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  1. Harry Kane claims Abrahams goal as he replaced him in the 2nd half
  2. They had to get Man U in somewhere they haven't done much more in the last 10 years of note.
  3. Southgate still won't pick Maddison
  4. 260 Tickets left in the lower tier upper tiers not open yet, I am waiting for the upper tiers to open like a lot of others.
  5. He also lost a week of his career by being a mardy arse and sitting in a lounge at an airport one transfer window.
  6. Same as 2016 but look at what happened then.
  7. Manager of Maldon & Tiptree ex City player Wayne Brown
  8. Ryan Loft on for Carlisle gets booked for a foul 2 minutes after coming on
  9. Looks like no direct trains to London from Leicester on 28th December which could affect match ticket sales.
  10. Another player we can thank Claude Puel for getting him in on loan.
  11. Knowing our ticket office we will probably take a reduced allocation again.
  12. So was Luton and we know what happened there. Even Kelechi scored.
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