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  1. There should never be any concern about further referendums being offered on issues as if it goes the other way all it means is the will of the people has changed and should be listened to. As long as the result of the previous referendum has been enacted otherwise it’s a bit pointless.
  2. The one thing I've not seen discussed is surely the EU has to agree to an extension? I'm sure I've read in the past that certain eu leaders (Macron?) plan to veto any extension.
  3. By all reports an excellent young player, maybe the next one on the production line?
  4. Looking at that squad it is crying out for a hamza type player. Would not be surprised if he breaks in by the end of the season.
  5. I reckon they'll go down, probably 20th. I reckon they just played a poor Everton side.
  6. If you arrive after 5 you can park in almost all of the city council multi stories for free on weak days. Plenty less than 5 mins from the ground. Alternatively there's plenty of street parking around the hospital that won't set you back much 1/1.20 an hour up until 6:30 when its free and right near the stadium. Not sure whether there's any match day parking though as I live in walking distance. Hope this helps.
  7. It's actually ridiculous the lack of infrastructure. Whenever I get a train to Leicester I have to get one to Newark and get someone to pick me up as it's not practical or affordable to actually get to Leicester (triple the time, triple the price).
  8. I'm actually a bit worried for Elliott, he's acting really odd.
  9. Just curious, it’s satuday 3pm are they actually allowed to be showing this?
  10. Isn’t Schar being linked to a move away as well. Milan maybe?
  11. Far too political, surprised it’s allowed. However my suspicion is that they might be a bit worried about something (contracts maybe) so are trying to score points with the king. Not many better ways to do so that advertising their love during a premier league match
  12. I may be wrong but I believe there was actually a foul committed slightly before all the clips show. Fabinho stays on his feat so an advantage of sorts is played, Fabinho then dives and the lineman flags for the earlier offence.
  13. A lot has happened with both of them, plus their various crimes will be forgotten long before their footballing achievements in my opinion.
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