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  1. From my albeit limited knowledge of Italy, id say it wouldn't fall into the 'mega cheap' category.
  2. I mean the guy is a big reason we still have a football club. Massive tw*t indeed...
  3. Scroll back a few pages, loads on the place.
  4. Looking at our away support it’s not that surprising a big proportion chose to sit over standing. We nearly always shift the seated tickets before standing at ground like this were you get both. The Coach 1 and Ginetta mob love it.
  5. A 40 mile journey from Burton to Sheffield with the pathetic train timetable means we won't get back from Burton until 2.00am.
  6. Think we could shift a load for this but only slight question mark on it would be lack of trains back to Leicester.
  7. Sunday will knock the atmosphere a lot.
  8. Appreciated the hands up from him. Disappointingly not that many came over to fans. From memory it was only him, Kasper and Tielemans. Ok it had just booted off but sort of felt it was only half arsed clap from the players. Was not like they were going to take any heat from the support.
  9. Serious? You really think next time we play them it will be just another league fixture. Bournemouth vs Leicester a grudge match
  10. Going bananas when a Derby County goal pops up on Soccer Saturday.
  11. Thought he was our best player at Anfield.
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