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  1. Maybe we should say Man City men beat arsenals men as well if you want to avoid confusion. I suspect you won't agree with that though.
  2. The issue is the lack of depth England has in that position. I can kind of understand him being given a chance.
  3. Mount shouldn’t be in the squad let alone on the pitch. He’s so average it’s unbelievable.
  4. Pay for all three subscription services and has always been quite judgemental of people who stream but I simply would not be able to justify 15 for one game. That’s next level bullshit seeming Leicester aren’t on the subscription half the time. Might well cancel my sky and bt as well but haven’t decided. (Amazon is very good value so fair play to them).
  5. Sheffield Uniteds socks make it look like they aren’t wearing any. It’s properly messing with my head
  6. The way I see today is that we need to have 3 central midfielders to control the game successfully. We had praet, maddison and ndidi out so we were very limited on options. Rodgers changed the system to fit the players we did have and West Ham tactically controlled it. It was just one of those days. Onwards and upwards hopefully.
  7. 2nd or 3rd going into the first international break of the season. Plenty of reasons to be optimistic!
  8. He was trying to pass forwards through a packed defence while tielemans, Mandy, Barnes etc were trying to pass it sideways or backwards. Yes he was unsuccessful but at least he was trying to create. That’s how I saw it anyway.
  9. Well Perez seems to be the new wellens. No better or worse than anyone else. If anything he was the only one trying anything.
  10. Kasper? He’s literally he’s done nothing wrong
  11. Need another body in midfield. The problem is we have none available. Would have liked to see KDH get the chance. Two CM struggle in the premier league
  12. Not in the squad, do fans and under both on bench
  13. I love how people will willingly spend 10 pounds on a day pass for a sports channel for one game but won’t spend 25 a month for 12+ premier league games plus all the other sports they show. I believe that 25 would include at least 2 Leicester games as well.
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