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  1. King Power - Good or bad or both?

    Incredulous how fickle and ungrateful some of our fan base can be. Couple this with the multitude of threads popping up criticising our players and manager and this is is becoming an extremely negative, toxic and ungrateful forum. Sadly think it's time to give this place a wide berth it's too frustrating. Just be careful what you wish for with the constant questioning, criticism and misery.
  2. Soz Sheppy but your three hash tags remind me of the below
  3. Do we need to consider replacing Maguire?

    I have a suggestion for some of the squabbles on this thread.......
  4. Do we need to consider replacing Maguire?

    You left out Bobby Moore!
  5. Some of the reactions on here are like.........
  6. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    So he doesn't look the part is working against him too now bud? Comedy gold
  7. Where do think we will finish after 6 games?

    Well after 6 games I predict we'll finish 17th
  8. Kasper

    Not covering himself in glory that's for sure!
  9. Leicester fan taunting LFC fans with The Sun logo

    Some 12 year old engages his half a brain cell and it's a viral crime of the century! He's obviously a little prat but ......
  10. Bbc rađio leicester

    Throw in excessive negativity and kneejerk reactions and you have recent threads on here
  11. Bbc rađio leicester