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  1. 1 goal and 1 assist in the league this month. Again, cup and European games don’t count. I can only think maybe Shaw or Stones that could push him for it
  2. He’s a shoe in for POTM surely? I know that the FA Cup doesn’t count, but 5 goals in 3 games in the league, no one has better do they?
  3. Big Daddy is stand out for me. That Tielemans plane journey is up there with “My friend’s the ref” in FT folklore
  4. A lot of it is going to be he said she said; but I have no reason to believe that Harry has any reason to lie. He’s clearly traumatised about what happened to his mother, and as he says, doesn’t want history to repeat itself.
  5. Not football related per say, but just saw him upload this to his Instagram. For all the stick he gets, this shows a completely otherwise to him and shows how much he loved Sophie. Almost got me going! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKMdnbSFBEP/?igshid=rs2hgsg862y2
  6. Looking through the comments on his Instagram post and you can see all the players he’s played with wishing him luck, shows how loved he is amongst his professionals. Glad he’s found a club and hopefully works out for him!
  7. Worst thing about that Palace game was being stuck on the coach back for like 6 hours because of an oil spill on the motorway!
  8. You know it’s freezing there when Big Wes has to wear a thermal 😄
  9. Fulham to score a penalty tomorrow nailed on
  10. Maybe they should swap it with their family stand...
  11. Ricardo - Fofana - Evans - Cags - Castagne Thinking about that gives me an absolute raging hard on
  12. I think a big part of that is the mental side. Dropping out of CL places last season would have crushed them and personally I think mentally they’ve upped a gear.
  13. Brilliant again today I thought, albeit some dodgy passes when he switched on the left. Completely nullified Traore when he came on as well. Come on leaps and bounds this season, pleased for him!
  14. Just want to give some love to Luke Thomas, he’s going to be one hell of a player!
  15. You think the Twitter is good, the TikTok (I know, baiting myself out) has some brilliant ones on there! https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSXWoJJq/
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