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  1. Yes but it could have been in a 40k seater stadium.
  2. Well he did punch it in his own goal, dreadful really.
  3. Why rush? Top wanted this done 10 years ago and still nothing, jesus wept we should be looking at knocking it down and building a new one by now. Someone needs to put their hand in their pocket and start spending.
  4. I don't know but a simple guess is, 300 is just for having a season ticket with no aways, 301 is a season ticket with the trip to wembley for the charity shield, so 302 is at least 1 away on top.
  5. I think you need to look again as it is a direct link to everyone paying for the 450 coach tickets.
  6. That's how I see it, What a great club we are, Best in the world.
  7. When you get the ticket email click the print button.
  8. At least he had a choice
  9. All day Thursday and Friday available.
  10. It's bitterness mate>
  11. National express own woods and others so I expect they'll be the coaches.
  12. How many frigging coaches will be going?
  13. Access to any Leicester City ticket allocation will be determined by our Away Priority Points system – consistent with the Club’s standard practice for away fixtures where demand outweighs supply.
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