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  1. these are dog shit barged off the ball on 2 goals
  2. Savage brawl at MMA fight

    most on the marching powder no doubt
  3. FIFA 18

    Sanes been leaked, his ptg card only up about 15k low risk its info is incorrect
  4. FIFA 18

  5. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/convicted-killer-drug-dealers-gun-12409276 Lucky someone wasn't killed
  6. Adrien Silva

    Looks to little and lightweight, for every good pass he does, his equally as bad at giving the ball away. given the criticism of king and James I think Silva got away quite lightly considering his been playing with the team for approaching 5 months
  7. FIFA 18

    Sunday’s a bad day but his value only gonna go down more as tots approaches, the only saving grace would’ve needing him for a Sbc if he wins anything, but there are loads of informs and different options available
  8. FIFA 18

    If he wins, It doesn’t update otw
  9. FIFA 18

    Buy a salah otw 1 more goals and his bound to get hero or record breaker card for beating the record
  10. Vardy

    Yes without him the club might not have survived the administration
  11. Vardy

    No I’m saying not sure he said be given a 50k payrise unless a concrete offer actually comes in for him
  12. Vardy

    Exactly wise on speed dial
  13. Vardy

    We well never know because players haven’t really got a chance, maybe slim had few games didn’t do to bad to start with. also regardless if gets a raise he will be here next season anyway
  14. Vardy

    Not sure paying 140k for a 31/32 year old is good business i like him been a legend, but I do often wonder if he dictates our style of play up top, thus making us a bit one dimensional. Hard to tell because no ones really got to start for more that a few games.