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  1. https://veggies.co.uk/tag/vegan-meat-feast-pizza/ It just dont make sense, there against meat but want to buy something that replicates a meat feast pizza 😂
  2. I attend running events where there is actually a group of runners who wear vests with the logo 'Vegan Runners' the majority tend to look thin and pasty. I also work with a vegan and he looks the same.
  3. The majority of vegans look thin and unwell and it annoys me how they still want to replicate food that they are against.
  4. Has anyone got a spare copy of the champions league game against Brugge that I can buy off them? It's the only one I have missing from the games we played at home.
  5. Just looked on the lcfc website and cant seem to find the womens pink shirt. Is it not available yet?
  6. Your guess is as good as anyones. Probably a week before the season starts knowing the state of our ticket office
  7. I sit on the back row with my son so we always make our way down on 87 and watch the last few minutes in the concourse to avoid getting stuck at the back. I am not sure why fans leaving early trigger so many people, you have paid your money so your entitled to leave when you want.
  8. Sunday Feb 3rd, Leicester v Man.U - 14.05 Sunday Feb 10th, Spurs v Leicester - 13.30
  9. Has anyone got two children's references I can use so I can get these before Wednesday. Hoping they dont sell out before then
  10. Sale Dates Away Priority Scheme (ONLINE ONLY) | Sunday 9 December Away Priority Scheme** | Monday 10 December Season Ticket Holders with 330+ Points | Tuesday 11 December Season Ticket Holders with 300+ Points | Wednesday 12 December Season Ticket Holders with 280+ Points | Thursday 13 December Season Ticket Holders with 265+ Points | Friday 14 December Season Ticket Holders with 250+ Points | Monday 17 December Season Ticket Holders with 200+ Points | Tuesday 18 December All Season Ticket Holders | Wednesday 19 December All Fox Members | Thursday 20 December **Away Priority Scheme Members will be given a 48 hour window to buy match tickets but must purchase them online or via the Foxes Fanstore or calling the City Sales Centre during the dates above. Tickets will not be processed and sent out automatically. Members Ballot Please see Members Ticket Ballot page for dates of which you can enter the ballot. Successful members will be able to purchase from 11 December until 17 December.
  11. Picked this up on Friday and played it nearly all day on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday. The game is fantastic and just so much to do, I have spent hours doing all the side quests and collectables, I have only done 2 main story missions. Looks stunning as well on my Pro and 4K TV
  12. I have been playing the beta on Xbox One and really enjoyed it. The graphics are stunning
  13. My tickets have just come through via email.
  14. Your probably right to be fair, never really looked at it like that. I kind of just go with the flow, with the six of us in the group. We all put some money in the kitty and the rounds just seem to flow
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