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  1. Anyone actually heard the England fans at all?
  2. Tricky one tonight for the Rangers lot tonight.
  3. Got a crawl planned for Saturday. Nine Bar, West End Brewery, Black Horse, TTL and The Ale Wagon. Really looking forward to be with mates back in Leicester.
  4. Allan Campbell I think could prove a smart signing.
  5. The Disabled Supporters group may have access to one. Maybe try them.
  6. Ah I read 14 man squad as 11. Surely got to be one or two changes to mix it up
  7. Paw Patrol got moved knocked back a year in Sheffield, just check as id assume this was the case all over. *Least cool thing I have ever written on here
  8. Yeah a big day out in Leeds is one to look forward to but do think it is getting stale up there.
  9. You look at it this season and with the teams that went down we did lose some of the much better away trips.
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