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  1. Fracking

    For me shall gas extraction has to be taken forward to create jobs and expertise in this country. There is a lot of misrepresentation being spread around and unfortunately there are bad examples of how things can go wrong from unregulated cowboys having a go in the USA. I cannot though see Shale Gas in the UK having any impact on UK gas prices as has been seen in USA. This is due to us not being able to build the necessary quantity of wells required to extract enough gas to effect the price. There are 3 reasons for this: 1) We have a lack of space in this county particularly compared to the open expanses of the USA. To provide only 2-3% of the UK gas demand we would need to build around 140 wells by 2030. A 10 well pad in the drilling phase requires a footprint of 2-3 football pitches and would take 6-9 months to construct. After this the size would be reduced to 2-3 tennis courts for 20-30 years during production phase. 2) The land owners do not have the rights to the natural gas below their land. There is no real financial gain for them to allow or actively promote the extraction on their land compared to the USA where the landowner owns the gas. 3) The cost of extraction due to regulation and standards in this country compared to the USA.