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  1. This constant thing of good and bad referees to me is ridiculous. I can see that mike dean with his style might wind a few people up but to suggest he is a bad referee is just wrong. To get to the stage where you are a premier league referee you have to be at the very top of the profession and they all are. It’s really not an easy job. On a premier league football pitch you have elite athletes doing everything at such a pace it makes it impossible for referees. It actually amazes me they are as good as they are.
  2. Without reading what’s been said before the two that stand out for me are; Kyle Naughton vs Barnsley Paul Gallagher vs Palace (second one) honourable mention for Lloyd Dyer vs Real Madrid though
  3. Imagine how good it would be to get all English semis Man Utd vs Liverpool, Spurs vs Man City then a Manchester derby for the final. Would be great (as long as Man Utd don’t win it).
  4. This 'knife crime epidemic' is being used by the government to distract us from something, maybe brexit, maybe something else.
  5. I’ve done it in the past, the problem was it was just so volatile. You could literally 10x your money in a couple of minutes then within the hour it’s halved what it was when you bought it.
  6. I watched it and they seemed semi-believable until the flat earthers started doing experiments themselves that proved them wrong.
  7. 9/11 ones are always really difficult to disprove but at the same time really hard to prove. I certainly believe it's something that the US could have self inflicted to further the interests of a power hungry president. The biggest thing for me that would suggest it to be a hoax would be it being faked just to one up the soviets. However the soviets tracked them to the moon and even congratulated the US on their achievement, I don't believe the Soviets would have done this had it been a hoax.
  8. Where do people get their MMA news from, I love it but find the mainstream press neglect it a lot unless mcgregor is involved.
  9. Does anyone have any conspiracy theories that they genuinely believe. I was listening to the radio earlier with an interview with a flat earther and it got me thinking about all the different theories out there. I'd love to find a theory that I could get behind, I find the idea fascinating.
  10. To be fair the rules are the rules, if the referee sees the incident the player can't receive a retrospective ban
  11. maybe it's my age but I've never really seen forest and wolves as 'big clubs', all my life they've just been kind of just been irrelevant. Like I get they've had success in the past but that was so long ago. Villa on the other hand is a club where I can understand their potential, like a leeds or a newcastle. That being said as of now if you're are wanting to bet who will be the most successful midlands club in the near future it would be very hard to look past leicester.
  12. I may be wrong but I doubt they would cost that much as clubs in scotland typically can't command such fees. That being said if Rodgers does indeed want them (which is debatable) I doubt that that kind of valuation would be a problem.
  13. Something that could easily just have been made up and got lucky with. It's not like they've come up with a name nobody is talking about.
  14. You can find guides online of the legalities and maps of areas where you are allowed. I’ve done it a few times now. It’s perfectly legal in most national parks in Scotland but not England or wales. There are parts of Scotland that have introduced permits now to keep the numbers down but even then all you need to do is apply for one before you go and stick it on your tent. Its well worth doing!
  15. So I wrote this late last night and sadly in went missing, but anyway. My suggestion if you don't mind travelling a bit further to get a truly unforgettable experience would be to consider wild camping in scotland. I have camped throughout the UK and the experience scotland can offer for me is unparalleled. You can just turn up park your car and walk until you find somewhere stunning to sleep the night, also with this kind of camping in scotland you get the isolation to be able to truly do whatever you want (while respecting the environment of cause), you can also build a fire as well which campsites can be funny about. If you'd be interested in something like this (I know it's not for everyone) I would recommend looking up Loch Lomond. This Loch is absolutely stunning and is relatively southern (for scotland), you can literally pitch your tent on the side of the Loch! (I feel like I sold it better last night)
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