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  1. Barry wasn't v happy with you calling him Harry Col, he said "he doesn't know who you are but he will find you and he will........'
  2. This fella I know, 'Barry the Hatchet' will have a word with them for you mate.
  3. Just read your own post from market value? down, your comments ....my opinion was junk, you had a dig, I responded and you dislike blah blah blah. You obviously don't like an opinion challenged or questioned and you definitively responded like a petulant child. Like you say time for the ignore.
  4. Hopefully Top and Rudders haven't been playing it then
  5. And I put my opinion across too, not aggresively or condescending, just an alternative one. I wasn't picking an argument I just responded to a view which I didn't fully agree with and you got all sensitive and testy. My understanding was that is how a forum worked, no? As for the chill and relax, I am totally chilled, you may benefit from heeding your own advice though.
  6. Here here, fleece the feckers Let's face it, not that many years ago, Man City and Chelsea were far from being big clubs and that only changed with oligarch money! We are progressing nicely and bowing down is never the way to reach our goals.
  7. Where did I say he was worth £85 mil or Dunk was worth £45 mil. Man Utd paid a ridiculous £50mil for AWB are loaded and desperate but that's the market forces. Who's saying we want too or have to sell ,like you pointed out btw, we're obviously holding out for the world record fee because we can and don't want too. As for your snippy and unfounded business studies comment, I suggest you contemplate supply and demand and the crazy world that is football transfers. Instead of pathetic personal jibes you might be better placed leaving the transfer dealings to Top and his qualified team of negotiators and not condoning selling our current no 1 asset on the cheap.
  8. Market worth ? England defender 26 with 4 years left on a 5 year deal, the only Market that matters is our valuation. The days of us bending over for big clubs are long gone and holding all the aces is the main factor.
  9. Time will tell, I personally think he will be on the right wing but flexible when required. I think he will be a fantastic player for us and I'm looking forward to seeing him play.
  10. Indeed, his other brother Sandy is all washed up too!
  11. Nah I'd slap another £10 mil on for both the feckers.
  12. He's that good they named an end after him
  13. This post CAPS it ALL for me! I do like some of the grap posts though, it's a daily labour of love.
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