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  1. No one round me in Newcastle clapped for Boris, I'd cringe if they did!
  2. Drove across the country a couple of years ago and it is strange. Only city I stopped in was Minsk so I guess I'm now an FC Minsk fan.
  3. Yesterday I did (not in Leicester but Newcastle) and it was very quiet. Everyone keeping there distance from one another. Shelves were not full but there was certainly more food and stock than last week. Managed to get everything on my list between Lidl (very bare shelves) and Sainsbury’s (almost fully stocked)
  4. With restaurants, cafes and work places closing as well as people staying at home it would surely be expected for there to be a massive increase in domestic waste as companies often are forced to use private waste firms.
  5. Two things I'd point out. One you may have had it and have not displayed any symptoms at all which is very common and two I would guess the majority of cases are in younger, working age people but we just hear about the cases in older people which are rarer as they cause more problems.
  6. Don't feel guilty about doing something you need to do. You can go to the bank without creating too much risk. If you're worried just keep your distance from people, try not to touch anything unless you can't help and there should be minimal risk. The issue is created when people congregate together in tight spaces or don't follow good hygiene practices.
  7. I fully understand why they are doing it but I still think I’m lucky to of got out when I did as the market is now artificially inflated. I’ll be buying back in in a couple of months though.
  8. I'll accept that but they are all pretty much already at the point of the season where they have nothing to play for therefore a null and void season would probably also suit them as well. My wider point was that only those overachieving or achieving something good would want anything other than null and void.
  9. I don't think for the integrity of the competition you can relegate a team without completing the full 38 games. Some will have had a harder run of games that others which just isn't fair. My preference and the only way I can see it working while being as fair as possible is to expand the premier league for one season to 22 or 23 teams and the football league come up with a way of deciding who is promoted from the championship. Could be top two/three as it stands, a play off system if possible or something else. But I think it would be a solution that would keep all fans happy and avoid major legal action from clubs.
  10. The thing is, if you look at the current table I would suggest that only Liverpool, Leicester, Chelsea, Wolves, Sheff Utd are 100% happy with their current league position. Therefore all the underachievers like Man Utd, Arsenal, West Ham, Everton etc are going to want the season declared null and void.
  11. There's plenty of things that 'might' happen in the future. The issue is the NHS has limited resources so it would be impossible to prepare for everything. As for 'begging' companies to switch production to ventilators, that seems like a sensible measure to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm very skeptical of this governments response to this virus but I don't think there's too much to criticise in this matter.
  12. I can just see it now that the season will be cancelled and the premier league will decide the fairest thing to do will be to give European out based on clubs UEFA coefficient. It would be so typical.
  13. Yeah, it’s ridiculous. I pulled out about 3 days ago and was lucky to do it when I did. What is interesting is some of the incentives they are running, mainly the cash back one. There are still limited opportunities to make money thanks to that.
  14. At the start of next season Uefa will want to know who is taking Englands European places so they need to be decided. However the title can be left un won. It would be different had Liverpool already mathematically won the league, which they haven't.
  15. Not title for Liverpool as it's not been won. European qualification awarded to those currently in position. No team relegated, top two in the championship promoted. 22 team premier league next season with 5 teams relegated. This would be my preference.
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