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  1. Perez will probably make way for Albrighton next week, to defensively pressure Man City’s left back
  2. Yeah component against Fulham and Burnley, I wouldn’t be so sure against tougher opposition. We shipped 2 could’ve easily been 3 at home against a team not know for their scoring prowess. I can”t wait to see Ndidi back in his natural position once Evans is back.
  3. Timmy or Barnes Man of the Match... Looking forward to these two next week
  4. Don’t kick it long might give possession away how many times have we lost it in our own half via short passes
  5. These fcking short passes from the back shocking invite pressure
  6. Must of been bad looks like an amputee
  7. Tbh I can’t particularly stand the bloke as a pundit, I just don’t think he is racist 👍🏻
  8. Re Pogba Could it be maybe the fact that he is a global superstar, that is/was labelled as one of the best players in the world. That constantly flattered to deceive. On about 15m a year. Im sure there is a hell of a lot Souness doesn’t like about him, but I’d imagine skin colour is last on the list. If Messi signed for Man City and was absolute shit for a season I don’t doubt he would get the same spill.
  9. I don’t think that really matters mate, your still implying he is racist, he just isn’t aware.
  10. Mate he slags of loads of players that he considers “lazy” He has high expectations the man won 5 league titles and 3 European cups. He simply possesses a deep and genuine loathing of footballers failing to work hard enough and falling short of fulfilling their potential. if you look hard enough there are examples of him not being racist. “Liverpool’s first black player Howard Gayle tells in his autobiography that he was the victim of bullying racial abuse from Tommy Smith before he finally confronted the club’s legendary former captain on the training pitch, threatening to beat him with a baseball bat. Gayle writes: “Graeme Souness was the only one that came over in the immediate aftermath. ‘Well done, Howard,’ he said, ‘Tommy deserved that’. Graeme was a true leader.”” but it’s easier to jump on the old bandwagon.
  11. @Ali Seyyah very knowledgeable, maybe you could start a Turkish talent thread and a scout from the club might be checking foxestalk whilst having a pony and stumble on some of your suggested players for the future. 😀
  12. If Barca fans were not pissed off enough Arons for Semedo
  13. Fulham (H) won 2-1 10 months ago. with no crowd who knows. Sometimes when teams that have been promoted together and play the following year it doesn’t all ways go as expected. I wouldn’t say it’s the biggest banker ever, far from it.
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