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  1. Leeds Cup Game

    We're shit, didn't you know?
  2. Got mine about a week ago also.
  3. A year ago this Wednesday...............,

    That famous song, "on Thursday night"
  4. I'm sure wes makes up his 2" shortfall elsewhere.
  5. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Before February.
  6. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    So to recap the incompetents who messed it up first time are certain to mess it up again so are keeping quiet about it.
  7. So he keeps his points and stops others going above him.
  8. Slim and Albright got 5 and Mahrez got 4, simples.
  9. Who should play in midfield with Ndidi?

    I thought this was a joke thread, why has it gone serious?
  10. Who should play in midfield with Ndidi?

    The best we've got, Mendy.
  11. On Saturday.

    It should be 14 seconds before we score the first goal.
  12. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    go to reserved tickets and you can select yours and friend/family.
  13. Set pieces

    Yes shakey did a great job teaching the players to point at Rashford
  14. Should I get rid of this?

    And paid Don't get it damaged in the post, if you want to bring to a match that's fine, but I don't want to take it in the ground.