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  1. The media seem to be pushing this agenda at the moment that Sweden have somehow performed well through this crisis by adopting some semblance of herd immunity both in the sense of deaths / positive cases and their economy. I would suggest this is dangerously simplistic however, when you start to compare against 'similar' countries (say Norway, Denmark etc) rather than looking at the numbers stand-alone, in a literal sense. When you do this they certainly do not seem to be in a far better place, in fact you could say their approach has led to pretty appalling results.
  2. As I said in the pre-match thread WBA are one of the worst teams to ever get promoted from the Champs. Perfect first game for us to play ourselves into a bit of form and confidence. Hopefully the boys will take that into the next game and beyond.
  3. You're right they are proper shit. Overall one of the poorest trio of teams to come up from the Champs for a few years, so I'd expect us to do to these what Arsenal are doing to Fulham today.
  4. Going to a Deya tap takeover at one of my locals on Friday. My birthday as well. Perfect.
  5. Well funnily enough I don't know if it's been mentioned anywhere else but his dad is a heart surgeon who once operated on Gary Johnson ex Bristol City manager and father of also ex Bristol City manager Lee Johnson who once managed said goalscorer when he played for Bristol City... Oh sorry you said interesting... So no.
  6. I'm with you. Was a top if very troubled bloke. I'm obsessed by this at the moment. Food, social history and travelogue all in one. If you havent done so already read his Kitchen Confidential. Unputdownable.
  7. Been single handedly keeping the local craft ale brewers in business during lockdown but first night out for 4 months tonight. Felt so good.. Couple of pints of Lagunitas before 3 pints of Wiper & True Sundance. Nice.
  8. Yes please. This guy has got all the tricks and an eye for goal. God it would be good to see someone in the team again who can get you up off your seat. Pure FLAIR....
  9. I see Grant Schapps is out there. I wonder if he'll have to quarantine for 2 weeks, as of course he won't be able to do his job as an MP properly on Zoom from home according to the tao of Rees-mogg..
  10. Lived there for a year in the early 90s and went quite regularly. They've always had a decent support for non league and was always a good atmosphere... The town was ****ing weird though. Cabbage farming families fighting and incest seemed to be the main two pastimes.
  11. It's probably as simple as he's won it all, got the money in the bank and just doesn't want it as much anymore. And who can blame him. He's had a phenomenal career.
  12. He's a charmer isn't he. Famously also called out as an alleged 'nonce' by Dizzee Rascal as part of a Twitter 'beef' a few years ago. A veritable man for all seasons.
  13. Jeez don't come on here with your well reasoned, fact based arguments. Don't you know, everyone's out to get us man...
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