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  1. That's right but all round they have a poor squad who have had an easy ride for too long. Also a number out of contract end of season. I think Nige has made his mind up already on quite a few of them...could be a lively old summer of ins and outs if he stays on.
  2. As you said Norwich will ask for a lot of money for him even if they were interested in selling him in the first place, which they won't be as they're going up. The sort of money that we wouldnt even contemplate paying for a back up player so I would think he's not on our radar at all.
  3. That's correct. A friend who is a big Norwich fan says he's so good he's allowed to play where he ****ing likes! He's been following them for over 30 years and has seen some cracking players down at Carrow Road and is a good judge. Reckons Buendia is comfortably from a talent perspective in the top 5 players he's witnessed play for them during that time.
  4. I believe that when this first surfaced his people were trying to claim it was a photoshop, which makes it even worse (if that's possible). Great racehorse trainer but hideous human being.
  5. Perfect illustration of how we are over achieving as a football club. How much did that little lot cost. Wow
  6. Man that was a fantastic show. It doesn't get much better than that scene in series 2 when he's in the Uber pulling away from a less than successful date and they play 'say hello, wave goodbye' in its entirety, the camera just focusing on his turmoil. Beautiful, beautiful TV. Shame that Ansari turned out to be a bit of a misognist and wrecked his career.... A cracking stand up as well and brilliant in another of my favourite shows Parks and Recreation.
  7. Well we've still got to throw the FA Cup remember to then probably drop out of the top 4 as well. Then we can rinse and repeat the whole thing next season and so on and so on.... I miss the days when football was about trying to win trophies, crazy old fool that I am.
  8. It's all about Nicky.. Palpable excitement in these parts about the possibility of Nige being appointed (first time I've ever seen the posters on OTIB in pretty much total agreement. They're usually fighting with each other by the end of the first page of any thread... ). Sounds like a contract to end of season initially, then take it from there. Rumours that Steve Lansdown wanted him in the summer but with the big man having long Covid it just wasn't possible. If he does take the job and with Joey Barton going to the other lot, it certainly won't be dull
  9. Haven't they got the youngest squad in the division as well? Fair play to them. Used to work with a guy who was big Barnsley fan. Top bloke who used to play in the same youth team up there as Mick Mccarthy and was also big mates with another Barnsley man, and shite ex City striker Geoff Horsfield... God I even bore myself some times
  10. Yeah Marcus Evans isn't it? Big promises but failed to deliver anything.
  11. 3 defeats on the trot now. Looks like their bottle is going again, which is a shame.
  12. They didn't realise how good they had it when Big Mick was there. Worked miracles tbf with no money but the fans didn't like the style of football. Basket case of a club for a decade or more now. If they don't get the next appointment right then they could end up looking down to Div 2 rather than up to the Champs.
  13. I was thinking more of the one when the went all film noir. Oh my
  14. Always think she comes across really well when I see her in the media. Quite charismatic and seemingly intelligent. 'SIr' Ed Davey on the other hand... Well least said the better.
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