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  1. Ausden Clark are going to a pub first Don't know what fox travel are doing but it's 1and half hours journey
  2. No tickets are held for scheme members, so the cynical man would be correct.
  3. How the hell do you make chilwell the best defender? He was by far the worst.
  4. He could have a point bring on 25yo preat for 22yo ndidi to give youth a chance.
  5. But how long can the bluff continue until he has to admit it's because Fuchs is better.
  6. Fox travel departs at 12.30pm Is it doing a tour of London on the way?
  7. I've never liked var, think it's ruined the game but then it was the highlight of todays game, just shows ow crap our game was.
  8. And all the other costs associated to going away games.
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