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  1. What an incredible journey. The thread makes an interesting read, peoples excitement and apprehension due to other clubs being left financially stricken by Foreign owners. We were incredibly fortunate that the stars aligned, and to be witnessing a golden age in the clubs History.
  2. It will be sweet to see him take Chillwells place in the England Team in the future if he keeps on improving
  3. Probably gonna be well pissed on that Bud
  4. Chelsea brought on over 200m worth or subs When I saw Big Wes and Choudary getting ready
  5. Stepped up when it mattered and showed how much it means to him at the end
  6. That was the Leicester way to concede in the last min, from joy with the youri goal to agony back to joy
  7. It was a special moment watching the celebrations unfold
  8. Would you rather go for fewer threads or rather see Vardy score the winner
  9. Hopefully the Ethylene Oxide swab was worth it and they do you proud 👍🏻
  10. Most prestigious domestic cup competition in the world, but look how it’s changed and is viewed now. It started out with the big teams playing second string 11s and over the last couple of years there have been championship teams that have played under 18 teams and virtually concede the tie before a ball is kicked. Where will the competition be in 10 years time if more and more lower ranked teams adopt the same approach. Unfortunately this is one of the main reasons the cup has lost its magic. Given the choice of two, I would like the club to qualify for the Champions Lea
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