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  1. Wasn't he the one buying a house in Oadby or was that Dion Dublin.
  2. Remember Frank Sinclair missing one of our league Cup finals turning up late for a team meeting so was disciplined by Martin O'Neil and dropped from the team
  3. Still 36 tickets available on the website 34 standing 2 seat tickets.
  4. Not like the old days before computers remember queueing through the night for F A Cup tickets for a game at Rotherham. There was even a fire built to keep fans warm
  5. The only thing Villa give away for free is players ie Marc Albrighton.
  6. Contract until 2021, signed a 4 year deal in 2017.
  7. I was speaking to someone who regularly travels with the supporters club and if you haven't got enough points they will not release a ticket to you, I think they only get tickets for those who travel on the coach.
  8. You're right away goals don't count double anymore
  9. 15 seats left in these blocks now still 2 blocks to open.
  10. The away end was behind the goal remember it well, was a good day out and typical old style ground soon to be gone.
  11. If they are playing too many games this season over a short period of time, wait until 2022 with the world Cup in Qatar when it's played from the end of November until just before Christmas. There will be a hell of a lot of games to fit in, season will probably start earlier and finish later
  12. If true that will please a lot on here with Chilwell not travelling.
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