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  1. https://community.sigames.com/topic/531259-england-premier-division-data-issues/page/2/ Looks like the Leicester researcher has given fofana upgrades, just didn't make the cut for the beta.
  2. Dave Hensons title winning song this bit gets me everytime A decade of service, after everything, this is your coronation Andy - our king.
  3. Wonderful Christmas time Paul McCartney 👍
  4. tielemens, maddison and barnes getting upgrades in the next database update according to the lcfc researcher
  5. Anyone managed to get Vardy scoring some goals!?
  6. Well Harvey Barnes is a bit good after the update isnt he! just got a hat trick in the FA Cup final first season!
  7. The header is absolutely superb so well done to Mark
  8. Just refreshing like you guys. So so sad. That news about Schmeichel running over to it as it crash landed has hit me so hard in my gut. The owners are just so loved
  9. Anyone else just flog Silva to Man U and get Drinky back on loan as replacement?
  10. Thanks mate. It's been a while aha (166 hours on FM10 according to Steam and only 8 hours on FM12)
  11. got it. what you gotta do to get club logos facepacks etc!?
  12. My first since fm12! Took me ages to log back into my steam account aha
  13. I did the exact same for the wolves game mate. The stewards recommend you get them after the game. Which is what me and my lad did! Got loads of autographs and the lad got a nice pic with Madders
  14. Hmm I feared that might be the case. Thanks! Will have to show him mine I got in the 90s - Joachim, Willis, Draper etc
  15. My lads first ever game tomorrow, his grandpa just bought him round an autograph book - can you grab the players before they go in? What time we thinking?
  16. Or the sol bamba role I noticed this weekend!
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