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  1. i rather like Rice but seem to be in a minority of Leeds fans who are forever saying how he's not fit to lace KP's boots etc. But yes, he's taken to the PL like a duck to water, never looking out of place for a moment. Hands up here, I thought he wouldn't make it before Bielsa. The way he's developed his talent and carved the DM role out for him has been nothing short of a miracle. Made the kid an England player single handedly.
  2. Well I suppose you're right but I guess what I mean is, Leicester aren't Man City/UTD. They aren't going to make a "money is no object" offer or pay what Struijk might be worth in 3 years time rather than what he's worth now. Leeds don't need to sell to raise funds so unless Leicester are going to make an offer that Leeds cannot refuse - which isn't your MO - then I see little to nothing in this. Keeping in mind that we were offered £25-30m for Phillips when we were in the Championship and refused it. He's now worth probably close to double. We understand future value - at last!
  3. Getting better every game and looks a good prospect. He's 21 and learning the PL on-the-fly after being chucked in at the deepest of deep ends, being asked to play CB and CDM. Looks a CB all the way though. Leeds aren't a selling club these days so would pay very little heed to this.
  4. Nah, wasn't trying to say that at all and I do believe that long-term plans for the PL have to to be built on the expectation of many injuries, not the hope of few.
  5. I think you've rather misunderstood me. I'm not preaching to anyone. I'm well aware of Leicester's injury issues and you've done incredibly well to cope with that. However, conversely, it's always put forward as the reason for Liverpool struggling, despite them having had, well, forever to build a deep PL squad to cope with it. In contrast, Leeds have only just come up. We don't have years of building a deep PL quality squad behind us. We tried to sign a small amount of quality to build slowly but as dumb luck would have it, one of those has been injured almost all of the season, ano
  6. The media focus on Leeds very much works both ways. Anything negative is horrifically overblown just as much - if not more - than the positive attention we get is. We can't control the media and most Leeds fans have very little desire to be media darlings. Blame the media fort that, not Leeds. Not all of those injuries have been muscular so can't all be attributed to Bielsa. Some are, I agree and his high workload inevitably does result in an increase in over-training type injuries. There is bad luck there too though. The parts of the field where we can cope much better have not bee
  7. What do you mean "hasn't gotten them anywhere"? What did you think were Leeds' ambitions were at the start of this season? Win our game in hand and we're top half of the table, 4 points behind last year's champions in sixth. In what world is that "not getting anywhere"? There isn't a single Leeds fan unhappy about this season. The thing you and others contuinually fail to mention about this defence is that we've been desperately unlucky with injuries. Our two crucial international CB signings have both got injured and missed most of the season so far. The back up to them would have
  8. I wasn't hoping to change you mind, just wanted to question the idea that we are awful to watch. You didn't say it was an awful game you said Leeds are awful to watch. The struck me as odd as you're the only person i've seen say anything close to that. That was all. As for the game, i'm afraid I disagree there also. Thought it was a really decent game. End to end, lots of chances, some brilliant goalkeeping, loads of goal mouth action, a lead that swung from one team to the other and 4 fantastic goals. It was classic Premier League feeling match, high intensity and a serious pace wi
  9. There's a big delta between "the new Brazil" and "awful". It's not just pundits, numerous players from other clubs have tweeted about how thrilling we are to watch. Many managers have said the same after matches. I can't see them all being wrong, can you? You are obviously entitled to your opinion but when you're such a distant outlier, you're also likely to get questioned about it. For further context about Leeds "dirty play", we are 8th in the fair play league, 3 places above Leicester. Only 3 times in the last 11 games have we had a larger foul count than our opponents. There i
  10. Awful to watch? That puts you in the minority of....well....one person i've heard say that. Even the most ardent and bitter Leeds United haters have said things like "God I hate Leeds but have to admit, they're just amazing to watch" dozens of them from all different clubs. Every pundit without exception has lauded our style of play. You can accuse us of being naïve, open, wasteful and other things but sorry, "awful to watch" is a ridiculous judgement. The football is electric, many times beautiful and the collection of goals we have scored this season could fill two goal of the season to
  11. True enough but still not him. He's a big, tough as nails Yorkshire lad, it's really not in his psyche. Ayling, very much different. We even have a name for it, the "Ayling flop". Nowt unique to Leeds mind, every team has one or two foppers.
  12. I've never seen Cooper take a dive once. Ever. Alioski, aye. Ayling, aye. Cooper, nah. Not in his mentality at all.
  13. I've been a Bamford fan for some time but he did used to frustrate in front of goal. His all round game has always been really high class. He says he's done a lot of work on his finishing and has become more clinical as a result. International level would be another step up. I'm not sure yet. If he keeps this form up then he becomes impossible to ignore but I'm not totally convinced yet.
  14. Well I came on here after you to tonked us at ER so hopefully no resentment in me doing so now also. Obviously delighted to get very close to a full reversal of the Elland Road score and we are starting to learn things. People say Bielsa won't change and they are true to a point, the core principles will remain but the last couple of games have seen a more conservative game plan where we conceded possession in certain areas where we would have pressed. The gaping hole in the middle of the park has been closed somewhat and you were restricted to a lot of long shots. That was the
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