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  1. dave_the_fox

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Ok mate well I'll give it a go!
  2. dave_the_fox

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Hmm I feared that might be the case. Thanks! Will have to show him mine I got in the 90s - Joachim, Willis, Draper etc
  3. dave_the_fox

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    My lads first ever game tomorrow, his grandpa just bought him round an autograph book - can you grab the players before they go in? What time we thinking?
  4. dave_the_fox

    Söyüncü Signs

    Or the sol bamba role I noticed this weekend!
  5. I'm after wolves tickets. One adult one child in family end if possible!? My 7 year olds wants to go to his first game edit: got two tickets on general sale loveleh 🙂
  6. dave_the_fox

    Chris Mepham

    The last thing Ashley guaranteed to happen was the Iranian chap so...
  7. dave_the_fox

    Quincy Promes

    You wouldn't play maddison aahaaha I'm done
  8. dave_the_fox

    Notts County - 21st July - Match Thread

    Maddison looked ok(ish) Lmao
  9. dave_the_fox

    Notts County - 21st July - Match Thread

    Madders is class.
  10. dave_the_fox

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Well I'm sure mike 'kevlar' stowell will get the worst out of him no problem !!?
  11. dave_the_fox

    Silva and Drinkwater minutes played.

    He's to you Danny Drinkwater Leicester will always love you more than you will knooowww Well I will anyway
  12. dave_the_fox

    Andy King

    Andy King not a legend? Our highest ever goalscorer from midfield and all time most capped international. Oh and the guy has won 3 league titles with us. Yeah I get he's the 'invisible man' and is a bit shit, not very dynamic etc but he's done bits for us every season since his debut!
  13. dave_the_fox

    Jakupovic Signs!

    Beaten at his near post tonight!
  14. dave_the_fox

    Remembering semi obscure old FT posters

    What about the line "get your cock ready lads" Was a classic I remember.