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  1. Do you still have them? I would use them if you do. Thanks.
  2. They're away it should be for Sheff utd and Man utd.
  3. We're waiting for you! We're waiting for you.
  4. Is he gone yet? Missed a big chance with Warnock.
  5. Vardy's finished the only way to save him is to get rid of this excuse of a manager.
  6. Evans mom wow, is this the same Evans who stood and watched Justin try to stop their player and gave the penalty away, just wow.
  7. Didn't you see his kick to touch? A simple throw, dreadful.
  8. Just done mine, was a bit of a faff but worked in the end.
  9. Was he bollocks, he was marking space.
  10. Who was suppose to be marking Dawson? Oh yea forgot we mark fresh air How many goals has space scored this season?
  11. So you agree the coaches were crap.
  12. No I'd have used my brain and subbed Choudhury and nacho together not a few minutes apart.
  13. Dreadful management 18 minutes between 3 individual subs, 6 between the last 2, imagine being able to bring wes and/or bennet on after chilwells goal,
  14. Andy is our King Who was it said that?
  15. Yes problems logging in from yesterday, leave it for a while I think they'll sort it.
  16. The process can take anything up to July 30 for the money to hit your bank Ticket office on the ball...…………...NOT
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