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  1. red5

    Applaud Mahrez.

    Best left back at the club.
  2. red5

    Applaud Mahrez.

    Bit harsh, one leg would do.
  3. I don't spill any of my beer.
  4. red5

    Applaud Mahrez.

    Clap the reject? Boo him from start to finish.
  5. red5

    2 tickets Newport away please

    Newport are in control, not us. So Newport released selling details and prices 24hrs ago, Leicester! Dear oh dear. Who's the second division team here.
  6. red5

    Chrystal Palace tickets

    We should have a forum dedicated to tickets.
  7. red5

    Helicopter crash

    I've always known duplex bearings as ball bearings not roller, also they are usually 1 unit so it doesn't matter which way round they are fitted, where have you seen the information on this?
  8. red5

    Up next.. SPURS (H).

    Fixed it for you.
  9. red5


    Rather keep King and get rid of poohell.
  10. red5

    How Was Your Day?

  11. red5

    Arm in Arm on Saturday

    I see no reason why they wouldn't stick to it or understand why anyone would think any different.
  12. red5

    RIP Vichai banner crowdfunding for Cardiff

    All covered by a big flag?
  13. red5

    RIP Vichai banner crowdfunding for Cardiff

    Isn't this going to clash with ufs's scarves up for Vichai.
  14. red5

    Free ticket for the West Ham game

    Poor Dave can't go now the op has gone back on his word.