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  1. Leeds remind me of Newcastle a few years back, with the attitude of if you score 6 we will score 7.
  2. Are they allowed to say this on 5live commentary 'Koch sliding in'
  3. So looking at this looks like you need to spend big to achieve success I mean look at the teams in 2nd, 3rd 4th & 5th, money well spent there.
  4. Foxes1

    Said Benrahma

    Come on Palace get it done so Congers / Rudkin can get Townsend in
  5. People keep saying we have 85 million from the Maguire transfer we haven't Hull had a slice of that we seem to forget that
  6. Didnt Gary Taylor-Fletcher play for them a couple of seasons ago and he wasn't U21 and I am talking about age there not weight.
  7. Come on Caglar have a word or even 2.
  8. Foxes1

    David Brooks

    Because the reporters at the Leicester Mercury are crap and don't do their job. Bring back Bill Anderson
  9. Remember it well it pissed it down all day and the roof of the terracing leaked as well, like you say the good old days.
  10. Comment of the day so far You've got to be top top level to get in this Leicester team now
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