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  1. Got Pepe from the SBC pretty happy with that.
  2. Well played mate. I had one of my strangest FUT Champs this week, worst start ever on Friday 6-6, recovered well on Saturday to 17-8, then today lost 1st 2 games to go 17-10 and then somehow managed to win last 3 in a row to finish 20-10 despite being shattered after working this weekend.
  3. Losing 4-0 at half time in FUT Champs to a scumbag abusing la croquetta and el tornado crosses, fought sod this went all out attack and constant pressure score 5 quick fire goals to go 5-4 up around the 70th minute and then drop back to a more defensive tactic but my team is completely dead on stamina so I try to hold possession and close the game out when goes well until deep into injury time where he steals the ball off me for 1 final attack as he is running at me my David Luiz pulls up injured colliding with my other CB leaving his F. Anderson 1-on-1 with my keeper he squares it to his Mbappe with a completely open goal which he somehow puts wide then rage quits. My most satisfying ever FUT Champs win.
  4. 6-6 now this is beyond a joke how can I go from consistent Gold 1 to this crap, just lost to a guy who had red Mbappe and red Pepe how lucky can you get.
  5. My worst ever start to FUT Champs currently 3-4.
  6. glad I got Mendy but I now have 4 world class LB's untradeable, FB Sandro, TOTS Telles, TOTS Mendy and RTTF Alonso, tempted to do the Aouar SBC to link with Mendy.
  7. gold 2 and above guarantee's at least 1 Ligue 1 player from each pick, gold 3 and below is random.
  8. Nice I got Mendy and picked Savanier over Verratti.
  9. Got Maignan in an 81+ SBC yesterday, just got him again in a 3 player upgrade so put the duplicate in the guaranteed SBC and got him again.
  10. I have my full backs set on balanced attack as they provide my width when attacking, my CDM is set to stay back and my CAM is set to stay forward all other player instructions are default.
  11. I play 41212 (2) with fast build up playing lots of little 1-2's, I also play on 5 depth and press on heavy touch and I am very aggressive when trying to get the ball back I tend to concede quite a lot of goals but also score for fun also, lots of 7-5, 6-4 scores etc.
  12. Finished 20-10 in champs, was 19-7 with 4 games left and lost 3 in a row before an easy 2-0 rage quit win in my last game.
  13. RVP and A.Gomez (best pick this year) from my gold 2 red picks.
  14. Spent about 500k on Serie A 81+ Upgrade packs and have 2 blues so far Ilicic and Fabian, just did the guaranteed Serie A TOTS SBC and got Correa could have been worse.
  15. Not good enough, very overrated player.
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