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  1. A staple of my Sunday lunch as a young kid. Never really had much interest beyond watching the start of the race, yet his wit and enthusiasm was chaos, loved it. Played the late PS 1 games and his commentary was great, poured hours into those games. "GO GO GO" Rest in Peace Murray.
  2. Papa John's Trophy, I can't even be bothered to say anything positive or patronising. The Papa John's Trophy.
  3. All set up for us to squander the 5 point gap, come on boys
  4. I agree, enjoyed that. As for Ted Lasso, watched the first episode, utter tripe. Soccer AM level of football pastiche, straight in the bin.
  5. He’s a victim of his own success in a way. Despite this season his stock will be sky high, personal pride probably low as Sheffield is ‘his’ club. Probably get the Celtic job
  6. Because of the world we now live in, faux outrage, virtue signalling, ‘cancel culture’ etc Is it now deemed inappropriate to ask a member of the opposite sex/same sex for their number in a place of work, or let’s say in public? Yes I’m aware of the individual semantics involved. Basically been watching SJW videos’ all week, and at this point I’m desperate to know what society will be like in 50 or so years, at this rate I dare look at anyone in the street for fear of being on BBC Breakfast or Jerry Springer
  7. Cherry, out today on Apple TV. Anyone going to watch it? Not really sure what to make of Apple TV. I have a year’ free subscription so little point being British, interested to know if anyone else is a regular subscriber, not like they have daily, or even weekly releases to warrant paying for.. All a bit Shepard’s pie
  8. I’m intrigued as to how this story is so divisive, is it hypocrisy? Racism? Colonialism? I appreciate the complexities and you may not care as to why but you gave me a knowledgeable answer the last time, so I thought I’ll ask another question, or 3, sorry.
  9. Of course I can sir. He is appalled with Prince Harry speaking out against the royal family, he doesn’t feel sorry for them and in addition, he wants their royal title’ to be revoked immediately. Also, his living room is bloody abhorrent. Oh and something about Oprah being ‘woke’
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NjQznXdUl4w What do people make of Nigel Farage’ take on this?
  11. European football is absolutely guff without fans.
  12. Think he’s been watching too much X-Men, never going to work
  13. Absolutely. I remember growing up watching that side and it’s a million miles away from this current crop of imposters, I mean look at the state of their kit for a start, that doesn’t ooze culture, oozes Costcutter
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