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  1. I have and really enjoyed them. Incidentally why don't you watch the subtitled version? I find that dubbed foreign language productions always seem weird
  2. Lots of rain around so fingers crossed for a wash out then...
  3. And Da Silva has only cost a couple of million as per the terms of his previous loan spell from Chelsea. I'm not sure about Kelly tbh. Definitely got talent but seems to lack a bit of application and also only played at CB when there were injuries to Webster, Kalas or Baker...he's definitely not someone I would have seen going for 13m. I honestly think Bournemouth will struggle this year.
  4. I thought Harris destroyed him. He looked shocked. She was pitch perfect. Focusing on his policy history rather than youth vs experience was the right tack and differentiated her. I'm always impressed by Warren and thought she was good again on Wednesday.
  5. Reading in the Times today that this takeover isn't happening. Apparently has 'offered' to buy a few clubs including Liverpool over the years but when push has come to shove ain't been able to come up with the cash
  6. I have. It's a bit of a poor man's West Wing and will never win any awards but I find it pretty easy to watch and entertaining enough. First series is the best though.
  7. Hey I noticed we are demonstrating Champions League form here...
  8. And this is the crux of the matter here. Johnson may be morally and ideologically bankrupt but for some unfathomable reason he still tends to connect with enough of the public as he appears a bit bonkers and they've seen him on the telly a few times. He's a brand and that's what politics seems to be about these days. I watched Rory Stewart's launch event at the Southbank last night and he was brilliant. Destroyed the negativity and fantasy politics of so many of the other candidates. Looks a bit weird but extremely charismatic. A different level but of course has no chance at this time. He of course knows this and is playing a long game as at some point once the Brexit cluster**** is behind us, politics will surely move back towards the centre ground and this is when him and others like him across both main parties will come back into their own. Well I hope so anyway
  9. If you look at his stats then easily comparable to Maddison. Prices have gone mad for Champs players. If Bristol City can get 13m for a defender like Lloyd Kelly who wasn't even a regular starter for them, and bearing in mind attacking players will be more highly valued, then if you look at Wilson's numbers and age then this seems very fair.
  10. Subscribe to Private Eye and Esquire and have done for years. To lazy to cancel tbh.
  11. A very underrated actor. Could have rested on his laurels after the success of the Twilight films starring in any old shite but instead has taken the route of honing his craft in a series of at times very left field and obscure films. I actually think he'll bring something positive to the role.
  12. Just bumped into 3 Liverpool fans in a bar in Seville. Off to the final tomorrow and each saved themselves over £1,000 not going direct to Madrid or staying there. Sensible chaps
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