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  1. I see your point Foxxed, however the only scenario I can see this happening and Shakey staying would be a completely joint Manager situation. For example, and this is purely hypothetical, someone like Fat Sam coming in as side by side joint manager/ assistant to help Shaky in transition for one season then he's on his own Full time season two! Personally I think Shakey is ready and will do a good job building his own backroom team with the same ethos that has previously worked.
  2. Hey countryfox my post was just a piss take generalisation, not aimed at yours mate I love the bollox spouted on here its entertainment.
  3. A chap down the pub, joined in with a few of us talking about the Manager situation, he had a glance through this thread and he said " It's a load of bollox being spouted by people who know feck all" End of bar man is my new go to ITK source
  4. Drinky left them and plays for us now mate
  5. Would not want Kasper to go but wouldn't begrudge him a big move! Those bemoaning a rumoured swap deal with Hart. ...really?
  6. He's controversial at times and lacks certain people skills, however, as a football manager and man manager of players the bloke is total quality. What he did for LCFC was amazing and should never ever be forgotten. If I was a Boro fan it would purely be his football achievements that I'd look at and pray he came.
  7. Avoided FT after Thursday night, knowing there would be some ridiculous kneejerk reactions............And boy have some of you excelled yourselves!
  8. Pretty decent assessment to be fair, I would also temper your views with the reality of looking back to the 80s & 90s, where were Chelsea and Man City then in success and leagues, particularly Chelsea with attendances? They were nowhere near the 'Big 6' stature prior to Oligarchs intervention. I do not buy this elitist or entitled attitude, with the exception of both Spurs, Arsenal and us, with our miracle, the success has been totally money driven. Our owners have proven to be astute, sensible, very honourable and ambitious! I believe we have a bright future, they will learn from the mistakes of this season and push on!
  9. Football for you! received_1340190456071755.mp4
  10. Their front line looked like contestants from "The biggest loser USA" to me!
  11. It would be satisfying to beat them and mathematically seal their bridesmaids status irrespective let's just beat them!
  12. What was the date again? Might have been watching Attenborough on the Geographical channel , there were some thick baboons on the TV still struggling to believe or accept what had evolved and unable to contain their true disappointment that "Little Leicester" had done it! That's Souness, Carragher and sicknote Redknap for ya .
  13. Is Linda Lusardi still in it?
  14. Excellent post Thracian, I must say for my eyes sake I'm a tad relieved you didn't make it to z
  15. It has to be the Bard for me, I think our owners and their advisors are astute enough to have come to that conclusion too!