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  1. Daniel Amartey came from Scandanavia.
  2. Problem is they have a ballot, say a father and son both want a ticket they go into the draw and the son gets a ticket who is say 11 years old and the father doesn't get a ticket. Does the dad let his son go on his own and how does he get their because he won't be able to go on the official Foxes travel because they don't let you on without an adult. I can see a lot of people getting pissed off with the whole scenario.
  3. Be interesting to see how the club will be selling away tickets this year especially those that are popular and usually sell out. 2% of away tickets will also be kept back for fans that join the membership scheme for the coming season. So could some season ticket holders miss out.
  4. Be interesting to see the outcome in a few days time. Are we operating under different management with Rudkin and Whelan on the board of the Belgian team. UEFA’s rules prevent multiple teams from the same ownership from playing in the Champions League, but Leipzig and Salzburg presented a unique wrinkle for UEFA. Both teams are owned by the Red Bull conglomerate, despite operating under different management and in separate leagues. After looking into the issue, UEFA’s concerns look to have been met, and both clubs will be allowed to compete in UCL for 2017/18. A UEFA statement read: “Following a thorough investigation, and further to several important governance and structural changes made by the clubs (regarding corporate matters, financing, personnel, sponsorship arrangements, etc.), the CFCB deemed that no individual or legal entity had anymore a decisive influence over more than one club participating in a UEFA club competition.” As champions, Red Bull Salzburg would have taken priority over second-placed Leipzig. With the ruling, the Austrian club will enter next year’s Champions League at the second qualifying round, while Leipzig will enter in the group stage. It’s not technically done and dusted yet, as UEFA have said they will “continue to monitor both clubs.” In addition, the decision can still be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport within 10 days.
  5. Hope everyone realises that when we both qualify for the Champions League in 2 seasons time, I think only one of us can play in it because we are both sponsored by King Power.
  6. If we don't get him we can always get Molla Wague back on loan.
  7. Just watched him playing for Poland U-21's and he was substituted early in the 2nd half and he looked well off the pace. As he was going off the commentator mentioned that Cologne were interested in him.
  8. If it's like last season their were a lot of empty seats in the Arsenal end when we played them. So can't see a problem getting tickets in their end.
  9. Last time we went there got 6 tickets in the home end after registering on their site with a Huddersfield address hope to do the same this time.
  10. Why would Everton want him seems like they are beginning to try to sign the whole of Milan.
  11. Dig one of the old songs for the last game of the season. One fine day in the month of May. We'll be walking down Wembley Way With our royal blue scarfs in the air... To see the City play To hell with Liverpool To hell with Man City. We'll fight fight fight for Leicester til we win the football league. Think that's how it went sure some of the older fans will correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. When the new away shirt comes out the manager will be in the photo shoot modelling it.
  13. Reading between the lines I think Morgan maybe trying to get himself a pay rise.
  14. Got mine about 3 weeks ago.
  15. If he is that desperate to go why should we reduce the asking price, why doesn't he reduce his wage demands.