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  1. red5

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Can he play left back?
  2. Isn't that why we're going?
  3. red5


    The same Evans that West Brom never sold last season? The same Evans that Man City and Arsenal allegedly tried to buy in the last 12 months? The same Evans that was shit against Notts County? The same Evans that sold for £3.5m to little old Leicester?
  4. I just tried and it works fine, maybe it's the computer/phone you're using.
  5. The fuk excuses people come out with.
  6. That don't look right, 5x50 for st, 4x25(max) games as none yet for this season,=350 I think it does include the 13/14 championship season.
  7. red5

    Huddersfield (h) Saturday 22 September

    Why, do you want to buy some Huddersfield tickets?
  8. The girl is lying but it's ok it's just the modern way to be apparently.
  9. I don't think I know. And don't tell me what to do.
  10. Really? So it doesn't matter that the ticket office blatantly lie. The ticket office messed up and will lie and cheat not to admit it.
  11. Obviously it was, our ticket office never cock it up.
  12. red5

    Anyone going Lille !

    Yes No
  13. All £60 from what I can see, adult, senior and under 22 £60.
  14. Didn't see it, ring them up.