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  1. This is classic Foxes Talk, in 2 pages we're now Europe bound and potentially signing Smalling for 10 or is it 15 million? I look forward to the developments
  2. Did your brother enlighten him about the realities of modern day football and earning your place?
  3. He looked comfortable and composed.
  4. Haven't Liverpool player 2 more games? All things considered I believe the first half team showed some real quality and we look on course! Maguire & James looked good and front 4 looked threatening.
  5. Agree, it's always been Clubs preference to complete business early, however, I feel they are in a strong legal position to play hardball due to the contract. I genuinely believe we hold ALL the aces and will keep our man or get 45-50 mil we desire if he's going.
  6. Personally I think it's both with the pay up being the enabler to give us a fighting chance to get the quality/proven replacement needed.
  7. Sensible , shrewd and poker face firmly put on, good man !
  8. We hold the 4 year contract/registration, hence all the Aces ,so the message from the club will be crystal the price we want or feck right off!
  9. I genuinely believe the Club are rightly going to play hardball.
  10. Splendid
  11. Agree.... and I will also add, he has to also accept that if we don't receive a reasonable offer he'll have to roll his sleeves up here!
  12. Wtf? Yeah I agree ......prepubescents getting excited over a potential football transfer including posting things like boxes of tissues and jizz related gifs when truly there's feck all news is what these threads should be about? However you dress this up, the sum of feck all is still feck all even if coming from the growing ITK ranks!
  13. And I think some on here are too far up their and other people's arses , there's shit everywhere! Personally the thought of extending the Iheanacho thread never crossed my mind.For me there's far too many sad and pathetic people desperate for news they are themselves the embarrassment due to childlike petulance and impatience. Breaking news there is NO 100 % actual concrete news until the deal is completed. For myself the light hearted banter was a relief from the monotony churned up by the sad and desperate.
  14. If he does start banging them in he could be given the accolade of the simple chant for the genius Franky Wortho Hello hello Iheanacho Iheanacho hello Pretty sure Cambiasso song will win out though!