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  1. If I get a player who goes for more than 20k I get excited. Only packed one worth over 100k so far.
  2. I find it crazy that they managed to get Caitlyn. I would have thought she'd be too famous for it.
  3. I would like to se him shipped out on loan fora season or two before cutting him a drift. See if he can find more to his game given regular minutes. He was quite the prospect when he signed.
  4. Never made such easy coins, made hundreds of thousands. Thanks so much!
  5. I very much doubt it's an error. Is there any precedent for EA having done it before?
  6. Is it worth waiting a few days to do the squad builder? The price of any 83+ player is so inflated right now.
  7. Got Werner from fut champ rewards, no use for him though.
  8. It’s more doable than ever. Complete objectives do squad builders and you'll make loads of coins and get good players. Not spent a penny on it this year and have a team worth about 1.5 million coins.
  9. Lundstram on the bench for me, had I played him it would have pushed me into the top 100 in overall rankings.
  10. They gradually add bits to it as computers get faster and better. If you consider FM19 to say 14 or one even earlier it’s a lot more in depth and refined. Plus 30 quid a year is hardly going to break the bank is it?
  11. Never personally get people who complain about football games being similar year on year. What do they expect, they have very limited room to change them as they have a very specific niche.
  12. Surely Liverpool would be more favourable than Man City considering how little respect Liverpool are showing to this competition.
  13. How do the live updates work for kick off. I've noticed a lot of Leicester players are downgraded on it. Tielemans 78, barnes 72, Vardy 81
  14. Genuinely really conflicted. On wider policy I would really like a Labour or Lib Dem government as I believe they would do a lot of good for the country. However I simply cannot vote for a party that will rip up the result of a referendum on the patronising opinion that the country didn't know what they were voting for. Realistically it will be a spoiled ballot from me unless an independent takes my fancy.
  15. I find it hard not to agree with any of that. I think we're mostly on the same page. All I would say is for me (and a lot of people in my position) I voted to leave, I have always voted labour (apart from once when I lived in a marginal tory seat and voted Lib Dem), but now I see no one who represents my views. I'm not going to vote for a party that wants to rip up or re run the result of a fair democratic referendum just because they lost. So that leaves me with a choice of Conservative or Brexit party and I know which is the lesser of two evils in my mind unless I just don't vote for the first time ever which is becoming pretty likely.
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