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  1. You can’t really blame them, do you remember what they sung about Victoria Beckham. in sure it’s hard enough to focus, without being a bloke & having that sung by away fans
  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8462428/man-city-pep-guardiola-declan-rice-aaron-wan-bissaka-ben-chilwell/ Hmmmm Rice 70m Chillwell 40m
  3. Are you confusing him with the other sweaty Sock Manager?
  4. Had a look to see how old Jeff is thought of by the Palace fans https://www.holmesdale.net/page.php?id=106&tid=174012
  5. Bet that colon card is shit
  6. Whats that got to do with anything? Lots of Foreign mangers in this Country, they don't all do their dream 11 when teams from their native countries meet I'm asking is there a reason he is doing it, ie has he been asked.
  7. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league-boss-names-seven-13988548 is there a reason he is doing that?
  8. Yeah I mean it makes sense Who wouldn't love a team that play great football but end up near the bottom of the league. The key is balance of the 2, hopefully start winning against the lesser teams and results against the better teams wouldn't matter as much Lets see how we perform in the next 2 games before I follow the Puel Wankfest on playing nice football but getting beaten
  9. So you say. A great performance (losing 3-1) against a weakened spurs team Does anyone consider that because they were winning quite comfortably they took their foot of the gas. We up our game anyway against the top sides Let’s see how it progresses into the next 2 games. if we don’t win, you can harp on about how we should’ve “Cos we bossed it” and cling on to the fact that some shitty little stats tell you we should’ve scored more and ignore the fact that 20 shots produced 50 percent on target and one goal.
  10. I didn’t realise league standings are based on bosing the game. Maybe they can add an award for the best losIng team. Asi said this was a spurs team without 2 of its most games influential players. Who comes out better of the results Newcastle and Watford as they was only minus one on the defeats. lets talk about bossing a game when we actually look good and win comfortably. how many times have we won by 2 goals ??
  11. Bossed the game but lost 3-1 the other teams nearly nicked a point
  12. TBF how many did against newport
  13. Lets play someone that doesn't even occupy the central striker role. At least he wont miss big chances, in fact he wont have any As much as I dont want Vardy becoming a Egomaniac, Gray wasn't the solution and it was a real punt in a Game against spurs away Sure that done Nachos shattered confidence the world of good, being dropped from the Squad
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