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  1. Donny and Retford the cheaper routes for you will be not possible with Kings Cross being closed also.
  2. Think they will be. Did a whip around and got 1600 balloons and made 500+ bags of confetti up.
  3. Yeah used to play football with CJ so keen to see him.
  4. A lot of local talent on this - https://www.facebook.com/events/o2-academy-leicester/together/1017714911919718/
  5. I find the dodging of the transparency question by the club which rightly or wrongly falls to Jim via his twitter feed frustrating. They know dam right how many tickets get given to players, boxes, King Power hanger-ons, staff etc.
  6. Rough move for him just being the guinea pig.
  7. You would hope Nico can pull some strings from his time coaching in the West Indies and Bangladesh.
  8. Got bought it as an anniversary present but not opened it yet, feedback on it here is not great.
  9. Madness isn't it. Pretty cool set up with a friendly vibe, good beer and great food to a sad out of place karaoke bar with a Elvis figure in the doorway. How it went under I will never know, places like that drive in similar sized cities.
  10. Do tell, always found them to be firm on the home fans only there.
  11. One of the worst away ends in the league, crap city to drink in and awful kick off time. Oh and they will do a light show.
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