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  1. Is that a definite? Be handy if so. I thought it would be a free for all on the return leg.
  2. Before the Queue-It page kicked in you could see the stadium plan with the seats (and eventually blocks) disappearing. Using that method that has been posted on here before. Disgusting.
  3. Three of the 'dearer' blocks already sold out.
  4. There wont be a chance to sell on if photo ID is needed... which looks likely.
  5. How did they break the covid-protocol? I mean, what did they do?
  6. Misspelled it? You came up with an entirely new one! Posting an analysis of players' statistics, then getting the name of one of the players wrong I found funny.
  7. Assuming you mean Mount, he was never a Derby player... he was a Chelsea player.
  8. Leuven is a lovely town. I've been three times, never as part of a club trip, just on my own. Enjoyed it every time. Great pubs, friendly people and if you get in the right place behind the goal the atmosphere at the games is decent. I'm in Antwerp in March and the fixture list has thrown up 'away to Mechelen' while I'm there. If fans are back in grounds by then, hopefully, somehow, I can get a ticket. I think that's something our club could do actually,,. make it easy to buy tickets for OHL games. (Obviously not a possibility in the current situation). The OHL t
  9. Please note ticket sales for this fixture have been postponed until further notice.
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