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  1. Wallington alan young ooh tommy wright
  2. thebluefox

    Söyüncü Signs

    So we’re finally replacing David Pleats Russel Osmans shaped hole in the defence
  3. thebluefox

    Chris Mepham

    Is Danny Murphy telling him he should force a move
  4. thebluefox

    Adnan Januzaj

    Has he not already signed for Watford
  5. thebluefox


    Not wanting to be that person but if you really want to call someone casual it should be supporter as fan is short for fanatical and by definition can not be casual. You could I would say be a fan of the club but not supportive of the manager/owner/players at the same time.
  6. thebluefox


    I agree, only problem is the World Cup will probably ruin pre-season
  7. thebluefox

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Hadn’t seen that ?. So they’re about the same level then.
  8. thebluefox

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Everybody seems to want Hamer to start again, surely Jakupovic can’t be that bad.
  9. thebluefox

    Gender pay gap details at LCFC are published

    The Leicester Mercury phone app is better than the site.
  10. thebluefox

    What Value Maguire and Mahrez now.?

    I can’t understand why people would be happy to accept less for a proven match winner,who are always the most expensive, than the price of a centre half (even if he is a decent one) whose only success is in Scotland. Personally I think Mahrez is as good as Coutinho and look how much Liverpool want for him. You could argue Mahrez would be even more effective in that Liverpool attack than ours.