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  1. But everyone knows Coutinho likes to cross the ball and never goes in and curls the ball in the top corner with his right boot.
  2. Nope the away points roll over plus 50 for this year, so whatever you had last year plus 50 plus away cup games count.
  3. Yes but I'd still blame Wellens
  4. Basically the ticket office is shit.
  5. Leicester technical problems with the website? That's a first
  6. Don't worry they'll have it sorted by May
  7. Try this
  8. So I have to retract that "No" reply, it seems you can even though it states on the brochure under no circumstances can you transfer a season ticket to another person, It seems certain people who know certain people can indeed transfer a season ticket
  9. You won't get any points because it's not started yet, you lose £21.50, LCFC gain £21.50
  10. That's strange because they stopped it today
  11. Yes official statement is "piss off you're not getting your 10% off anymore so suck it up losers"
  12. Is it on sky? And what time
  13. When lcfc say so.