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  1. Spurs - Wembley - 13th May 2018

    3 x Adult tickets available. Face value £90. Two are Together and the other is in a separate block
  2. The dieting thread

  3. The dieting thread

    I weighed myself yesterday and I am down to 13st 4lb now so I have lost over a stone in a couple of months doing intermittent fasting. Its the best thing I have ever done in terms of weight loss and really pleased in how I have stuck to it. The best thing is I have not gone without and still eaten and drank nice things within reason but just stuck to the different eating windows which was 16:8. My goal is still 13st which I hope to achieve within the next two weeks
  4. Safehouse.

    Im putting the kettle on, anyone want a brew
  5. Spuds and Semi finals at Wemberley

    The FA want Spurs to win the cup as the majority of them support them. You have the journalists from The Guardian and The Independant who again the majority support Spurs. These people will do everything in the power to help them. This is why so many Spurs players get into our National team. Its all corrupt
  6. Betting Thread

    Had a fiver on Leicester to win 3-1 at 33/1, fingers crossed
  7. Betting Thread

    Me neither! Second Saturday in a row I have won on this
  8. Best captain in Leicester’s history, he’s a legend
  9. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    3-1 Leicester.
  10. Cheltenham 2018

    Had £20 on Shattered Love at 7/1, good start for the day
  11. Cheltenham 2018

    Had a good day yesterday just a shame about the weather as it was really cold. I have never been before but the atmosphere was brilliant. £25 down for the week so far. Altior saved me winning by 5 lengths or I would of lost all my kitty
  12. Cheltenham 2018

    I have gone for the following 13.30 Next Destination 14.10 Monalee I will wait till nearer the time on the rest although I have gone for @Berttip and backed Nube Negra at 8/1.
  13. The dieting thread

    I’m down to 13,6 now, just 6 pounds to go till my goal weight. I ate loads last week, I went out for an Indian with work on Tuesday night and Saturday I went to Rubs in Nottingham and had the biggest burrito with a few beers and then pizza on Sunday night. I still lost just over a pound.
  14. Cheltenham 2018

    £35 up after the first day. I’m going to Cheltenham tomorrow with the lads so hoping for a few wins even if it’s just to cover the cost of the beer 🍺