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  1. I'm not convinced I think it's an overreaction to the result of one game. If from here we don't go on to make top 4 then other factors will be way more to blame than this incident and I think it'll be remembered as such.
  2. I don't think whether someone plays professional sport or not should matter in this case. They've done wrong no doubt by breaking the law but so many people are going over the top with their reactions. People wanting them all sacked or sold are just doing so for effect when in reality they've done little more wrong than most people on here would of in the course of the last year. Let the police deal with it, remove them from the first team bubble for a few days and test them and take internal action. That's all that needs to happen. Also the Soyuncu case is different as he tested positive I'm
  3. I can almost guarantee by this time next month, if not next week (If we beat Southampton) no one will care.
  4. They get paid to play football and for their performances on the pitch. Even if they aren't ultra professional all four of them are still decent players, Barnes and Maddison more so. Ultra professionalism will get you to a higher level but it isn't compulsory. Also apart from the obvious covid rule breaking I don't see anything wrong with the going to a house party and drinking when you consider the timing that it happened. (It wasn't before a game).
  5. I feel like that risk was really low with the testing that goes on in football. I've said they were wrong for doing it but the reaction on here is over the top. People wanting the lot of them sold, that's just not a sensible or proportionate option. Also people were way more relaxed about it before we lost to West Ham, when the news first broke people were way more sympathetic about the incident. I don't think the result should affect opinions on how bad the incident was. Out of interest are people bothered by Harvey Barnes' involvement as much as the other three?
  6. My point (not made very clearly) is that I don't think they should be held to a higher moral standard. They are just people and should be treated as such. If I was to go to a house party and got caught by the police and my employer found out I doubt they would do or say anything, I struggle to see the difference other than they are footballers.
  7. Having a drink doesn't impede there ability to work when they almost certainly would have had a day off the next day. As I say the only issue is the breaking of covid rules, it's very normal in normal times for footballers to do things like this. (I know a couple of footballers myself and the night after matches is when they do these things as they have days off after). From what I gather they got tested afterwards so they were able to rejoin the bubble if Rodgers let them so that wasn't an issue either. They shouldn't have broken covid restrictions but I do feel like the club and more so peop
  8. If you can honestly say you haven't seen someone who you shouldn't have in the last year or been somewhere you shouldn't have been then I congratulate you. You will be in a tiny minority though.
  9. So if my boss was to act me not to do something outside of working hours they could sack me if I did it? To be perfectly honest it's none of mine or anybodys employers business what happens outside of working hours in someones private time. Let the police deal with it and move on. If it was a serious crime then it would be a different story but an incident like this is really not that bad.
  10. It was a week out from the West Ham game. If they were going to do something like that then that is the time to do it. Presumably because they had a day or two off after. The only real issue is the breaking of covid rules but as I say I don't know of anyone who hasn't broken those rules at some stage. What do people really expect of footballers? Train, play matches and then sit in a room on their own the rest of the time? Also I will say when the news broke this had happened a lot of people were defending them, it was only after we lost the match that peoples attitudes changed. It's all just a
  11. Is it really that bad? Yes they broke covid rules, but so has everyone else. I mean a lot of people are struggling with lockdown and these are young guys, some without families and it is natural to need social contact. They shouldn't have done it but the reaction of some people on here is really over the top for me.
  12. Injuries. Simply don't have the players for the other system over a period of time. It can be used sparingly but the 3 at the back is here to stay for now.
  13. Kasper having an off day, Evans poor for the second. Apart from that we haven't played terribly. West Ham have been poor second half recently so that gives me hope. Should go to a back four and go for it.
  14. Love it. I did one on Patrick Kisnorbo back in the day. My teacher seemed very confused
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