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  1. Im gutted about this but not surprised.
  2. Fantastic to see the club completely change their ways on this. From actively forbidding Union FS doing food bank collections to now supporting them.
  3. A group from Leicester are there in Bochum tonight. Could be a much needed win, currently 2.1 up with 35 minutes to go. A group came the other way last weekend for a 30th Birthday weekender and Villa away.
  4. Must have been a few hundred on that. Was fun whilst it lasted.
  5. Could imagine that Kirby & West building as wicked medium sized club/gig venue.
  6. Keep spreading the word on this, let's get a really solid section together.
  7. Yeah agree, it is a lot better.
  8. To all those who on the back of Wednesday night were calling for a large singing section, Union FS have secured this for the Wigan game. A 600 seat section has been agreed. Please see link for details -
  9. Remember to email filbospirit@gmail.com on how to buy your tickets in the block.
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