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  1. Apparently Chelsea asked for Maddison to be left out as they will be signing him in the summer, the Chilwell speculation was just a smkescreen
  2. If we do have a split in the dressing room the same 4 or 5 players that got Ranieri, Shakey and Puel the sack will once again get Rodgers the sack. We can't keep changing managers every 12/ 18 months or even less because of them
  3. Problem is we should have freshened the team up in the January transfer window all we bought in was a central defender who couldn't get in the Wolves team and hasn't played for us yet. We were warned that Lee Congerton wasn't very good by both Celtic & Sunderland fans and at the minute as head of recruitment he doesn't seem to be doing much here.
  4. Does anybody know if you can you pick them up from the ground before the game tonight.
  5. Certain defeat Lawro's predicted us to win 2-0
  6. But then again he is over 70 so should be shielding.
  7. Imagine what Wayne Brown would say if he was still at the club
  8. After the rousing speech that Joshua did at the weekend I hope that Tyson Fury knocks six bells out of him.
  9. Foxestalk is a fan site for supporters of which Premier league club
  10. Foxestalk was one of the questions and the Vixen got it right typical
  11. Good job those that went to Burnley away this season were given snoods we could always wear them
  12. Instead we will have some of the younger ones filming themselves in the concourse throwing beer around and bragging to their mates on social media whoooo look at me
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