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Bryan Hamilton

Full name: Bryan Hamilton
Birthdate: 31.12.1946
Birthplace: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Joined from: Wigan Athletic
Nationality: Northern Ireland
Honours: None
Other clubs as manager: Tranmere Rovers, Wigan Athletic (2), Norwich City
Serving Period: 03.06.1986 - 11.12.1987
Games: 73
Wins: 23
Draws: 15
Losses: 35
Competition Total Won Draw Lost F A Win %
League 63 17 14 32 83 105 26.98%
FA Cup 1 0 0 1 2 5 0%
League Cup 7 4 1 2 13 11 57.14%
Europe 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Other 2 2 0 0 3 1 100%
All matches 73 23 15 35 101 122 31.51%

All matches(73)

Date Competition Opposition Result Pos Stadium
123.08.1986Division One (old) Luton Town (H)1 - 110Filbert Street
230.08.1986Division One (old) Wimbledon (A)0 - 120Plough Lane
303.09.1986Division One (old) Liverpool (H)2 - 116Filbert Street
406.09.1986Division One (old) Manchester United (H)1 - 115Filbert Street
513.09.1986Division One (old) Sheffield Wednesday (A)2 - 214Hillsborough
617.09.1986Division One (old) Norwich City (A)1 - 215Carrow Road
720.09.1986Division One (old) Tottenham Hotspur (H)1 - 217Filbert Street
823.09.1986League Cup 2 leg 1Swansea City (A)2 - 0-Vetch Field
927.09.1986Division One (old) Queens Park Rangers (A)1 - 016Loftus Road
1004.10.1986Division One (old) Manchester City (A)2 - 113Maine Road
1108.10.1986League Cup 2 leg 2Swansea City (H)4 - 2-Filbert Street
1211.10.1986Division One (old) Nottingham Forest (H)3 - 19Filbert Street
1318.10.1986Division One (old) Charlton Athletic (A)0 - 210The Valley
1425.10.1986Division One (old) Southampton (H)2 - 316Filbert Street
1529.10.1986League Cup 3Liverpool (A)1 - 4-Anfield
1601.11.1986Division One (old) Aston Villa (A)0 - 218Villa Park
1708.11.1986Division One (old) Newcastle United (H)1 - 117Filbert Street
1815.11.1986Division One (old) Everton (H)0 - 218Filbert Street
1922.11.1986Division One (old) Watford (A)1 - 519Vicarage Road
2029.11.1986Division One (old) Chelsea (H)2 - 218Filbert Street
2106.12.1986Division One (old) Coventry City (A)0 - 120Highfield Road
2214.12.1986Division One (old) Oxford United (H)2 - 017Filbert Street
2320.12.1986Division One (old) Manchester United (A)0 - 218Old Trafford
2426.12.1986Division One (old) Arsenal (H)1 - 119Filbert Street
2528.12.1986Division One (old) Everton (A)1 - 522Goodison Park
2601.01.1987Division One (old) West Ham United (A)1 - 422Upton Park
2703.01.1987Division One (old) Sheffield Wednesday (H)6 - 120Filbert Street
2810.01.1987FA Cup 3Queens Park Rangers (A)2 - 5-Loftus Road
2924.01.1987Division One (old) Luton Town (A)0 - 120Kenilworth Road
3007.02.1987Division One (old) Wimbledon (H)3 - 118Filbert Street
3114.02.1987Division One (old) Liverpool (A)3 - 419Anfield
3221.02.1987Division One (old) Norwich City (H)0 - 219Filbert Street
3325.02.1987Division One (old) Tottenham Hotspur (A)0 - 519White Hart Lane
3407.03.1987Division One (old) Southampton (A)0 - 420The Dell
3514.03.1987Division One (old) Charlton Athletic (H)1 - 018Filbert Street
3622.03.1987Division One (old) Nottingham Forest (A)1 - 219City Ground
3725.03.1987Division One (old) Queens Park Rangers (H)4 - 118Filbert Street
3828.03.1987Division One (old) Manchester City (H)4 - 018Filbert Street
3904.04.1987Division One (old) Newcastle United (A)0 - 218St James' Park
4011.04.1987Division One (old) Aston Villa (H)1 - 119Filbert Street
4118.04.1987Division One (old) West Ham United (H)2 - 018Filbert Street
4220.04.1987Division One (old) Arsenal (A)1 - 419Highbury
4325.04.1987Division One (old) Watford (H)1 - 219Filbert Street
4402.05.1987Division One (old) Chelsea (A)1 - 319Stamford Bridge
4504.05.1987Division One (old) Coventry City (H)1 - 120Filbert Street
4609.05.1987Division One (old) Oxford United (A)0 - 020Manor Ground
4715.08.1987Division Two (old) Shrewsbury Town (H)0 - 120Filbert Street
4819.08.1987Division Two (old) Leeds United (A)0 - 122Elland Road
4929.08.1987Division Two (old) Millwall (H)1 - 017Filbert Street
5031.08.1987Division Two (old) Stoke City (A)1 - 218Victoria Ground
5105.09.1987Division Two (old) Aston Villa (H)0 - 222Filbert Street
5212.09.1987Division Two (old) Crystal Palace (A)1 - 222Selhurst Park
5316.09.1987Division Two (old) Oldham Athletic (H)4 - 120Filbert Street
5419.09.1987Division Two (old) Plymouth Argyle (H)4 - 017Filbert Street
5523.09.1987League Cup 2 leg 1Scunthorpe United (H)2 - 1-Filbert Street
5626.09.1987Division Two (old) Bournemouth (A)3 - 213Dean Court
5730.09.1987Division Two (old) Ipswich Town (H)1 - 112Filbert Street
5803.10.1987Division Two (old) Manchester City (A)2 - 415Maine Road
5906.10.1987League Cup 2 leg 2Scunthorpe United (A)2 - 1-Old Showground
6010.10.1987Division Two (old) Barnsley (H)0 - 015Filbert Street
6117.10.1987Division Two (old) Sheffield United (A)1 - 217Bramall Lane
6221.10.1987Division Two (old) West Bromwich Albion (H)3 - 014Filbert Street
6324.10.1987Division Two (old) Hull City (A)2 - 214Boothferry Park
6428.10.1987League Cup 3Oxford United (A)0 - 0-Manor Ground
6531.10.1987Division Two (old) Blackburn Rovers (H)1 - 217Filbert Street
6604.11.1987League Cup 3 repOxford United (H)2 - 3-Filbert Street
6707.11.1987Division Two (old) Swindon Town (H)3 - 215Filbert Street
6810.11.1987Members Cup 1Huddersfield Town (H)1 - 0-Filbert Street
6914.11.1987Division Two (old) Birmingham City (A)2 - 215St Andrew's
7021.11.1987Division Two (old) Bradford City (H)0 - 215Filbert Street
7128.11.1987Division Two (old) Huddersfield Town (A)0 - 116Leeds Road
7201.12.1987Members Cup 2Charlton Athletic (A)2 - 1-The Valley
7305.12.1987Division Two (old) Middlesbrough (H)0 - 016Filbert Street

