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  1. Will1981


    Housefly they are crazy this year.
  2. Fair result in the end we played well and had a lot of possession but did not create enough, to be fair Wolves defended very well a deserved a point.
  3. We played the diamond against Stoke.
  4. nice, I got one for Volta.
  5. Plus morgan will not let us down if needed, we managed fine with 4 CB's last season so we should be fine this season.
  6. Wolves signing Kessie for £25m + £3m in bonuses seems a good deal.
  7. Guppy was the best corner taker we have had but it helped having 3 big CB's who knew how to attack the ball.
  8. my guesses: CB: Sane or Mbodji CM: Kessie or Seri Winger: Gervinho or Cornet.
  9. So far no. Tielemans was here last year. Justin replaced Simpson Perez replaced Okazaki Maguire has left.
  10. This year has been terrible for insect bites, everytime any of us cut the grass or do any gardening we are getting bitten multiple times. I think it is Horse Flies as my garden backs onto a river and I have idendified them landing on me, the bites themselves are so sore and itchy and keep me awake sometimes. Any one else suffering this year with them or have advice on how to deal with them.
  11. Surely we need both if we are player 3 centre backs?
  12. gone from 12-2 in weekend league to 13-6 lost my last 2 games 6-6 (lost on pens) and 6-5.
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