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  1. Maddison would be under a hell of a lot more scrutiny and pressure there. Look at Pogba and more recently Maguire. Hardly covered himself in glory since leaving. Years gone by it would’ve made sense, but why you would want to leave young team mates you are all playing so well under a gifted manager it just doesn’t make sense. unless they offer him 2 times his potential new deal, on the sly through Maguire and he is a greedy little fooker.
  2. 352 koudibally gueye mane? or mane Fabinho Allan koudibally Juan Jesus
  3. What an idiot can’t believe he didn’t get a cab
  4. Initials should be that challenging there all starting 11
  5. Not just a bunch on any players though, even before this season. A multitude of gifted highly rated youngsters. WN JM BC HB YT add to that former league winners JV KS JE Highly rated RP one of the RB in Europe even last season. Under a Top Manager with have seen them all improve. CS out of nowhere is one of the top defenders in the league. Even KI who hasn’t had a sniff looks like a top player at the moment. just to label the above a bunch of players comes across as disingenuous and doesn’t really give them the credit they deserve prior to this season. .
  6. Or how petulant JG really is
  7. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/10509484/arsenal-join-leicester-everton-transfer-smalling/ 🧐
  8. Hmmmm one manager has him scoring a goal a game as one of the top strikers in Europe the other was dropping him after being cursed and scared by spidey
  9. Ban lifted 150m to spend listed 3 players worth a lot more than 150m makes sense. after seeing how the papers including Mail Spun the BR comments, with their gif of the interview with the words highlighted out of context they have become as bad as the shitty bottom feeder football rumour sites.
  10. If Digne is rated at 70m BC got to be worth over 100m
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