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  1. I have one spare ref for this it is for a seniors ticket (Over 60 for this game) priority one.
  2. Foxes1


    Well remember that era and when Megson was here and some other dross we have watched down the years
  3. Foxes1


    Even the LM has this as news now, yet again FT beat them to it
  4. Foxes1


    looks like it may be early no excuse for Rudkin this time to be 14 secs late.
  5. Nor the Chelsea v Leicester one either
  6. Foxes1


    His mum dad uncle auntie nephew grandma grandad and 65 cousins.
  7. Or go and sit at an airport or go and say he is ill with depression like a certain other player
  8. Rudkin has more sense than to sell players right at the end of the transfer window.
  9. Or a link to Foxes Talk as that's where the Merc gets all it's stories from.
  10. If we go for anyone at Newcastle it should be Lascelles especially if Maguire goes to Man City
  11. If he goes Newcastle will struggle next season and be lucky to survive
  12. Ndidi got voted MOTM in their game yesterday, hope Ole doesn't see that or he will be after him as well. OH WAIT.
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