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  1. Permafrost

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Well, clearly I'm still going. So if any Leuven locals wanna meet for a beer I'll be in De Metafoor and The Fiere Margriet. I'll be the one dressed as an ostrich.
  2. Permafrost

    The OH Leuven Thread

    FFS. Right that's it. The Fiere Margriet's getting trashed!
  3. Permafrost

    The OH Leuven Thread

    You're joking!? I've had this trip planned for months!
  4. Permafrost

    New training ground approved

    Still are. Bigger arguably!
  5. Permafrost

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Great stuff. I'm there this Saturday. I better curb my drinking pre-match!
  6. Permafrost

    The OH Leuven Thread

    I'm coming over this weekend Lizhang, for the Lommel game, so I'll perhaps maybe see for myself what a shambles things are. I'd like to be as close to the dugout as possible. "FOAD" shouting distance at least. Which side is the dugout (yellow or blue blocks?)
  7. Permafrost

    The OH Leuven Thread

    I'll sort him out when I'm over there
  8. Permafrost

    Child ticket

    Is it for the family stand, and for the same match (Huddersfield)? If so, it'll probably be that the adult/child ratio has been exceeded.
  9. Permafrost

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Not sure if NFP will still be there, but I’m making the trip over for the OHL v Lommel match on 13th October. Any tips on buying tickets, where to sit etc… (I’ve already done the important research… pubs!)
  10. They're both fine. But my experience is that Clark's tend to get you there earlier for, well, whatever you want to do pre-match And always a few quid cheaper.
  11. Garry Parker David Nugent Top blokes on and off the pitch.
  12. Yeah, you can't do that online now. But occasionally, if you get a helpful soul, it can be done in person at the ticket office.
  13. Fox Travel coaches will depart King Power Stadium at 4:45pm. Travel will be priced at £18 per person. Ausden Clark is £10, leaving at 4.15pm (from Counting House)
  14. Permafrost

    Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    Highly recommend Paddy_D as a buyer. Great communication and an easy meet-up to exchange. Cheers.