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  1. Not that anyone’s cares but Snodgrass has left West Ham to go to West Brom.
  2. Not to mention losing Jota too. Wolves are still a very very good team
  3. If we’re still in it, we can win it. 😬
  4. Anything over 37.8 degrees
  5. Tielemans ran the show. You could see how much more class we had than them today, great performance. if you had to pick which would you rather win, FA Cup or Europa League?
  6. This is like one of those maths exam questions. Please show your workings out.
  7. How are they stupid enough to put a photo online as evidence.
  8. Wolves need a new target man dont they...
  9. I agree, Perez frustrates when I watch him as he’s so lightweight. He’s a good player but if he could bulk up some more he would be even better.
  10. Leicester winger Demarai Gray, 24, whose contract expires at the end of the season, is wanted on a free transfer by Roma and Benfica. (Sun)
  11. He’s been playing really well this season, surly will cost more than 2 mil to take him.
  12. This season anyone can get a good result against anyone unless you’re Sheffield United.
  13. Can you imagine the scenes if they got relegated 😂
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