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  1. Getting the gang back together. Rennie there also. It's like going back in time.
  2. Nah its more like the Coutinho thread from last year. I'm sure we just dust off the same threads year after year and reopen them, hoping no one notices the time stamp.
  3. Too true. As soon as anyone starts quoting James Melville you knows it's time to move away from General Chat...
  4. I just think there is a lot of wishful thinking with regard to Brentford as we all admire them as a club, and it's brilliant that they're in the Prem. They were comfortably behind the top 2 last season in the Champs and flattered to deceive when pushing for promotion the previous 2 seasons, but for some reason which I can only put down to romanticism, there seems to be the thought amongst many that they will somehow leapfrog those 2 clubs, as well as at least one other to be safe (as an aside I think all the promoted teams will struggle). In addition its slightly diffe
  5. Brentford will go down for certain. Then perm 2 from about 6 for the other spots. Please make Palace one of those. Pretty please
  6. That is correct. They have planned for him leaving but he'll be bloody difficult to replace.
  7. Drunk is a cracker. Mads Mikkleson is always good value tbh. Incidentally I once had a wee next to him at Heathrow Airport. He was going to Copenhagen. I was going to Zurich. Also had a wee next to Damian Albarn once. Maybe I should start a thread "celebrities I've had a wee next to". Anyway I digress. I think I might have been out in the sun too much. Will check out Falling however.
  8. Always forget the name of that lad we got from Spurs at the same time. Moran maybe. Was also decent
  9. Hear hear. The other two goals in that hat trick but pretty decent as well. Rolls Royce of a player. Pure class.
  10. It's an interesting one this and it would seem that way. Although Gove is probably under the desk feeding him lines as well...
  11. It won't make a scintilla of difference to the popularity of BoJo and this government. They're absolutely fireproof. Their poll ratings will probably go up again tomorrow! The more right leaning press probably won't even have it as a front cover tomorrow... It will all be "phwoar wot a scorcher, Bank Holiday, ice creams, donkey rides etc". Bloody entertaining though. He hates Hancock soooooo much, which is alright by me.
  12. God I love just how much Brooks hates Bryson DeC that even the sound of his really loud spikes piss him off.... Brilliant.
  13. No but he was waving to the crowd and cried a bit so must be leaving...
  14. I think this is spot on. There are a certain subset of people who seem to get an inordinate amount of pleasure, when things don't go well for us (e.g. 'bottling' top 4 again). Although tbf I suspect this is mainly overseas big 6 supporters on Twitter etc. I think genuine supporters have a great deal of admiration for us and cheer us on when we give the big boys a bloody nose. We'll that's from my own experience with people I know who support Bristol City, Norwich etc.
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