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  1. Good spot and pleasantly surprised as an existing Now subscriber (but not sport) I was able to grab. That's watching us lose to Arsenal sorted
  2. And she is carrying an injury. And she really isn't comfortable on grass despite beating Kerber. Lump on!
  3. Probably the kiss of death and Vardy will surprise us all and bugger off now! I do tend to have the reverse Midas touch!
  4. yes they do. Demmy is 4/11 to stay at Leicester with PP. I've done a nice chunky low odds double with Vardy staying as well with them
  5. You do know that any tents left that are still serviceable do get recycled to local or African aid charities, so not all bad!
  6. Gonna go bed for a few hours. When does the critical mass of declarations tend to come through so I can set my alarm?
  7. My gut instinct is that this exit poll is well off. McDonnell looks in shock.
  8. Apparently she's been withdrawn from the campaign today as a bit poorly. Probably 6-7 weeks too late but better late than never I suppose. Surely she'd never be given a front line role in a Jezza government as even he now seems to be seeing the light.
  9. Well if true they know something the bookies don't as I popped onto Paddy Power just now and we're not even quoted and they go up to Barca at 100/1! Unfortunately Everton massive odds on still.
  10. He should be the leader now to be honest. Don't discount Ruth Davidson though. She's doing a phenomal job of making the Tories electable in Scotland, is a good media performer and very likeable. Depends I suppose if she grabs herself a safe Tory seat at some point during the next term or instead sets her eyes to being First Minister.
  11. Indeed although the bookies do give the Tory candidate some chance at 2/1 on the basis there was a significant UKIP vote at the last election. Isn't Bristol West a big target for the greens? Between them and Labour
  12. Labour have held my seat since 1935 so probably not much point bothering...
  13. So Trump has pulled the US out of Paris Climate deal. Sadly the most predictable but depressing act of his presidency so far. It's all made up by China you know. Twat
  14. Shame for Exeter. Travelled up to London with a load of them this morning. Good bunch and having won the rugby yesterday, could have been a ridiculous weekend. Nothing against the Pool fans (and good to see them boycotting) but see the evil Oystons having any success leaves a bitter taste.
  15. It's almost as if the Tories were finding things so easy that they've tried to make the election more interesting. Love them or hate them they've always been a very slick election fighting machine but the ineptness of this campaign for them so far has been, well very Labour (excepting the Campbell years). Either that or they're so arrogant / confident that they'll win that they've got lazy and just decided the electorate is so thick (possibly a sound tactic after the Euro referendum) that they can do / say whatever they want and everyone will blindly stumble into the voting booth and stick their cross against them anyway. So amateurish that even me a life long Tory is thinking that it would make me feel dirty voting for them this time.