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  1. Now he has scored 2 goals in the Turkish league he most likely has a better scoring record over there than Slimani.
  2. Yes I was there absolutely brilliant night got drenched but who cares
  3. No difference whatsoever remember when we played away in Madrid on the Wednesday we had a Sunday game at Everton which didn't get changed but then again we are little old Leicester
  4. Sky always take the piss they are only interested in armchair fans, they couldn't care less about fans who go to the games especially as transport etc. needs sorting out
  5. Question on tipping point today 'Which manager became well known for the quote 'dilly-ding, dilly-dong' in the 2015/16 season. One didn't know the other said Jose Mourinho.
  6. Think Keith Vaz is having 2 elephants delivered to the ground
  7. Foxes1


    Listening to Radio Leicester on the way home from the match on Friday, someone suggested we go for Andy Carroll of West Ham.
  8. Just under 800 left with all blocks now open
  9. Fuchs didn't look so good at defending in the F A Cup game at Newport when he was beaten for pace by their right winger
  10. 970 tickets left on sale now with one block in the upper tier to open.
  11. Or as we sang at Arsenal 'Champions of England more recent than you'
  12. One of the top 50 Premier League goal scorers of all time How many can you remember https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47840333 Notice there are 9 past / present Leicester players on the list (Inc any we had on loan)
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