and with Brexit campaigners tending to be sceptical about climate change, scrapping this directive could be seen as a useful way to save money – although green activists would disagree. "while this is a good policy for the environment it is not for our energy bills and our impact will be tiny while hugh countries like the US and China ignore these issues" 6. Bananas regime The European Commission drew up a ‘banana import regime’ which set out what constitutes a standard quality banana. Misshapen bananas weren’t banned under the rule – but they were categorised as sub-standard. Well, at least we can take back control over what makes a banana aesthetically pleasing. "this law is causing thousands of tonnes of perfectly usable fruit and veg to be plowed back into the earth rather than be eaten" 7. The common fisheries policy. It mandated that if fish of the wrong species were caught accidentally, the dead fish had to be thrown overboard, and the fishermen carried on killing more fish, until they reached the “right” quotas of the “right” species. "bizarre and wasteful law" 8. Water does NOT prevent dehydration If you've been on a mighty old work out or you're struggling with a sore heard from a heavy night out, drinking water will NOT ease your pain. Well, that's according to the EU. In 2011 they passed a law, which claimed scientists had found no evidence to suggest drinking water stopped dehydration. This meant manufacturers of bottled drinking water were prohibited from labelling their product with anything that would suggest consumption would fight dehydration. "another bizarre law" 9. Prunes will NOT fight your bowel problems Meddling legislators made it illegal for prunes to be sold as a super food that acts as a laxative. And after a thorough investigation, the EU ruled: "The evidence provided is insufficient to establish a cause and effect relationship between the consumption of dried plums of 'prune' cultivars and maintenance of normal bowel function" But anyone who has ever taken part in a 'who can eat the most prunes' competition would surely disagree with this. "bizarre law" 10. Turnips are NOT swede In 2010 the EU decided to make sure one and all knew the difference between a turnip and a swede. Now supermarkets are encouraged to avoid confusion when labelling both vegetables. And this is because locals in Cornwall often refer to their swedes as turnips. "bizarre law" 11. Eggs CANNOT be sold by the dozen Fury erupted when shopkeepers were told all food must be weighed and sold by the kilo - instead of the number contained in the packet back in 2010. And even though British shoppers can still buy a dozen of eggs, it is now priced based wholly on the weight. "as if EU law makers are just trying to justify their wages" 12. The Cost of Being in the EU. "we just do not get our monies worth" 13. EU Parliament cost "costs about £2m per menmber of the the EU paliamnet per year".
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