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  1. and man city will win 5, all those plus league cup and charity shield.
  2. Man city will win last 5 easy they are the best premier league team ever. Realistically 3 as Burnley and Brighton are a given. Spurs will be shattered after running all night in champions league and then city will rotate and destroy on the Saturday. That leaves us and man u. They will beat man u knowing that if they win that they have easy run in and do what Barcelona did to them last week. And they won't throw it away against us and win 5 quite comfortably.
  3. good job no banners were made
  4. Maybe not. It's gonna be an emotional one for Claudio that's for sure.
  5. Fulham at home. Ranieri returns should make for some atmosphere. Would love loads of banners for Ranieri and give him 1 last send off as it's possible Fulham will be going down and this could be his last visit to the king power stadium.
  6. Wenger 3 year deal. Get these youngsters playing awseome
  7. What if forest beat us by 7? Exeter will have better goal difference
  8. 3 2 foxes. Gray 1st then tielsmans and a maddison winner
  9. Kasper Chilwell Maguire Evans Ricardo Maddison Tielemans Mendy Albrighton Barnes Vardy I'd love. I think Puel will go... Kasper Chilwell Maguire Evans Ricardo Albrighton Tielemans Mendy Gray Maddison Vardy. Either way we will win 3 2. Vardy Tielemans Maddison Evan though Maddison was poor last game, he is a Liverpool fan, and was very poor at home against them, so he will be bang up for this against Man U, and will get a Man of the match performance.
  10. Puel was telling them too. Ndidi long ball the idiot that got intercepted. Gray can't pass. Shambles
  11. Players are as much, pissing me off
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