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  1. Harry Kane after we had him on loan
  2. They can afford to get the old granny shagger Rooney though
  3. But Eddie Howe has taken a pay cut to help the club out so it's not all that bad at Bournemouth. I think a lot of players are hiding behind that creep Taylor and the PFA.
  4. Apparently been linked with a summer move for Olaf Pirlo.
  5. Foxes1

    Corona Virus

    Hope all those panic buying items these last few weeks remember to buy some condoms so they don't produce anymore idiots.
  6. Not yet ordered same day as Chelsea ticket that arrived but not Arsenal one
  7. Good old Wes our captain fantastic but who the f**k was the brown dirt cowboy
  8. Thought this may affect Villa players as well, but then realised that it shouldn't as the Villa players were nowhere near any Leicester players on Monday night.
  9. It won't be postponed because its on TV and we all know they don't give a shit about anything but themselves
  10. Foxes1

    Corona Virus

    ASDA have run out of laxatives, apparently people panic buying loo rolls need to use them up
  11. Win, lose or draw will be interesting to see who the scapegoat will be on foxestalk after the game now it looks like Chilwell is out.
  12. So can we expect to see an increase in volume of noise at away games now with the possibility of over 70's being discouraged to not go to games and the so called younger section of our support going instead. I doubt it.
  13. Looks like we are going all out for the F A Cup and given up on a top four place. LOL.
  14. Had more shots on target in the first half than anyone else.
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