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  1. Probably made in a sweatshop not far from the Adidas sweatshop
  2. “Fuming my ex is going into love island” https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/love-island/4409090/love-island-ben-chilwell-ex-joanna-chimonides-casa-amor/
  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/love-island/9369649/england-footballer-ben-chilwell-ex-joanna-chimonides-casa-amor-love-island/
  4. Newcastle don’t want Rondon woukd be a good signing Evan as a sub
  5. Robertson meh all ready had Tots Telles and his last inform
  6. Not technically true, he may win the most duels. but Duffy has to be considered the best headerer of the ball with the below stat. 1 Duffy 170 headed clearances 5 Dunk 118 23 Maguire 70 19 (Chilwell 81)
  7. What a load of shit. touching gloves in between rounds. looks like it a hype job after all the anonymousity in the build up
  8. Hope this gets resolved one way or another. Preferably whilst his stock is still high he gets sold
  9. Ultimate Tots where the game officially implodes till next year
  10. MP grabs Greanpeace activist by neck
  11. Agreed His performances this season haven’t warranted the huge increase in value, but the prices being touted for other players has pushed established international players value up. Wan Bissaka 21 42 career games £60m the landscape is changing, the premier league has followed the NBA in terms of earning. How long before a player is payed 1m a week.
  12. That goes with out saying though, if Youri signs the record will be beaten by 10m if it’s 40m possibly more. If it ends up offset by Maguire fee, I don’t think we will end up (net) spending much more than other seasons
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