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  1. It is a step down from Bournemouth when Howe left. He established them as a premier league club for a few years before getting relegated. He can do better than the SPL. He’ll get a premier league job soon I reckon.
  2. Problems? It amazes me the disrespect albrighton gets!
  3. Not going to lie, I have a bit of a soft spot for Costa. As said imagine him lining up next to Vardy. It would be amazing.
  4. I apologise if I miss quoted what you said. It was a while ago when I was first discussing and may well have misremembered who said who. Ultimately it's all subjective opinions and the wonderful thing about football for me is how differently it can be interpreted by different people. That being said I do feel as a fan base we seem to act particularly badly towards ex players who have moved on (not a dig at you but a more general point). I can understand Mahrez being disliked but I have no problem with players like Chilwell who moved on in the right way and wish them well.
  5. The original comment was that we have four left backs that are ‘ahead’ of chilwell. Which was false yesterday and is still false today. We subjectively have two that are and in my opinion we have one (JJ) as Castagne I believe plays better on the right, Ricardo has only ever played on the left for Nice and Thomas although looking promising is still way off the level of the rest.
  6. I’m not questioning Justin or any of our full backs of which we are blessed. There’s a very ugly side to this fan base where they can’t gracefully accept a player leaving and have to constantly trash them and put them down. Let me ask you a question, do you genuinely believe Thomas is currently a better full back than chilwell as suggested?
  7. I’m sorry but this is just pure revisionism. Chilwell was/is a very good left back and to say all four of those are ahead of him is just false. Thomas in particular shouldn’t even be in the conversation and Ricardo Pereira has never played left back for us so I’m not sure you can claim he would be either. In fact Ricardo has only played left back 24 times in his career almost exclusively at Nice.
  8. Also fails to mention that we beat Braga 4-0 with him on the bench and Braga are premier league level
  9. All that needs to happen is ndidi on for Mendy and we’ll look like a different team
  10. Nothing like an overreaction after one half of football 😂
  11. He calls it right every time. The match thread generally starts when line ups are officially announced and SFE is as reliable as the official Twitter in lineups.
  12. I don’t know much about him. I just want to know why people were getting so hyped really. Maybe someone else can fill me in.
  13. It’s not worth getting all worked up about though. Bas Dost and Islam Slimani managed pretty much a goal a game in Liga Nos. If he is all that I would expect to see more from him. Also I will say the Europa league stats can be deceiving as the standard of opposition before the knock out stages tend to be quite poor.
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