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  1. The oracle has spoken Maddison, Mount & Winks need to start performimg for their clubs. Although Maddison has for the last 12 months and Mount is playing for Chelsea instead of Barkley https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7449649/Jordan-Henderson-Declan-Rice-Ross-Barkley-way-ahead-rest.html
  2. 8 goals at St Mary's in one game, more than they have seen there this calendar year
  3. Just checked (5 oclock) and there were 422 left.
  4. Will have to wear mine when we visit Russia next year.
  5. Brendan deserves it for getting 80 million for Maguire
  6. Have a look on redcafe there are more fans predicting a Leicester win than a home win.
  7. I watched that thought he had a decent game. Gareth Bale though what a star scored 2 and got sent off
  8. Nice draw quite easy to get to and from by train as well on a weekday
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