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  1. Brizzle Fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    My thoughts exactly. I always think he cones across really well whenever I hear him speak and appears to actually have a brain...Maybe this should go in the unpopular opinions thread instead?
  2. Christ is this still a thing? Every time we lose a game. Mods should close these threads down as soon as they get started. He's going nowhere this season. Log off. Get a life and realise that football should be a distraction from everyday life and no more. Jeez.
  3. Brizzle Fox

    Movies and Actors quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 96 seconds  
  4. Brizzle Fox

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    What happened to him? I vaguely remember him looking the real deal when he burst on the scene.
  5. Maybe Walmart had sold out of crosses to burn and this was the most flammable item he could find?
  6. Brizzle Fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    If you think he's bad you need to read up on Yasmine Dar who got the most votes. She's an absolute beauty.
  7. Brizzle Fox

    Seanfox’s Pop Culture Polava

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 14 seconds  
  8. Brizzle Fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    But surely we've all lost? No one will win at the end of this. Well certainly not the majority of people who voted leave if you look at the prevailing demographics. I was very generous to those very few people who I am acquainted with who voted Leave as I did not want to appear to be preaching about their foolishness from my educated, middle class, metropolitan ivory tower. Also I tried to convince myself that there was obvious data points that I had missed during the campaign which would explain why leaving the EU would be for our betterment and must therefore have formed the basis for the Leave vote. As time has passed however I should really have gone with my initial gut feeling, knowing the individuals, that they were just ****ing idiots. Oh well you live and learn.
  9. Brizzle Fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Oh I see that Moggy was on form again today talking about the Irish border issue. The guy is clueless. Does anyone actually take him serious though? I find it bewildering how much media airtime he gets bearing in mind he is just a backbencher. I suppose he's considered a 'character...
  10. Brizzle Fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Jason Hunter is always worth listening to. The way he skewers that idiot is golden. Heard him on LBC a while back as well schooling James O'Brien. He just has a way of explaining the complexities of international trade in such a simple way. Has offered to debate with Farage on his radio show but funnily enough none of his calls ever get through....
  11. It is truly bizarre. Surely the point of following your team is for the different shared experiences that come with it and the opportunity to win things. If presented with a rare opportunity to experience European football then you should embrace it, savour every moment and pray it lasts as long as possible. This obsession that surviving in the Premier League is the only thing that matters, even if it means watching dire football for years on end is sickening. Rather than being a passion, following your team seems to have become a mere fashion accessory and status symbol for an ever increasing number of 'customers' (not fans). This glory supporting (in loose terms) used to be only linked to the big clubs but now seems to pervade every club that happens to be in the Premier League. God I feel old and out of touch with the game these days....
  12. Brizzle Fox

    James Maddison Confirmed

    I think it is also important to assess his overall character in the round cognisant of the typical 'too much too young' label that gets attached to all young footballers. I would imagine he'll grow out of the things that have been alleged as he gains more maturity and with sound advice off the field. In addition he is already known from his Norwich days as being one of the more socially aware players. Heavily involved with the club's community programmes, giving a lot of time to the fans re autographs / kit etc and even continuing to support youth charities back in Coventry. There is no reason not to think that this isn't something that is an inherent part of his character. It's all to easy to buy into the one dimensional sensationalised media headlines as representing the totality of an individual's character and thereby lambasting that individual on this basis alone without actual facts to support such a view.
  13. Brizzle Fox

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    To be reassured it is not unique to us. Having the (mis)fortune to be a regular attendee at Ashton Gate, we actually have sweepstakes every game amongst the guys I go with as to what minute the away fans will start to chant 'is there a fire drill' and when the first of us will have verbals with someone dwelling on the gangway next to us blocking our view as they slowly leave early.
  14. Brizzle Fox

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    I do find it rather bizarre to be honest. If we're getting hammered fair enough but when the game is in the balance. It's not like there isn't the occasional goal in the last 5 mins / injury time after all..... What really pisses me off however is when people don't have the strength of the convictions and loiter in the gangways on their way out. Either stay in your seat or GTFO. Don't stand looking gormlessly into space blocking my and others' views who actually would quite like to continue watching the game.