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  1. Thank you that could be good for me as a lot quicker heading home, is there a car park? Or just park on the road
  2. Maybe if I was going Sunday. This is next Wednesday 7.30 kick off lol.
  3. Thanks a lot all! Roll on the game, but 3 points 1st on Sunday for us!
  4. Thanks all. If I get there for 4.30 or 5 will I be able to get a space or should I arrive earlier. I don't mind staying after game as driving back to south Wales and have booked the day off work so no rush to get out after game.
  5. Hi I'm travelling up next Wednesday for my 1st game this season. I normally park in the local hero car park but heard some stories about parking eye. Can anyone recommend anywhere near ground please. I usually arrive around 4.30 to 5pm. And am happy paying whatever, the closer the better for me. Thank you.
  6. Will do thank you. Just guessing as it's the 1st game it will be sold out before general sale. And maybe a season ticket holder couldn't make the Sunday would be happy to sell.
  7. After 2 ticket for this please if anyone can help. Thanks in advance
  8. After 2 tickets if any one can't make this due to change please pm me
  9. dortmund home be nice, lyon away
  10. Well I Didn't Actually Get These in the end. He phoned me and couldn't get them to me as he was abroad and forgot to post them. So he ended up getting me tickets in the away end instead. Great experience that day
  11. Man city solid at home can't see anything other than a 3or4 - 0or1 scoreline
  12. I had 150 taken from account last week. 90 ao online and 2 x 30 for tesco. Phones fraud all sorted and new card.
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