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  1. Couple of Hop House last night.
  2. Depends which seat number really as around towards G1 not many stand. If more central or over to SK2 side that will stand on that row. Drop me a PM if you want to find out more.
  3. Shame the Criterion is gone. Never got the Paddy Marten hype. To me just hot as you can curries to blokes numb to it after 6 Kingfishers, nowt special really.
  4. https://twitter.com/110Above Has a decent little line up.
  5. Surely they don’t announce that.
  6. Looking at seeing The Slow Readers Club in Manchester in December.
  7. Perhaps not the best thread for this but enjoy the free pint guys. https://freebeer.everards.co.uk/fathers-day-free-pint/
  8. They have a highly respected ultras scene there. Big friendship link with Eintracht Frankfurt.
  9. Umbro again showing they are head and shoulder above other manufactures.
  10. Was told by someone who went to school with him that he is 'Leicester', gutted if not. Chilwell, Schlupp and Moore never were. King I think learnt to love us.
  11. It's class having a player in the team that actually supports us.
  12. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/important-leicester-anniversary-most-people-2975141
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