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  1. peach0000


    Yes it’s all hypotheticals. I’d love him to stay. I think he’s an amazingly talented player who we would struggle to replace. I was just trying to think of a reason as to why he may be pushing for a move as one article suggests. It’s the only thing I can really think of to be honest as it’s a sideways move at best (I’m being very generous to Arsenal with that description)
  2. Couldn’t make it up. They want to replace mourinho with a more boring less successful brand of football. All that’s needed now is for Nuno to reject them for Palace 😂
  3. peach0000


    I’m getting it from all angles here 😂 My point is that I could see how some players may want to leave if they have had the criticism from fans that Maddison has had. Some players like to feel loved. No idea whether this is relevant to maddison. In regards to Arsenal not being a good move if that’s the case, I agree. Some players are badly advised though and would have egos that would make them believe that they would be different. Again might not be relevant to maddison, just speculation.
  4. They seemed to watch the replay and ignore the fact that it looked on. Weird.
  5. Pretty sure the phase of play would have changed when the Portugal defender headed it. Therefore VAR can’t go back that far. edit - apparently it was onside
  6. peach0000


    I get he’s made poor decisions in part but so have others who don’t get the same treatment. Most fans I think probably do treat him fairly and love watching him play but there is a very vocal minority who just scapegoat and criticise him. All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t underestimate the effect on a player wanting to leave who is having that done to them.
  7. peach0000


    Maybe he’s sick of being made a scapegoat and the unnecessary stick he gets from his own fans. Iheanacho talked about the impact the negativity of the fans had in him so it doesn’t go unnoticed. I could understand if maddison wanted to move on and try and find somewhere where he is loved and appreciated by the supporters.
  8. Do you ever have anything positive to say?
  9. I wouldn't go that far. It gives us an easier R16 game (probably) but then after that it would get really hard where as with winning the group we would get a hard R16 game but then the route after that looks more straight forwards. The side of the draw if we finish runners up will include both France, Belgium and Italy (if they win their groups). The side if we win will include the Netherlands and possibly Spain if they win their group plus the runner up from the group with France, Germany and Portugal (who we play in the R16).
  10. To be fair a draw in our next game may well be the best result. Would finish second not first and get a much easier R16 game meaning we may go out in the quarters rather than R16!
  11. If I was in charge of the FA I would be throwing money at Conte right now to take over after we inevitably go out in the last 16. I reckon realistically though Southgate will probably get a new contract.
  12. He’s had opportunities to move in the past and has never seemed interested at all. I get the same impression as you that he’s just happy where he is and doesn’t want to play elsewhere.
  13. €50 million release clause and Sassuolo want it matched. It may be a bit out of our budget but it would be a great signing if it was to happen.
  14. Salzburg, Rapid, LASK, Wolfsberger can all hold there own. It one of the better ones that isn’t the top 6. It’s not as easy as you are making out to score goals in a league like the Austrian Bundesliga. https://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/country/#/yr/2021 I mean this shows the quality of the league. After Portugal theres a bit of a drop off but they are all a decent standard down to around 11 or 12th place.
  15. To be honest you’re clearly don’t know much about European football as the Austrian Bundesliga is a very decent league. It’s not easy, it has talent and it’s competitive. Yes it isn’t the Premier League or La Liga but it’s way better than you are giving it credit for.
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