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  1. £35 has come in since last Sunday. Again thank you to those who have sent over a few quid. Be ace if we managed to get £100 in donations.
  2. He has a chant that even the most militant non singer will be hard pushed to refrain from singing it. Catchy as anything.
  3. It’s been worked that this latest display cost £906 in total. I know a few posters have asked before about costs. Thank you to those above that have donated, it’s really appreciated.
  4. Hope he plays, they are pretty stacked in midfield.
  5. Tough away game for Bochum tomorrow night away at HSV. Not really clicked at all this season with a very young squad.
  6. Great Portland Street. It’s not exactly around the corner but it’s a proper pub that has a super sound landlord who is Leicester. I reckon if say a club like Newcastle had a pub like that in London all their away games there would see fans head to it.
  7. The Stags Head I always push for London games. A Leicester pub in the big smoke.
  8. Yeah I thought Venice was pretty naff after about 10 minutes.
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