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  1. Rhodes. Miller. James. All in one day. All masters in their fields. RIP
  2. In all fairness at least he looked embarrassed and apologised to her afterwards. As someone points out in the tweets in response much more civilised than the yah boo politics that we seem to get in our parliament these days.
  3. First ever away game for me. Also the first time I ever cried after a football game. Crazy to think that we haven't managed to reach a semi final since.
  4. Never in my lifetime have i seen such a mediocre set of individuals at the top of all of the main political parties. Its so bad that for the first time in 30 years I probably won't bother voting. One small consolation would be, if all the rumblings are true, that Raab might be in danger in his heavily remain constituency. It would be worth staying up all night watching the election coverage just to see that smug, nasty piece of work's face should he lose his seat.
  5. Finally got around to watching the latest series of It's Always Sunny.... Very hit and miss and seemed a lot more melancholy and sentimental than previously, which incidentally for me felt like some of the best moments / episodes - Eagles Super bowl, Mac finding his pride contemporary dance (which was quite beautiful by the way) etc. Had a final series feel tbh. Don't know if this is the case.
  6. Although in all fairness we broke the British transfer record when we signed Alan Clarke...
  7. I've just started watching The Devil Next Door on Netflix. Harrowing.
  8. They are a cracking little club. Even before the money came in from Vince and they got promoted to the league the fact that they managed to sustain a Conference team for so many years, when they were effectively a village team, was extremely impressive.
  9. Has a great craft ale scene. Ridiculous amount of really good small breweries / bars in the area. Spoilt for choice, the same as with the food scene which is ridiculously good from Michelin star level down to street food.
  10. I think it is mooted for Quedgeley, so not so isolated. State of the art all wooden stadium (?). I think planning permission has been turned down at the moment, but I'm sure Dale Vince can redirect his efforts from Extinction Rebellion to smooth things.....
  11. This White Lion is still there and is still a decent boozer. Always full of characters who look like they've been propping up the bar for all eternity. Think it's a Wickwar Brewery pub these days who do some decent ales.
  12. Very good indeed, tongue so firmly in your cheek it's come out the other side. Horrible pub with horrible right wing punters just up the road from me. Does a good line in flag days and stabbings though...
  13. Use to serve some nice brews from the Stroud Brewery. Don't know if they still do. When they were non league went there to see them play Bristol Rovers. They double sold my ticket so had to sit on one of those pop up seats that ball boys sit on next to the pitch. In between the Rovers bench and the mascot. A very bizarre experience.
  14. This guy is a total muppet. I swear he's never off the TV either. He's the Labour version of James 'inappropriately named' Cleverly. It's almost like both parties are enforcing some sort of weird equal opportunity scheme for idiots that forces them to put these ****wits on the telly at least once a day.
  15. That is brilliant. Just spat tomato soup over my computer at work... Thanks Love that the guy who actually took the photo for the cover tweets as well
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