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  1. This has been ongoing for 11 years and we haven't even got a shed built yet, don't hold your breath.
  2. Maddison good enough for England! He's having a laugh.
  3. I think the time has come to change the thread title. Stadium Expansion (lack of) Progress!
  4. Maddison and Perez were dreadful What we need is a new training ground to teach some players how to kick the ball.
  5. Well Top said let's get it done so could be anytime now, that was in 2011 mind.
  6. It'll be on my fire stick
  7. Yes best news all year, that lad that came in for the last games was far better anyway so 50mill and a free better player.
  8. Any update? No reply here or to my pm, cheers.
  9. We'll only have to win 3-0, easy.
  10. Great half-time sub and team talk.
  11. I've got 2 I won't be using, £30 each.
  12. So we have the best results of the year without them and you want them back in the team?
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