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  1. Well considering Pep is meant to be some sort of genius this Man City team is oh sooooo easy to set up against. Weird.
  2. Priti Patel. A role model for us all.
  3. I feel your pain. Son was sent home for a couple of weeks as positive cases in his year. Went back in for 2.5 days and was sent home for another couple of weeks as another kid got it who was supposed to be self isolating! Rather annoying.
  4. Ha ha ha. You haven't let anyone down... Well maybe yourself
  5. Is it sad that I'm most vexed about the grammatical error in using advise rather than advice. Just lazy.
  6. Blaby > Hong Kong > Blaby > Whetstone > Boston > Leicester > Whetstone > Chester > Bristol... The latter for the last 21 years and can't see myself moving anywhere else in the UK. But overseas. Maybe.
  7. Friend of my wife went up to him after a gig and asked for an autograph. He told her to **** off. Tbh the woman in question is an insufferable bitch so my respect for him went up tenfold after finding this out. RIP Mr Ball.
  8. Well we seem to have invented a whole new tier down in this neck of the woods, "Tier 1+".....errr, surely that's "Tier 2"
  9. Was 3 in a 4 nil win. Matty James scored the other. Remember him?
  10. Well I was about 16 at the time and he was about 14. Seemed like a nice kid though!!! Was a regional junior comp at Hinckley. Funnily enough I think he won his age group.... I vaguely remember he was really good and had enough to be a pro in the future. You could never have envisaged just how good he would be though.
  11. Seems to be a bit of a leader as well. Always talking to the other players and also seems to have Rodgers' ear quite a lot. It's like he's been here for years.
  12. The media seem to be pushing this agenda at the moment that Sweden have somehow performed well through this crisis by adopting some semblance of herd immunity both in the sense of deaths / positive cases and their economy. I would suggest this is dangerously simplistic however, when you start to compare against 'similar' countries (say Norway, Denmark etc) rather than looking at the numbers stand-alone, in a literal sense. When you do this they certainly do not seem to be in a far better place, in fact you could say their approach has led to pretty appalling results.
  13. As I said in the pre-match thread WBA are one of the worst teams to ever get promoted from the Champs. Perfect first game for us to play ourselves into a bit of form and confidence. Hopefully the boys will take that into the next game and beyond.
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