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  1. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    Based on your information I have just called a work colleague who works for St Johns Ambulance down Leicester and asked if he knew anything. He said he would check on the system and he has said it is Sunday afternoon at half four
  2. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    1. We are all brain washed by the media and they make you believe what they want you too. 2. The government do not want you to live to retirement age hence why they have increased it. 3. Religion is the biggest money making scam in the world
  3. The dieting thread

    I weighed 13st 13 last Tuesday when I weighed myself. First time I have been in the 13 stone bracket for years. Weigh day again tomorrow so hopefully a few more pounds will drop off
  4. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    He had a bad day at the office just like we have bad days at work. Think about the times he has saved us and made sure we got those three points.
  5. The dieting thread

    I’m down to 14st now so hoping to drop into the 13st something bracket next week. If I do it will be the first time in as long as I can remember that I have. I am still on the intermittent fasting diet and to be fair I am not struggling that much with it now. With the weight falling off and my clothes coming looser it gives me the motivation to stick to it
  6. face tattoos.

    I have a few tattoos but would never have one on my face. I don’t really see why you would plus your not doing yourself any favours if your looking for employment
  7. The Car thread

    Has anyone used Available Car.com? Im in the process of looking for a new car for the wife, looking at there prices they are slightly more expensive than most places but at least I know it’s going to come with MOT and a guarantee.
  8. Bernie

    So sad he has dementia, my wife’s grandad had it and it was horrible watching him in the last year of his life slowly wasting away
  9. I might be wrong but would the players be training this morning? They only played last night and would of not got back from Liverpool until the early hours.
  10. tickets for Sheffield

    I take it that Sheffield United and have not taken the full allocation they are entitled to because it says nothing about L block and part of the family stand relocating.
  11. tickets for Sheffield

    They announced yesterday that it was to be played on the Friday with the ticket details to be announced shortly. Knowing Leicester they will sell them on the Monday before the game
  12. FA Cup 2018

    Well you got that spot on
  13. Everton v City scoreline prediction.

    3-1 to us and the players sending the message there is life after Mahrez
  14. The dieting thread

    Why dont you try the intermittent fasting? The hardest part is getting to lunch without eating but as long as you maintain a good diet it should drop off.