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  1. Shame for Exeter. Travelled up to London with a load of them this morning. Good bunch and having won the rugby yesterday, could have been a ridiculous weekend. Nothing against the Pool fans (and good to see them boycotting) but see the evil Oystons having any success leaves a bitter taste.
  2. It's almost as if the Tories were finding things so easy that they've tried to make the election more interesting. Love them or hate them they've always been a very slick election fighting machine but the ineptness of this campaign for them so far has been, well very Labour (excepting the Campbell years). Either that or they're so arrogant / confident that they'll win that they've got lazy and just decided the electorate is so thick (possibly a sound tactic after the Euro referendum) that they can do / say whatever they want and everyone will blindly stumble into the voting booth and stick their cross against them anyway. So amateurish that even me a life long Tory is thinking that it would make me feel dirty voting for them this time.
  3. I'm with you on this. Of all the centre backs that are being referenced I think he would be the best fit. And cheapest
  4. Suspect he may be pulling your chain referencing an absolutely ridiculous suggestion in another thread that we look to sign Chris Brunt for that sum.
  5. Was at the Bristol vs Brum game today. So close to being Brum. Gutted
  6. No 9. Has played a lot up on his own this season but can play effectively in a 2 as well. Big lad with good feet.
  7. I go most Brizzle home games and he looks like a genuine prospect. Good head on his shoulders, mature beyond his years and a real trier. Could fit in well.
  8. Unless I'm wrong the 6th game would be the World Club Championship so previous poster factually correct.
  9. I can see the logic to this from a pure quality perspective, however from a playing style perspective this could possible be the worst draw we could have had. They are not a team that relies on having large amounts of possession like all of the other teams left in the competition, which could have played into our hands. These guys are basically us, with more experience and more quality. Is going to be very interesting to see how this pans out but can't see many goals.
  10. Perennial lower league manager Gary Johnson recovering well from heart surgery. Rather bizarrely the said surgery carried out by the father of Joe Bryan, who plays for Bristol City which is managed by Lee Johnson, Gary's son, and was of course formerly managed by Gary himself. Weird coincidence time.
  11. Nailed on of they don't get rid of that clown Johnson sharpish
  12. All about keralan cuisine for me. Lots of fish etc and just a lot lighter. However sometimes only a dirty curry will do I must admit!
  13. It was a 9.5 for me bit I'm in that industry so understood a lot of what was going on. Gawd knows how you understand much of it at all if you weren't and would probably then mark as you did from a pure entertainment perspective
  14. That's turning into a really good bet this season. Did similar 10 mins from the end (only got 10/1). Also did for the Burnley game. Winning a shed load betting against city this season so small compensation. Seville by 3 or 4+ on weds next averaged out at around 8/1 a week or so ago. Probably around evens now!
  15. How will we know the difference?