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  1. Never seen a more disgusting mis use of language on this forum. Surely worth at least a life time ban if not more!
  2. He’s one of the best keepers in the league and a club legend who only cost 1 million pounds (1/75 the cost of kepa). To criticise him in such a way is such a short sighted attitude which shows a lack of respect for someone who genuinely cares about the club. Kasper deserves better than such comments to be honest.
  3. Worst ref I've seen in ages and that's not me being bias. As you said we got a lot of decisions that were wrong they got some crucial ones. The referee was consistent just consistently wrong from half time onwards.
  4. We need players who aren’t afraid to have a go at referees and be at them all game. Other teams do it so I feel we’d be slightly naive not to have people doing it. Putting pressure on the ref is one of the dark arts the best teams use and I’m all for using such tactics. They are effective. As for Kasper the incident showed me how much he cares which is a great trait for a captain.
  5. We’ll be fine. We’ve coped without him fine on occasions this season and expect us to carry on doing so.
  6. Personally I think he's one of the best in the league (world) at distribution. It's a very very hard skill to ping a ball the over half the length of the pitch and he gets it right a lot more than he gets it wrong. I would be tempted to say that in the premier league only Edison is better.
  7. I always though bentaleb was underrated at spurs. I think it's a decent move by Newcastle. Plus the Longstaff brothers can be very inconsistent so some experience won't harm them.
  8. peach0000


    Just one in a long list of strikers who were decent but didn’t live up to expectations because we’ve all been spoiled by having Vardy. The guy never got a proper chance.
  9. It was so easy we didn’t even have to play to our maximum. We were so dominant in that game to criticise is ridiculous.
  10. I have also heard similar although again a few years ago. I know several people who know or have known him and have never heard a bad word about him.
  11. Play all our best players together and we’ll be fine. It’s only since we started dropping people like youri and chilwell that results have slumped. Before we weren’t playing well but Man City and Liverpool excluded we always found a way to get a result against teams lower down in the league.
  12. It doesn’t come across as a joke when there will be 10+ people on this forum saying the same seriously. I apologise if I misinterpreted your first post though of course.
  13. If people are just going to clearly lie about the past I’m going to call it out. Nothing like someone who can’t handle losing a game. Again pathetic.
  14. Play the best team available rather than rotating. (Play chilwell and tielemans)
  15. There’s no chilwell to blame and people need a scapegoat.
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