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  1. ASK has gone from Leicester. Lovely building in a great spot, hope it gets filled.
  2. Vitaly Janet looks to be close to joining either Barnsley or Brentford from Bochum. Surprised they are letting him go as he is a player and the 3 other CM's in the squad are old.
  3. Both bankrolled by English Premier League clubs.
  4. Schalke have been toss for an age now. If the ultras were in the stadium he would have been fired.
  5. A good few crop up on ebay. Or alternatively buy a cheap shirt and cut it out to stitch.
  6. Still there, Leicester Road FC now play in. Believe its right mess in terms of who own what's what down there.
  7. Coalville playing the oldest club in the world tonight, Sheffield FC.
  8. Having watched a number of German games with fans back in reduced numbers. Can't say it's changed my mind about not wanting to go to watch us until the stadiums are fully open. Proper soulless and sad experience.
  9. Going over to Manchester next weekend to watch the foxes. Any pub recommendations folks? Currently got Marble Arch and The Peveril of The Peak on the list.
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