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  1. Sarr or Saint-Maximin would be quality, traore would also be good but would be hard to pull of. An exciting winger essentially
  2. The difference between the two incidents is that Nketiah makes a challenge (a deliberate act) that endangers the safety of his opponent. Vardy doesn't make a challenge or a deliberate movement in a anyway he it is simply an accidental clash with two players falling. Thats the difference for me.
  3. Very very unlikely but not impossible if we were to lose every game 4 or 5 and they win every game by 4 or 5
  4. Everton can still catch us providing there's a swing in goal difference of 40
  5. It's so negative to jump on a player straight away after a match like that. Especially when he didn't have a shocker and was just quiet. That kind of negativity is why I avoid this forum quite a lot. It does my head in.
  6. Chelsea aren't certain at all, they blow hot and cold. Could well end up finishing 5th.
  7. Some people really are miserable aren't they
  8. Who are arsenal playing? Can't tell by the commentary
  9. If we want the player we should make a point of paying his value and not undercut them. A few million to us is just a drop in the ocean to them it might be the difference between survival or disappearing forever.
  10. I really feel like Bournemouth were a little hard done by, VAR questionably never showed the lines for two of Man Utds offsides only for BT to show one of them clearly was offside. Also the handball for the penalty was questionable but then again so was Bournemouths. It's a perfect example of a game where VAR was used poorly.
  11. Not sure in a lockdown scenario that playing a premier league football match is essential.
  12. It seems very tough at the minute. Impossible to sell very hard to make money.
  13. It's been done in other countries. The trick is police road blocks on minor roads and checkpoints on major roads (to allow key supplies through). It also has to be indiscriminate, no coming in or out for any reason, even work, unless you're delivering food, water, medicine etc.
  14. Exactly, to see what the cause was you have to look two weeks ago. From memory (could be wrong) that was the weekend with the BLM protests and counter protests and people meeting up in parks. More likely to be the cause but some people will try blame Islam for anything, which exposes their true character.
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