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  1. Dundalk heading into extra time, if they can get the win they will play home to a team from Faroe islands for a group stage, great chance, and wont get it any easier ever I doubt, trip to Ireland for us maybe.
  2. Up 2 places now in seeding, as Belgrade out and besiktas out, hopefully apoel will go out too
  3. 2015 started with a 4 2 home win, we all know what followed, and 2 games in we were top then with 6 points
  4. Confirmed for 23rd September 2020. 7.45pm kick off. Fitting for me as it's my dad's funeral that day, so fancy a cheeky fiver on 3-3 like the classic at Filbert Street. RIP Dad. https://mobile.twitter.com/Arsenal/status/1306305230657781761?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  5. May 2021 Europa League Winners
  6. We gotta enjoy it. Not so long ago it was stoke away to stay in championship and we didn't. This is a chance to get champions league football. Pressure is on them more than us. Come on Leicester and Wolves!
  7. Thank you, you too hope Villa go down
  8. Big part is spurs getting in front at palace too, to make sure wolves know only a win will do
  9. Us 0-0 HT. Chelsea 0-2 Wolves HT. Us 0-0 FT. Chelsea 1-3 Wolves FT. Job done
  10. Maybe they still have to run about a bit more now with that goal 😀
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