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    Leicestershire Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 124 seconds  
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    Yeah, very poor.
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    The "do they mean us?" thread

    Any player wanting a secure Premier League club would be wise to choose Stoke over us. After all, they have a settled squad proven at this level with an experienced Premier League manager. We don't. However, anyone picking one of either Leicester or Stoke to be most likely to make the step up from being one of the 7th-17th mass of clubs to being one genuinely capable of competing for a European spot or a trophy would be wise to choose Leicester. With our finances and the ambition of our owners, we are just more equipped than Stoke. However. we're not there yet and it could take us a few years before we are. N'Zonzi ought to feel that he's done his apprenticeship as a player now and wants to take a step up. Frankly, if he's got any sense he'll leave Stoke and not join Leicester either. He can do better than both clubs right now.
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    Expand the stadium? The poll

    Every hoop you make people jump through deters some people from attending. That's just the way it is. To you, they may not be committed fans, but they are people ready and willing to pay money to attend matches if we make it easy for them. If we make people join membership schemes in previous seasons in order to have a chance of a season ticket in the future, it will deter some people. If we make people join membership schemes to have any chance of a ticket where they want one, it will deter people. If we have very limited general sales weeks in advance of some games, it will deter some people. Frankly, there will be people that wake up on game day and want to go to a match. They can't at the moment. The occasional and irregular fan is someone that is financially struggling, or works erratically, or lives some distance from Leicester, or simply only visits here on occasion. They are also people with children that decide that today is a good day to bring little Johnny along, but they can't. Or someone with a friend that supports the opposition or just wants to see what all this fuss is about live football or is just going out of random curiosity. Or a million other reasons. Within all these groups, there are potential future fans that could evolve into committed, every match home and away types. But even the randoms and occasional fans are good for the club. It makes no business or footballing sense to choose to exclude anyone when we have the option to offer more seats.
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    Top Ten Premier League clubs in Debt !

    The article is drivel but there is one slight amendment to this summary. The club do not own the stadium, King Power bought and own it. I expect that they did it this way to offer some protection to their investment but it does mean that the club and the stadium are treated as separate concerns. Since the owners put £120m of equity into the club about 18 months ago, we have accumulated further debt (£21m in our last season in the Championship). It remains to be seen how the finances have been in the Premier League. Our income is obviously substantially up, but we have paid hugely increased wages/bonuses and transfer fees. I'd not be surprised to see us having made a small loss in our first season in the Premier League.
  6. Brown Nose

    Expand the stadium? The poll

    I can't really understand anyone not saying that an early expansion would be a good idea. Last season saw us achieve our highest ever average attendance. We're losing money every game we play at the moment because there are people that want to attend games that can't. We have owners with the wealth and ambition to do this for us without any detrimental effect to our financial position or future. One day, our current owners won't be there but the stadium and club will be. We will probably be in this stadium for the rest of this century so why not make it the best it can be whilst we've got the chance? Who knows what the future will be? A generation ago, we got less than 10,000 for some matches. The trend in attendances is fairly consistently up if it's possible. A bigger stadium makes it more likely that entry prices will be reasonable or even reduce. An expanded stadium is the best way to encourage younger supporters to attend matches at the top level. Many kids were excluded last season because of the reduced availability of occasional tickets. To increase the stadium would allow the club to expand the corporate facilities and executive boxes which is a major cash cow. Bigger crowds and a bigger stadium does make a difference to our status for potential signings, attracting 'tourist' supporters and for hosting potential events in the future.