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  1. Bluetintedspecs

    Vardy loses thousands in dodgy car deal - The Sun

    How is this a sob story for me and the 500th time? I happen to think it is appalling the level of poverty out there. I also definitively know that morons exist too.
  2. Bluetintedspecs

    Vardy loses thousands in dodgy car deal - The Sun

    I must be misguided then that Mrs Vardy, in particular, has courted attention and publicity online and in the press?
  3. Bluetintedspecs

    Vardy loses thousands in dodgy car deal - The Sun

    Yes and an attention seeking show off is still a **** in my opinion. Millions nationwide struggling, people using food banks, people living on the streets and this is a newsworthy story? Multi millionaire loses a few grand trying to by a super car, my heart bleeds.
  4. Bluetintedspecs

    Vardy loses thousands in dodgy car deal - The Sun

    I hope the precocious attention seeking pr*cks go tell their terrible sob story to the homeless people on the streets of Leicester.
  5. Bluetintedspecs

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    Over rated but at his age and so poor you value him at £20 million. .....priceless
  6. Bluetintedspecs

    Gordon Banks RIP

    True definition of a LEGEND RIP Gordon.
  7. Bluetintedspecs

    Next Club Captain?

    Difficult one with the uncertainty over the manager and Peter Schmeichels comments etc. Evans or Maguire for me.
  8. Bluetintedspecs

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    This and your previous post are both excellent Inckley! It sums up pretty much how I feel. Never been so conflicted in truth.
  9. Bluetintedspecs

    Claude Puel told job "Safe" - report

    The burning question is...was it intense or not?
  10. Bluetintedspecs

    Pearson sacked

    This just shows how sad and deluded some of our fan base are. Love Nige for his achievements at LCFC and the project he put in place but ffs that ship has sailed and he's now failed, however the Puel out brigade are that desperate they'll hijack any thread for their cause
  11. Bluetintedspecs

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    The problem is Babs any constructive debate is not possible because it is all wrapped up in the Puel in or out debate. IMO Maddison at the time of the sub was either suffering with a knock or flagging, Gray was not making an impact and Mendy should have been hooked because he was walking a tightrope! Ghezzal looked decent when he came on and we played well enough to have gotten something out of the game. I do believe the toxic atmosphere is contributing to the nerves and performances at home and our away results back it up. Sadly though a section of our increasingly deluded and entitled fans have forgotten about supporting the team.
  12. Bluetintedspecs


    I never have and never will get it, unless they want to destroy confidence and hand an advantage to our opposition then well done!
  13. Bluetintedspecs

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Totally agree on all of the above, especially the booing morons!
  14. Bluetintedspecs

    New chants and songs

    I'm guessing it will be Na na na na na na Youri Tielemans Tielemans Youri Tielemans Which will end up sounding like Jelly Blancmange or similar