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  1. Debut against Brentford this weekend - he can nobble 'em for us!
  2. This, but Fuchs for Benko (Need a snood emoji)
  3. What will this go down as on the 'Away Tickets Sell Outs' thread? 350+ or 370+
  4. Really surprised to see there's still 50 tickets available. I thought they'd all be snapped up by about 9.15am. I could've had a lie in!
  5. "Oh yes, yes, for the youngster!"
  6. The week before the Villa away league game, I read that in the first 30 mins our GF/GA was 5/6, and in the 60 mins thereafter, 30/3. That was few weeks ago though. And I didn't check it out tbf.
  7. Hamza has been more attacking recently. He pushes on to support JM and HB. So not really as defensive as it seems. Tielemans needs a rest (or just plain dropping ). Subs: Gray, Praet, Albrighton, Justin, Chilly/Fuchs, Ian Guaranteed 2-0 win with this approach.
  8. Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell/Fuchs Mendy Choudhury Perez Maddison Barnes Vardy Brendan, this is it mate. Take heed .
  9. I don't know how to replace the image in my previous post, so I'm having to do a new one here... apologies for the overkill, but there's definitely something amiss. There is also a huge chunk of the standing allocation greyed out too which in total means there is actually only 1,181 tickets available as of now. Here's the 'new' breakdown...
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