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  1. Brizzle Fox

    Josh Brownhill

    He's decent. Bit lightweight however and blows very hot and cold. Very attack focussed, can spot a pass and knows where the goal is when on form. To be honest I think he could play in the prem, however I don't think he is ready for a team with top 8 aspirations.
  2. Brizzle Fox


    I have a friend who I've been going football with for c25 years who is losing his mind over Puel. This guy has always been totally rational but was beside himself with joy when Soton scored their second. In all seriousness it's quite upsetting as I end up arguing with him but its like he's forgotten the shit we have experienced together over that period. Winning the league was the best thing that ever happened to us but at the same time it has taken all the joy from following the City. Anyway a nice Indian takeaway and a couple of beers will sort me out. To the next game....
  3. Brizzle Fox


    To play devils advocate to a degree, I would suggest all clubs have a fairly high percentage of no nothing freaks, particularly those who post on internet forums (obviously excepting everyone posting in this thread...). Are we any worse though? Maybe post winning the league. It is interesting though living and working outside of Leicester amongst fans of other teams, when I tell them tales of this place. Bewilderment is the usual reaction... But you're 7th! You lost your best player in the summer! You have a really young team and you're trying to blend in a new style of play! Also there is the more general view overlaying this that we're Leicester for God's sake, not one of the big boys and in historical terms are in one of our best ever places as a club. This kind of echos my own views, which doesn't show a lack of ambition or mean there isnt rank disappoint when we lose in the cup to teams like Newport, but also brings a sense of perspective to matters, which seems to be sadly lacking in certain quarters at the moment.
  4. Brizzle Fox


    It is indeed! Would have responded earlier but like a fool I ventured back into the main forum and it's taken me a few hours to recover from the experience.
  5. Brizzle Fox


    I've never been in here before but it looks nice. Can I come in? I have port and cheese...
  6. Brizzle Fox

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Agreed. Got to a point where I thought they might be playing it for laughs but they really weren't. Beautiful
  7. Brizzle Fox

    Everton Post match Thread.

    Hmmm I think the previous poster was being sarcastic. Well I hope so anyway...
  8. Brizzle Fox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Jeez calm down. Not snobby at all and what has Van Dyke got to do with anything, I thought we were talking about Ryan Kent. I unfortunately had the misfortune of witnessing Kent's really poor impression of a footballer for much of the second half of last season and my eyes still hurt from the experience. He's dog shit
  9. Brizzle Fox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    I think that just shows how awful the Scottish Prem is, as Kent was on loan at Bristol City last season and was genuinely awful. Not anywhere the class that we need.
  10. Brizzle Fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    And in other news the pope declares himself Catholic and bears express a preference for defecating in woodland areas. Hey but at least we'll get out country back.....
  11. Brizzle Fox

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 74 seconds  
  12. A faint hope I know but looking for one ticket for Burnley. Thanks
  13. Brizzle Fox

    Problem with the premier league....

    This. Having been at the Emirates on Monday and Ashton Gate last night it's like watching two different sports. Don't get me wrong there are some cracking games and atmospheres in the Champs but these are the exception (well watching Bristol City anyway!). Last night was so boring I ended up counting how many Hull fans had made the trip.....it was 57 by the way.
  14. I think Cardiff Fix may have been joking...well I hope so anyway!