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  1. Class act from the Watford fans ....thank you. Top reciprocated showing why we have the best owners in club football. I love our club.
  2. Bluetintedspecs

    BHA 1 - 1 Leicester City Post Match Thread

    The ones holding the pretties were spotted somehow
  3. Bluetintedspecs

    Claudio to Fulham

    I wish Claudio all the best and hope he keeps them up, though sadly for him and Fulham I can't see it happening. Re anyone wanting Claudios name chanted by our fans, in a game where they're our opposition is frankly incredulous! Claude is OUR manager and he, the players and Top need our support and unity. I truly appreciate what Claudio achieved in 15/16, however the following season we were spiralling to relegation under his leadership. Claudio was rightly acknowledged on a very emotional day last Saturday and we wish him all the best, anything beyond that I don't get, it's OUR club that needs all the love and support.
  4. Bluetintedspecs

    An outsider's view on LCFC

    Welcome @LesterHall one word of advice, avoid the match thread like the plague 😁
  5. Bluetintedspecs

    Sing for Claude

    Yes in time, however, after the horrific tragedy losing our beloved Chairman and 4 other precious lives the emotional and physical turmoil and the travel I personally do not feel NOW is the time. I think your agenda is cold and heartless though each to their own. IMO grief affects individuals differently and it's the time for togetherness not petty personal agendas. It will take as long as it takes.
  6. Bluetintedspecs

    Sing for Claude

    You need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Shameful you are even thinking this way all things considered.😔
  7. Bluetintedspecs

    Kasper Speaks

    To be that eloquent, composed and measured when you are clearly as distraught as Kasper is showed all his qualities as a man and a leader.
  8. Bluetintedspecs

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Heart bursting with pride, vision blurred with tears, Players, Manager, staff and our magnificent fans you were all immense today. I love our club.
  9. Bluetintedspecs

    Condolences To other 4 victims

    Sincere condolences to the family and friends of all who lost their lives in this tragedy 😔x
  10. Bluetintedspecs

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    Exactly this couldn't post last night after official announcement. God bless you Vichai.
  11. Bluetintedspecs

    Helicopter crash

    I'm absolutely in bits and feel at a loss what to do, until there is an official statement or confirmation I do not want to go to the ground as it feels like I'm giving up on the feint hope of a miracle.That's not criticing those that have laid tributes etc I'm just in a daze very little sleep and unashamedly teary and lost over this devastating tragedy.
  12. Bluetintedspecs

    Helicopter crash

    Heartbreaking, love and sincerest condolences to the families of any fatalities. A tragic day I'm just numb.
  13. Bluetintedspecs

    We'll bounce back as we do.

    The biggest problem is we have a lot of knee jerk wankers for fans who think they know it all and really know fvck all. The modern game is shite and the managerial roundabouts that are being called for on here by the know fvck all tossers will only lead to a further gulf between the so called big clubs and the rest. Evolution of playing style, introduction of youth and new players does take time and tosspots are reacting like this after only 5 feckin games! You don't have to ban me btw mods I will be doing that myself because if this is the consensus of so called fans represented by this forum then it's not for me, enjoy your know it all moaning and be very very careful what you wish for/ who WE might get!
  14. 😁 I'm looking forward to the retorts.
  15. Weller, Wortho & Glover for me purely because in my early years as a fan those 3 were the exciting attacking magicians that formed my love of our great club and the beautiful game.