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  1. MrCrowley

    68 Years Ago

    Well posted mate they should never be forgotten
  2. MrCrowley

    Robin Gibb

    Bee Gee's concert tickets: Now 2/3rd's off
  3. MrCrowley

    Old programmes that should be remade.

    One for all us oldies Quiz Ball.I can vaguely remember as a kid getting well wound when we lost http://heyharri.blogspot.co.uk/2007/10/quiz-ball.html
  4. MrCrowley

    The joke thread

    I was swimming today at local baths, and decided to have a sneaky piss in the deep end. The life-guard must have noticed, The Twat blew his whistle so fooking loud, I nearly fell in.
  5. MrCrowley

    The joke thread

    Just got the tree & decorations down from the loft & found a present i forgot to give the kids last year. Pretty gutted really because i know they would have loved a kitten
  6. MrCrowley

    The joke thread

    Carl*s Tev*z is the latest footballer to be linked to a super injuction. Apparently the girl he sh*gged doesn't want to be named