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  1. A bloody Flag Who goes to these meetings where they decide what to give away?
  2. I think he'll be after Birch's job.
  3. Is this the same place? The Orielles Friday 28 February 2020, 6:30pm - 10pm The Waterfront Tickets tickets are subject to 10% booking fee £12.50 (General)
  4. It's daylight between the torso, gees
  5. Explain how it doesn't solve it and the same problems, we don't have to wait for the lines to see if a big toe is offside, if you see daylight between the striker/defender it's offside, if you don't it's onside.
  6. You either see daylight or you don't, best way for me who cares if it gives the striker an advantage, we get to see more goals.
  7. So it'll be 8k on the east stand taking it to 40k, no way will the north or south be done.
  8. Can someone confirm that the north and south sides can be extended, I've always understood since the stadium was built that only the east side can be extended and by 8,000.
  9. So what's the update then? Ha posted at same time.
  10. Ok I'm old but what do them hand gestures mean?
  11. Not as if they weren't warned, beginning of the week they said 80mph winds at the weekend especially in the south. Not that they'll be bothered it's another free night if they can't get back today.
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