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  1. Probably thought they would get away with it like Peter Soulsby did.
  2. Just had a phone conversation with my 3 year old grandson and the question he asked was "Why did the Leicester players keep passing to the other team" think he hit the nail on the head with that comment get him in as manager.
  3. I was told Hamza wasn't at the party, but went for a haircut
  4. Same tactics as Arsenal away and we all know how that ended up
  5. Suengchitthawon will be interesting to hear Carragher pronouncing his name.
  6. Manager of the month curse strikes again, let's hope player of the month curse doesn't happen later today.
  7. Was lucky enough to see him play, absolutely skilful player Liverpool's loss in not signing him was our gain. RIP
  8. When we bought him wasn't there was talk of Man C putting a buy back clause into the contract, if so does it still stand we may get 100 million for him of them.
  9. Hopefully some of those hoping to get top 4 keep winning in Europe and may tire themselves out, we now have a clear weeks rest between games which may help.
  10. And I thought some of our fans moaned RAWK match thread is a right laugh. Half time: Liverpool 0-1 Fulham (redandwhitekop.com)
  11. Remember our game v A Madrid à few years ago when Gary Parker took a free kick to early and got sent off
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