Bryan Hamilton transfers in

Player Club Fee Date
Steve Walsh Wigan Athletic £100,000 24.06.1986
Steve Moran Southampton £300,000 September 1986
Mich D'Avray Ipswich Town On loan February 1987
John Buckley Leeds United On loan March 1987
Martin Russell Manchester United £25,000 March 1987
Alan Smith Arsenal On loan 27.03.1987
Robbie James Queens Park Rangers Unknown June 1987
Nick Cusack Alvechurch Unknown 18.06.1987
Paul Cooper Ipswich Town Free July 1987
Gary Ford York City £25,000 19.07.1987
Jari Rantanen IFK Göteborg £50,000 August 1987
Mike Newell Luton Town £350,000 16.09.1987
Dave Langan Oxford United On loan October 1987
Kevin MacDonald Liverpool On loan December 1987
Kjetil Osvold Nottingham Forest On loan December 1987

Bryan Hamilton bought 15 players for £850,000

Bryan Hamilton transfers out

Player Club Fee Date
Tommy Williams Birmingham City Unknown July 1986
Ian Banks Huddersfield Town Unknown September 1986
Bobby Smith Hibernian Free October 1986
Steve Lynex Birmingham City On loan October 1986
Jerry Roberts Luton Town Free October 1986
Bob Hazell Reading Free November 1986
Mark Bright Crystal Palace £75,000 13.11.1986
Tony Sealy Bournemouth On loan February 1987
Robert Kelly Wolverhampton Wanderers £30,000 February 1987
Steve Lynex West Bromwich Albion Unknown March 1987
Paul Bunce Northampton Town Unknown March 1987
Alan Smith Arsenal £800,000 26.03.1987
Tony Sealy Sporting CP Unknown July 1987
Andy Feeley Brentford Free July 1987
John O'Neill Queens Park Rangers £150,000 July 1987
Ian Wilson Everton £300,000 September 1987
Carl Muggleton Chesterfield On loan 10.09.1987
Robert Alleyne Wrexham On loan October 1987
Steve Moran Reading £200,000 November 1987

Bryan Hamilton sold 19 players for £1,555,000
Manager 11 of 37 ordered a-z

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