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  1. is there a nice way of saying that its not him in the pic though, hope you saved the original @Wymsey if you want him de-masked post covid
  2. Done "Plot twist" you done this on every premier league club forum
  3. are you alluding to the fact, its because there not white? cos that is Bollox, Gray has had his share of supporters its just he hasnt produced consistently and they have waned over time, Barnes has produced a lot more since he broke into the team. Yet if you read the match threads and player threads, still gets a lot of shit.
  4. attachment quota could be full
  5. Probably tried to kick out at him but didn’t mean to get him in the chops
  6. cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn big 15 mins
  7. or arsenal sitting back like everton did
  8. its not world cup 94 pissing down and they all back a while now
  9. soyuncu is playing like a shit left back
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