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  1. Forgotten man Riyad Mahrez threatens to quit Man City as he complains about a lack of opportunities Shame
  2. But In the post fight conference he said his not the type of fighter to quit. So thick he doesn’t realise it was broadcast in the corner
  3. 23 in 2 months everyone used to think not playing him consistently was the cause of his lack of form. his had a good run and he just doesn’t offer enough
  4. Thought it meant you go home with the fit birds fat mate??
  5. He is a young kid let’s not give him a complex before he gets going. He already has that horrible pudgy pre match pic. He is an exciting prospect one of my favourite players at the moment
  6. 84% passing accuracy on 60 passes looking good
  7. I don’t think he could get in either of those sides offers nothing going foward defensively chases the ball around. doesnt have great tackling stats or interception stats. was the weakest link in our midfeild
  8. Or a potential signing that is going to play second fiddle and is out of form.
  9. That are playing week in week out. we don’t want someone that is shot on confidence that is going to be a sub.
  10. The trio have been linked with his services before, and with Camarasa waiting on "better proposals", the under-21 international may yet stay in the top flight. He is valued at around £15million. Camarasa has been a key player for Neil Warnock this season but he has suffered from injury at points over the campaign. The 24-year-old has scored five goals so far this term, including a stunning winner away at Leicester. Great Journalism there
  11. For sure, what are the realistic replacements/alternatives? Sometimes a little context is needed. Kante only had 81% passing rate (3020) here the season we won the league. yet Ndidi is an abysmal passer I been around on here long enough to know its very fickle, one month a player is no good the next he is a world beater. Case and point Chillwell. I think people need to remember these players are young, there stats show they are improving year on year. In the midst of various mangers over the last few years
  12. He might have off games, but to say his passing is abysmal is simply not true, he has made over 3000 passes this year his success rate is 79% ( his highest for the club) People forget he has played 2 and a half seasons for the club and is just 22. A similar player Gueye 2500 83% We are not going to have the likes of Kante again. Sure you can get a better passer, but that player won’t be topping the Tackling stats
  13. Tbh he is all ready the best (over the last couple of seasons) at tackling. His interceptions for this season are up 40 percent on last year with 4 games to spare. So he is still improving. If Rodgers simplifies his passing game or improves his range it that can take him on to the elite level at what he does.
  14. What are you talking about mate? Pigeons go crazy for that backdrop 😀
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