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  1. The Bring The Paint Festival, does some great stuff for the city.
  2. Angus Robson is now with Gloucestershire seconds.
  3. One of the very few things the vast majority of Leicester fans agree on is that Stringer is a chump.
  4. Folk that get their knickers in a twist over pineapple being on a pizza need to grow up.
  5. A few cans of Beavertown Neck Oil.
  6. Club seem to be pushing this loads on the social media etc. Was there as much last season? Although I guess this time of the season they don’t have a load of content about.
  7. I had my doubts but after a slow start he has been excellent. He made my player of the season vote.
  8. Proper good exhibition this, would highly recommend.
  9. They are not on par with Rangers. European football culture has what some can see as a little alien to some in terms of supporter links or friendship. In Bochum there are three possibly four at a push with a hooligan link. Bayern/Bochum is huge. Been going for years and is a big deal. The ultras are close to Bayern and Bologna. Then Leicester fall in next with links to other fan groups and supporters clubs. Berliner Dynamo have a link with Bochum hooligans and vice versa. I do understand that this is something not the norm in England. Any other flags/stickers etc are just made between mates and trips out there etc.
  10. Howe it doing these days? Few years back the pub felt all a little sorry.
  11. Price match day tickets right and they will come. The new under 16 bracket helps this.
  12. To a point yes but here in Sheffield they do not suffer this. As a child you are either Wednesday or United that is it. You never see a top 4 pre shirt on kids here.
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