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  1. Brentford another new ground to tick off. Oh wait.
  2. We are on virgin Media its on Channel 991
  3. Look out lads F****t are trying to catch us up. Nottingham Forest plans new academy building to attract best young players to the club - Nottinghamshire Live (nottinghampost.com)
  4. It was in a Man Utd home programme when they used to have a fan of the week article I think he used to be an accountant might have a copy of the programme will have to have a look.
  5. Remember the last time we played Red Star I went to Vienna they are absolute nutcases and the announcer at the ground warned the Leicester fans in the ground that there would be sanctions against the club if we didn't go back to our seats.
  6. I'm sure Mr Rudkin will have got all the options / right paperwork in place. In Jon we trust.
  7. Probably cost just a bit more than having Taylor-Fletcher on your shirt, but at least you can get his name on a 4XL shirt which is what GTF would wear
  8. Be interesting if Rangers get through and we get them Celtic fans might even want Brendan to win a game
  9. We never got out of reverse that's why we lost to Fulham
  10. Welcome to Leicester little Wes, the new Ben Chilwell lets get on his back until he leaves.
  11. Could it be a language problem with him, can he speak English. Also let's not forget he has been thrown in at the deep end, remember when we bought Cags he had to wait for his opportunity and had time to bed into the club Fofana hasn't. With Fofana he hasn't had a proper pre-season
  12. One of the gang of four as they were called
  13. Bet he wouldn't swear and tell Marcin Wasileski what to do, if he was playing in front of him
  14. Bring on Celtic next round. Oh wait
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