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  1. Would take the adult but don't need the under 22.
  2. Played like Leicester again. Played to our strengths and got a fantastic result.
  3. I'm not sure he would leave Celtic but if he was to I don't know which top clubs would have him so he would have to look at the next rung down the ladder in the premier League which we fit in to.
  4. Here's hoping Hamza has a good game. Nice to see him get a start.
  5. We've been linked with Brendan Rodgers, would you be happy if this happened? https://www.google.com/amp/s/talksport.com/football/463923/claude-puel-leicester-city-celtic-brendan-rodgers/amp/
  6. I reckon he will step up to super middle now.
  7. Not a bad shout as he is a very good player, does the simple things well.
  8. His nick name is lucky? Not on 102 occasions he hasn't been.
  9. Cheers, was trying to figure out the words to that. Though it was catchy and got sang alot at palace.
  10. Against Tottenham we had lots of balls coming in to the box in the last twenty minutes or so but with no attacking options, it was pointless. Bringing in another striker would make a difference as it would give us another option like we had before with slimiani and leo. At the moment if Vards is out or that style isn't working we have no alternative.
  11. Rumours? From where? Sounds like rubbish to me
  12. Still not sure which fight to buy Saturday, swaying towards the matchroom card as I like the look of little v price and loved the first del boy Whyte fight but am a massive Billy Joe fan. So undecided.
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