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  1. Since signing up for the Leicester 10k I have agin found my love for running. Did a few park runs and now at night runs to keep myself mentally and physically ticking over.
  2. Unpopular opinion but I wouldn’t want them anywhere near it.
  3. What King Power are hardly strapped for cash are they.
  4. Money going to the NHS is a millions times more a better idea than a tifo in the current climate. Also knowing how much the club over spend on a tifo in comparison to UFS, that money really would be worth going to the NHS.
  5. One good thing from Corona then. Get their beer out to local folk and not be so London heavy.
  6. What it is now is a million miles away from what it was. Proper soulless excuse of a boozer now.
  7. 8 of us off to watch Bochum next month, trip over. Pretty gutted.
  8. https://www.tifofootball.com/podcast/1312-among-the-ultras-with-james-montague/
  9. The Salmon on Saturday night had a really nice mix of folk in. Lads starting nights out there, CAMRA types, couples and old boys with the paper.
  10. Kamakaze playing a free show down at Wellgosh next week.
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