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  1. Whilst loving all the Mike Bassett stuff,is there any news?
  2. Re the Wilf or Youri debate I may upset a few as imo if you looked over the last 2 seasons, when playing, Wilf is more valuable/ would be missed more. Youri has been ever present and immense this season yes, however, I feel he was not great for quite a chunk of last season yet we adapted with options formations but when Wilfs absent I think we really struggle. Just my opinion mind and I 100% don't want to lose either!
  3. I know it's irritating, it's like when people call the close season the off season
  4. That sounds familiar to someone we signed from non league football.
  5. I personally feel they will be mentally and physically exhausted from the FA Cup defeat and will be massively affected by the immense pressure they'll be under tonight! I think we'll set about frustrating them and hit them on counters to secure the massive win. COYB
  6. I understand various frustrations , personally like many others, for every other Wembley visit since Blackburn it's been get to Stanmore early jump on tube, beers and fun! Sadly we're not in those times! Due to mine and sons points didn't think we stood a chance. He said "you never know Dad I'll keep checking and at your age you might not get another FA Cup Final opportunity 🤣" Me , confident we'd miss out " OK son you try and if you succeed I'll pay for your ticket n travel too" You know what, it's not ideal, it's cost me double but I don't give a sh*t COYB
  7. I love the fact we've reached the FA Cup Final, I am hating everything about the limitations around what should be an amazing and memorable day! In truth it will be tainted, bordering on crap, not a true match day FA Cup Final experience. Some that get tickets will be insensitive and gloating, lot's that don't will be jealous and bitter. Sadly I can see this creating a really bad feeling over what should be an amazing day! I hope those that do get tickets are loud and proud for our club.
  8. Our away ends are crap, could hear feck all from them today!
  9. And this is the result of 1 day without football.........God help us
  10. Popped on the thread to see people's views on possible length of shutdown and solutions, ended up on an episode of Question Time
  11. Real blow and gutted for Ricardo, time for the Foxes never quit spirit.
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