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  1. These commentators are trying to make Leicester fans feel any worse 3-1 down at home star player injured “it’s a tough run in for Leicester” “There playing like last season is on the back of their minds” Happy days
  2. Did Rennie collect player trinkets and take them to a voodoo specialist?
  3. Yeah it’s almost like Brendan has them believing they are better than they are, then a poor defeat leaves the players questioning either him or theirselves. Last seasons capitulation can’t have been down to his Tactics and game plans, as he has proved on long runs that he often gets it right.
  4. Quite high I would suspect. Most footballers don’t study for business degrees, let alone during their playing days
  5. One nill up and deserve what they get for being soo negative got away with one pen
  6. By the same account you could argue that if we played Liverpool or Man City in Europe it would be a totally different outcome. Man City more so with their desire to win that competition and I’m sure their fans would argue the same point they didn’t turn up for the league games.
  7. Not Leicester but Steve lomas was a hard bastard. generally after he scored
  8. Looked solid, great to have some good English players coming through
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