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  1. Crackers. In a city with good cafes in abundance and decent pubs dropping all the time you mess with one of the few left.
  2. The Western losing it’s side room to become a cafe.
  3. £99 is an adult membership without T20. Deal for second person is money off the £99.
  4. Whilst I get what you are saying an have no real idea on Kent's finances, I think counties especially those without test matches will be desperate for your money.
  5. Janelt is player. Watched him a lot with Bochum.
  6. Schalke lost again. This time to Koln in injury time.
  7. The Open Goal podcast with Danny Graham when he talks about Rogers is great. He could not praise him any higher. Talks a lot about his training methods and how he keeps the squad happy.
  8. Without going all #FEARLESS they players look so comfy in their roles, really understanding what they need to do so nothing fazes them. Fitness looks insane, they ran Chelsea off the park.
  9. One of our biggest ends ever if you believe everyone who said they went.
  10. Apart from the episode donning the Derby kit. That was so weird.
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