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  1. I don't think decisions can ever be made in relation to other decisions wrongly or rightly. It's not possible, or necessarily relevant. The Evans decision was correct, and can only be judged in isolation.
  2. When reviewed it was clearly a trip, and it was missed initially by the ref. Therefore clear and obvious error. Whether or not Evans could have cleared is irrelevant, a foul is a foul. VAR was spot on.
  3. I remember playing them at the old Baseball Ground in the FA Cup. What a shit show 😄
  4. Kenilworth Road is a magnificent place to play. Lucky draw. Everybody should happy with this.
  5. Not a bad plyer, but I think we should move on. Not the only talent out there. .
  6. He hid all by himself on Saturday at West Ham.
  7. The only way that could have been better is if the winner had been off Wes's bum.
  8. Would have been a decent point that.
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