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  1. I naively assumed these would go on general sale today and spent most of the day refreshing thinking there was a problem with the website... A tad frustrating to say the least.
  2. Benkovic starting tonight in a back four against Wayne Rooney's Derby. I'm expecting nothing less than a Baresi type performance....
  3. I'm not sure if he will though as in all honesty defence is not their biggest issue (4 clean sheets on the bounce before last night). Unless they go to a 3 more often or there are injuries / suspensions.
  4. Indeed. And in all fairness OTIB has even more clueless morons posting on it than on here.
  5. Hmmm that was not great, although to be honest he didn't look that comfortable all the time he was on. Is he experienced playing in a 3 at the back as it looked all new to him? However you can tell he knew he ****ed up for the third goal and was angry with himself so hopefully he wakes the **** up next time he plays.
  6. Re the last point that only emphasises my point even further. One of the most average atmospheres in the Bundesliga but still better than pretty much any English game I've been too for ages.
  7. Went to my first Bundesliga game last Friday night. Typically managed to pick probably the only 0 0 this whole season in Hertha Berlin vs Schalke! Standard of football was pretty much lower Champs level (well this game anyway), but the fans were something else. Made me misty eyed for the 80s when I first started going to football in England.
  8. Yes please. This guy has some mad skills. Pure flair.
  9. Champions League is in the bag and has been since before Xmas. At this advanced point in the season we have more than established that every team outside Liverpool is pretty mediocre and painfully inconsistent. No one is capable of putting together a sustained run of the sort that is needed to boot us out of top 4, let alone 2 teams. Win a few, draw a few, lose a few will be the model for us and everyone else as the season winds down. Just relax and start working out who we might draw in the group stages.
  10. The bit I saw of him against Wigan I really liked. I have a season ticket down at the Gate so really looking forward to see him play more regularly. Hopefully will be a good short term move for both clubs.
  11. I think his dad was also an MP up that neck of the woods. He was a thick twat as well if memory serves.
  12. Jarvis Dupont is a parody account from the same people who do Titania McGrath. He ain't real.
  13. Again I think tonight illustrated that we're decent but certainly nowhere near the finished article. We could potentially be entering a new golden period for our club. What we would have given just a few years ago to be in the position, however we must also try and appreciate how fleeting this could be. I think it will tell us a lot as to how the team, the manager and the fans bounce back from this disappointment and build on very solid foundations during the remainder of this season and in the summer. This could still end up a phenomenal season and beyond that who knows. You sometimes only develop having experienced adversity, as we can evidence from relatively recent experience (Watford play off defeat etc), so let's trust that this is what happens. Of course alternatively everything could fall apart and turn to shit but lets try and stay positive!
  14. One of my favs that. Lapse into it from time to time. I get some right funny looks. I was actually at school with a lad called Robert Staines. True story. Oh how we laughed.
  15. And talking of fishing.... Yes she is a Brexit Party MEP.
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