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  1. I would hardly call it 9 solid pages of abuse, some are a bit OTT but there is a lot of tongue in cheek ripping fuelled by your appearance and outraged defence. What I am curious about is if you are not Ian why are you so personally invested/ bothered by this particular thread when you could take your pick?
  2. Now now Ian calm down fella, I and others offered a critique on the areas that many people find cringey with your commentary. Please show me any one area of my posts containing abuse. Calling out on an opinion is fine ,I do think you'll be a better commentator if you took some of the points on board though. As for abuse, would your criticisms of your colleagues Pipes and Owen be deemed abuse too? In conclusion I think if you read the posts the reason for criticisms have been laid out clearly, hence justification.
  3. So do I call you Ian, colleague of Ian or fan of Ian? I do realise all 3 could be one and the same For the purpose of my reply I'll assume you are Ian, I have based this on you joining the forum to specifically comment on this thread and defend yourself. Take away some of the extreme comments Ian and take on board the many constructive comments and this could help improve your commentary, how you come across to the fans and how they perceive you. Utilise Pipes more discussing FOOTBALL, avoid fashion, boring stories about journey, snacks and especially the fkn irritating Matt Elliott impressions. In game focus on patterns of play, who's on top, where problems lie what we could do to change, who's dangerous for us and more importantly describe what's happening in the game utilise Pipes. I truly do hope this helps you Ian.
  4. This is luke warm not hot 42 more pages of finance, FM expertise and inane drivel...then its hot!
  5. Stories about the journey up, what snacks purchased at services, pathetic impressions of Matt Elliott, stupid descriptions of a woman in a pink hat x rows in front, how many or what make of jumpers Pipes is wearing, what bets are placed etc etc etc that is some of the inane drivel week in week out you give us Ian or Ians RL colleague. Far too much 'look at me I'm a laaaaaad' instead of enabling people to picture what is happening on the pitch or around the football club. Luckily as a ST holder I don't have to listen to this garbage for home games and I try to avoid it like the plague for away games, when I do the above are mine and countless others issues. On a positive note when I have listened Matt Piper is interesting,inciteful, honest and balanced with a tinge of obvious bias ....a pleasure to listen too!
  6. Tries too hard to be a laaaaad and king of bants which sadly makes him come across as an annoying prat. When he's talking about football, instead of doing fkn irritating Matt Elliott in a bar in X impressions, he can be ok. Unfortunately it appears to me 'the look at me' syndrome always wins.
  7. Suzie I thought ladies merely glowed?
  8. Pretty similar to the ITK info we get now then
  9. More like mind readers, seuth sayers and abacus beads a plenty!
  10. 100 pages of conjecture incoming?
  11. Villa need to spend more time languishing in mediocrity for me. Derby the lesser of 2 mehs.
  12. It WAS always Forest but not playing them due to their ineptitude coupled with the Derby love in/ hate has made it a non event. If Derby come up then I will see it as a convenient trip and, recent history, 6 points incoming.
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