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  1. I wonder if similar arguments happened when Çağlar first joined the team and was mostly a sub.
  2. Yeah and it’s not only the assists, he usually plays well and takes initiatives. No don’t take him 😂
  3. I think he’s doing quite alright. We have a stricted squad and he’s kinda shining among them. I don’t know how much Beşiktaş is willing to pay since they’re financially broke. 😅 I just read that they’ll be negotiating and wondered if Leicester had any intention to keep him.
  4. is there any possibility for Leicester to keep Ghezzal after his loan ends? Curious as a Beşiktaş fan.
  5. I guess it's safe to say that he has no future here. I'd really want him to make it big in the Premier League but we just gotta let it go...
  6. Got this Jackson bass. Hopefully I'll be rocking it in no time.
  7. Why are you being so offensive? Simply answer the question and make your point.
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