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  1. Liverpool have been outstanding but that point could also be levelled at them. All teams need and at times get that luck. Our performances have dipped, yes, I am certainly not hitting the panic button yet though.
  2. Young teams are bound to have the odd bad day at the office, we've not had as many as Man City or Chelsea!
  3. I totally agree with you pal and what I'm going to say next I hope gets me a permanent ban. Only 3 fkn league games and one league cup game and this forum is saturated with this shite. We're undefeated and 4th in league, which yes is crazy for 5 points but hardly poor, progressed in the cup so not lost any. Rodgers is obviously still rotating personnel and tweaking formations yet a sample size of 3 league and 1 cup game is enough for some of you impatient and entitled morons to spout the crap you do. 3 fkn league games and after Saturday it's an expected to be difficult run where some of you FIFA educated w ankers will become intollerable, god help us and please fkn ban me please. Before anyone says we have a right to our opinions and concerns blah blah blah, you're right ,this is mine about yours. Also I could just not read the forum and impose a self exile,however that would not be as satisfying as getting this off my chest, sadly this site is being ruined by negative, impatient and moronic fans who seem to get great pleasure from moaning about anything and everything and after so few games. I will miss the measured and thoughtful posters and gems like @StriderHiryu but the rest of you can fvck right off.
  4. My prediction...the match thread will contain a high percentage of dickish comments as per.
  5. Sadly any handouts would be like sticking the proverbial finger in the dam. The problem lies firmly with the EFL, structuring and lack of proper due dilligence until it's too late. I feel gutted for the fans and all connected to the 2 clubs and if proper structures aren't implemented, and sharpish, this will keep happening and the lower leagues will be ravaged including some Championship clubs chasing the rainbow!
  6. The thread title needs changing to my cocks bigger than yours
  7. The blonde woman, to Vardys right as we look at it, cant help but laugh bless her.
  8. Some posters in the match thread and on here need to calm their tits have a few beers and get laid. Or possibly have a vimto and read the Beano, anything to stop them posting such negative drivel and bile on here.
  9. Personally I love hostile atmospheres, as long as they don't cross certain lines, racial abuse and vile sort of stuff Beckham got! Loved the Fat granny shagger and w*nker in the wig chants at Rooney for exanple Anything that is slung at Vards will spur him on, even more than Sheffield rivalry, so I hope you guys do a great job cos I firmly believe he will be on fire on Saturday.
  10. CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU You're just too good Soyuncu Can't take my eyes off of you You've got a heavenly touch I wanna hold you so much At long last you've arrived You're just too good Soyuncu Can't take my eyes off you We love you,Caglar , and if it's quite alright We need you, Caglar , to play all night We love you, Caglar, trust in me when I say: Your just to good Soyuncu............... and repeat Just a base idea , sure some lyricists could tweek?
  11. He is a midfield man He came to Filbert Way And he can play Boy can he play Maddy Maddy Maddison Maddison Maddison He can play, boy can he play And repeat.
  12. I'm glad you believe in giving players a chance and make your judgements based on 2 games, a reasonable sample size of games.
  13. Saw online today the players have nicknamed Cags Ted Bundy , cos they think he looks like him How about ........ We'll just call you Ted We'll just call you Ted Caglar Soyuncu We'll just call you Ted I'm sure some of the pervs on here could find a way of getting cock into it too
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