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  1. How many points do we think Priority 1 will be this year?
  2. LCFC Help tweeted that the website is not ready yet hence why it will not accept the login details.
  3. I get to watch any premiership game and have Sky Sports and BT sports all for £50 a year. Why people pay for Sky nowadays is crazy
  4. Free donuts and beer
  5. Good luck guys hope you all get one
  6. I am gutted to see him go he has to be one of the most skillful players I have ever seen pull on a Leicester shirt. Some of the things he does with the ball at his feel just makes you think Wow. Unfortunately last season he just did not seem to have his heart in it at times and it was almost as though he was kept on the pitch just waiting for the little bit of magic that turned the game and many times it never come. Best of luck to him though you can not blame him for wanting to play at the top and if he gets rid of his lazyness then he has the potential to become world class
  7. No chance I would say only 700 tops would be made available which would go to a ballot again
  8. and Musa
  9. Yep, It has a pool but to be honest I do not use it but seeing as its less than a mile from home its the convenient side of things. You do get all the classes included.
  10. Just wondering if any one uses either one of the Pure Gyms in Leicester or 'The Gym' next to the Highcross? If so what they like especially during peak times? Both gyms are under £15 a month compared to the leisure centre I am currently using at £42. Also what is the parking like for them. Any help would be appreciated
  11. We do not know the facts but if she stood up and swapped seats it was not Drayton Manors fault as there are clear signs saying stay seated at all times. The girl stood up and broke those rules and the worst possible thing happened. It was an accident simple as that but you can not blame Drayton Manor
  12. My mate gets married on this day so will have 2 adult tickets spare.
  13. I have two tickets available £61.
  14. Played about 6 hours straight yesterday, what a game! Literally can not wait to get back tonight to play it
  15. Only 1800 tickets ?