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  1. The cookie going is a blow.
  2. Yeah the venue is and the 'Cookie' will still put on nights at other venues. I think it's a bigger blow to lose them in a permanent venue than a comedy club replacing it imo. They knew how to keep a pint there.
  3. The Cookie as a venue is no more.
  4. Darren Moore has suffered a setback on his return to work from Covid.
  5. King Richard appears to be reopening. Still got the restaurant vibe though by the looks of things.
  6. Some tough videos going around of Lennon. Clearly fighting some demons.
  7. Kings Head are not taking bookings so would be a case of getting there as early as possible.
  8. Lost out on some money I would have thought with the India vs India A game being postponed.
  9. Longest period without visiting Leicester ended yesterday. Felt good for the soul seeing people out in the sun.
  10. Few of us in the Salmon if you are about mate?
  11. It's the Sun so take it with a huge pinch of salt but Morgan was not mentioned in their article on the 18 people.
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