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  1. Squad numbers confirmed

    No number 8 - maybe for iheanacho
  2. Kelechi Iheanacho

    Nice one Babs! I know you are in the know on medicals so happy days!
  3. Harry Maguire

    Gueye didn't have to do it in a 442 next to an underperforming drinky or Andy king
  4. David Cotterill from recent times
  5. Arsenal Match Thread

    Let's be honest when vardy gave that peno away against Middlesbrough (or that may have been nugent but they both gave one away at around the same time) I didn't want vardy to wear the shirt again! Now I think he's our most important player so meh
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

    Just got this for 8 quid! I've noticed it's now like the good old days - which option file is the one to use!??
  7. Atletico Madrid (1997) - Sevilla (2017)

    Didn't they have flares etc. Tim flowers said he could see but then they scored from thirty yards. I think that might have been red star actually Parker got sent off for taking a free kick I remember that!
  8. What does Gray have to do?

  9. Leices 3-Derby 1 AET

    Kapustka looked like a bojan or a ramirez to me no wonder we didn't want them in Jan!
  10. Mike Jones (Ref)

    U forgot the goalie handballing it
  11. chopping and changing the line up

    Oh yeah I agree with you mate just pointing out what ranieri was thinking imo. I also think he really didn't want to drop fuchs or Chilwell so shoehorned two left backs into the starting eleven. But whatevs was always going to be tough. I thought we played well after ten minutes til half time!
  12. chopping and changing the line up

    He really wanted to play vardy and he couldn't drop musa
  13. FA Cup | Everton (A): Match Thread

    Brilliant that is pal! Strange to see it with no score in the corner tho hehe
  14. Robbie Brady to Burnley

    Linked again with Kapustka going http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/leicester-move-norwich-star-robbie-9556857

    The weirdo has a strange hatred for us. I remember he put up a video going on about title contenders on his twitter and we were top at the time and he didn't even mention us. I know it was unexpected etc but it was quite a way into the season. I bought it up with him once we had won the league but he never got back to me for some reason.