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  1. Yep, 100%. I'm not gonna let anything get in the way. It's our first FA cup final of my life... I need someone to share it with!
  2. This is great for me, I can just hop on the HS1 at Ashford and be there in half an hour. Nice one!
  3. I'm in Sussex and nowhere here will be showing it, so I'm planning to travel to London to be somewhere with some atmosphere! I would appreciate it so much if I can tag along with someone to make a group of 6. I lived in London 10 years ago so a lot's changed, but I've done some searching for pubs with outdoor screens and bookable tables and those that stand out are: the Rye in Peckham (massive garden, but not sure if you can see the screen from much of it), the Lion and the Unicorn in Kentish Town, the Narrowboat in Islington (both Young's pubs so probably fine), and the Fugitive
  4. Chris Kirkland Christopher Samba Christopher Schindler Chris Smalling Christian Fuchs Chris Gunter Christian Atsu Christian Eriksen Chris Brunt Chris Wood Christian Benteke Manager: Chris Coleman I've typed the word "Chris" so many times it doesn't even look like letters anymore..
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