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  1. red5

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Ran out of ink.
  2. red5

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    Well done? And who's Kloop?
  3. red5

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    Can he play left back?
  4. A hard drive is not a motherboard though.
  5. Expectation=relegated Wish=Poohell sacked.
  6. The oem licence died with the mobo as you state, there are ways around it as you seem to know but if you want "legit" then you have to pay.
  7. Please can we sell him to spurs.
  8. red5

    25 Man Squad

    Personally I don't find any bloke pretty.
  9. red5

    25 Man Squad

    Pooel out!
  10. red5

    The King's reign seems over.

    Lets not forget what the great man himself once said. "Andy is our King"
  11. overpriced, can't see many going.
  12. red5

    England at KP Tickets

    Same here.
  13. Funny how? So if the people who want to sit get row z you and every other supporter in front will sit? Gees the brains of some people.
  14. Gees you still don't get it! It doesn't matter how many oaps go and stop trying to blame them, it's the fact they don't sell out so it's the sold called standers and singers that don't go and make us look bad.