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  1. What's wrong with Stewart? Comes across to me as one of the few sane one nation tory voices left in the party. He has 0 chance of getting the leadership anyway in the present climate.
  2. He does look decent tbf and with Kelly leaving I'd imagine they'll be quite keen on keeping him if possible
  3. That is a bumper crop indeed. The Norwich lads are very impressive and da silva did well at Bris City last season and I know they want to sign him on a perm. How does Justin compare?
  4. Remember he had really bad posture when running... Oh and the last minute equaliser at Villa Park in the famous 4 4 come back game.
  5. Well of course that's the case. Adidas makes kits for 100s of clubs so of course about 90%+ of these will be generic. They're only gonna make bespoke kits for those clubs who will turn them serious coin. Arsenal are a global brand so will. Leicester aren't so won't. It's capitalism innit. The only way we'll get something bespoke is if we make our own kits... Fox Leisure anyone?
  6. I must admit I haven't got much of a scooby as to what's going on but bearing in mind how clunky this series has been, the fact that they gave such emphasis to Arya and that 'random' white horse at the end must be significant in the context of the last episode. Dunno how though.
  7. That's a cracking site tbf. I'm a bit obsessed by sours at the moment and they have some great Belgian examples on there. In the same vein have had a couple of really good examples recently from a couple of the what seems like 100s of local craft ale brands round this neck of the woods, Wild Beer and Left Handed Giant (LHG).
  8. How did that useless thick **** get the job in the first place? Difficult to be the most useless amongst that shower of shite. Mordaunt is fit and Stewart probably my favourite properly principled Tory so definitely a positive.
  9. After seeing them at the weekend I think they have a solid chance to do this if they go up... They won't however but if they did at least we'd also have a guaranteed 6 points from our games against them as per usual.
  10. When you realise it's 25 years since Blur released Park Life..
  11. Haven't heard that saying for years! Fantastic. He's no Andrew Bridgen mind. Now that is an intellectural heavy weight...
  12. My god is she still going? I swear she was doing East Midlands news when I lived in Leicester and I moved away 20 years ago.
  13. Second season of the OA now on Netflix. As reassuringly bonkers as the first season I'm pleased to say
  14. Grew up with Walker's music with my dad being a bit of an obsessive about him. A massively influential figure with a truly great and distinctive voice. RIP
  15. With Alderweireld available for £26m at the end of the season, I'm sure Man United won't be spending £65m on Maguire. Just paper talk.
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