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  1. Our away ends are crap, could hear feck all from them today!
  2. And this is the result of 1 day without football.........God help us
  3. Popped on the thread to see people's views on possible length of shutdown and solutions, ended up on an episode of Question Time
  4. Real blow and gutted for Ricardo, time for the Foxes never quit spirit.
  5. I would not join the Chilwell bashing, however, if we follow our policy from the last few seasons selling one major asset, I would not be devastated if it was him, especially if for a fee north of 65 mil.
  6. Very tough game and NP will have them well drilled, I do hope our travelling fans don't have a Nige spaff fest because despite the utmost respect and gratitude a lot of us have for him, he's the opposition manager and let's not forget that. Fancy Vards to get his 100th PL goal in a narrow win.
  7. As he is party to inside info, has Cags got a massive cock and is he Sean responsible for the chant if so?
  8. I suggest you do one on ' through the good times and the bad ' this place is renowned for patience, understanding, support and positivity.
  9. Please ask him what team he supports? It cant be Leicester cos no bellend in their right mind would leak team news early that could potentially disadvantage their own team.
  10. Great to see some confidence oozing back last night and a comprehensive win. Regarding the 2 polar camps and some of the comments in the thread, I obviously cannot speak for others, I stated in previous threads that it was obviously concerning and noone likes losing, yet it was no surprise that with a young squad and very key personnel missing in Wilf and Vards a downturn was no real shock. One Swallow doesn't make a summer but it's an extremely timely boost to our UCL chances. Let's try to get behind the lads and push them on and as posters on here drop the pointl
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