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  1. DMU Fox

    West Brom Post Match

    It's the lack of purpose that's worrying. We didn't play with any intent or aggression for most of that, terrible behaviour. From watching that, nacho is not fit i don't think, looked a yard off the pace. I still maintain 3412/352 is our best formation, the way we finished the game still gives me that view.
  2. DMU Fox

    Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    We would always go backwards, natural given how much we were punching to win the thing. That's not the point though, we've gone backwards to such an extent that we would probably struggle against the top 6 Championship teams. Now given the resources and players at our disposal, it's not unreasonable to expect us to go to teams like Bournemouth and Huddersfield and at least try to be positive and win the game through playing half decent football.
  3. DMU Fox

    Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    Result wise, a point away from home is alright. Problem is that the performances are starting to get worse and we're now getting lucky to get something rather than earning points. I wanted Shakey to get the gig as i thought continuity would be crucial to the players, and i've always thought that as long as a team plays good football, is positive in their play, and you can see what they are trying to achieve then you should keep affording the manager time. However, the longer this goes on, especially against the likes of Bournemouth and Huddersfield, who we should be aiming to beat, then it's hard to not draw the conclusion that Shakey is the Premier League version of Rob Kelly. Next 2/3 games are key. Butcher those and it's new manager time unfortunately.
  4. DMU Fox


    Funnily enough in this game of fantasy manager, this would be the team i'd play. I think it would actually suit us and get us playing better than what we currently are. I'm fairly sure we did it 2nd half against Madrid last season and it seemed to work ok. Slightly disappointed we didn't trial different formations in Pre-Season, i think we're so committed to 442/4411 is because we don't have enough confidence to try anything different, and we daren't expose that in a game situation.
  5. DMU Fox

    Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Neil Moxley who wrote the article used to be the Midlands correspondent for the Mail i believe, and used to have a decent relationship with us, so there may be some truth in this. That said, unless John Percy says anything I'm believing nothing.
  6. DMU Fox

    Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    Agree with this 100%. In the great escape we played 442 against everyone, and lost, because we were overrun in midfield as everyone in the prem plays with 3 in the middle. We changed to 3412 and stayed up and played good football in the process. We got away with 442 when we won the league as we had Kante who doubled up as two players so we were never overrun. As soon as he left we should have sacked 442 off, as we saw for the most part of last year, our midfield went back to being overrun. Shakey has been here for all of this, why he hasn't gone to 3 at the back is beyond me. Against Atletico last year at home, we went 3 at the back and went for it and almost pulled it off. With the players at our disposal i do think it is the best formation for us to go with to get the best out of them. Also slightly worried how passive we've become. All our success in this league has come with us being aggressive and getting into people's faces and disrupting their play. We've stopped doing this, meaning teams have an easy ride against us. If we insist on 442 then lets play with some aggression and purpose, and leave nothing on the field, think we'd see an instant improvement. After all that, a point away from home when we've played poorly is a bonus.
  7. DMU Fox

    Terrible players we've made look good

    Dextor Blackstock i remember bagged a couple against us and looked a world beater whilst at it, then returned to being dog muck. Wasn't just players we've made look good either. Lost count of teams on appalling losing streaks playing us and winning whilst looking like Barca in the process.
  8. DMU Fox

    Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Decent end from us I thought. Was back row so could look down and see, and thought most of our end were trying to get it going. Was a bit disjointed at times, with one side singing one song, the other side another which then quickly led to nothing as people were trying to work out what the other was singing. Decent limbs for all 3 goals tbf, 3rd one especially.
  9. DMU Fox

    EFL Cup Draw - Sheff Utd (A)

    Yeah he went down right in front of our end, got royally abused for the next 10 minutes and when he was stretchered off. Don't remember it kicking off but their lot were seriously unhappy about it all. They were even more wound up when we nicked the 1-0 win when we played absolute horse shit once Yakubu scored.
  10. DMU Fox

    Pearson Part 3?

    I've always found it weird how hated Pearson is considering he did what we all wanted him to do - get out the Championship (by winning it) and then getting us to stay up in the Prem - and for the most part of that 2nd reign we played some decent stuff. I seem to recall there was general bemusement and stick directed at the owners when he got the sack 18 months ago - not sure why the hatred toward him has increased in that time. That said, i just can't see him coming back, and i'm not sure it's a good idea either. Pretty sure he hates Rudkin with a passion, and it was Rudkin who briefed against him to get him sacked, so that's a recipe for disaster for starters. He won't have Walsh with him either. And i can't see the owners swallowing their pride to that much extent that they'd get him back. Having said all that, watch him get announced Monday afternoon just before the Liverpool game.
  11. DMU Fox

    Players Twitter

    It's how it reads to me. This is a carefully managed PR exercise from the club, there's no chance they would have let them shoot from the hip straight away Thursday night, best to give it a bit of time to get the stories straight and consistent. It's how most big organisations in business/politics do it. My only surprise is that they didn't all do it Friday evening when Kasper and Shinji went as a 24 hour wait looks better than a 36/48 hour wait. Not that it matters too much by that point i guess.
  12. DMU Fox

    Famously good away ends.

    Indeed. The carnage when we scored was unreal, serious bodies that day. Pboro in the 09/10 season was also a great day out and a great end, we really did make lots of noise on both occasions. Best for me were as follows: Bruges this year - very very noisy from everyone in such a small allocation, and capped off a great day overall Palace last year - that half hour after the game was brilliant, think thats when we, as fans, realised and believed it was on West Brom in the Great Escape - That was a mosh pit, bodies literally all over the gaff when Vardy bagged. Great noise throughout. Burnley in the same year and when we got promoted - We were seriously loud in both games from start to finish. Such a great away end to do so as well Forest 12/13 - Knocky's winner. Great end all game. Looking at that and how our season is going, think we have one more great end this year still to come. Looking at the fixtures, Palace and West Brom could be the ones again
  13. DMU Fox

    "If they dont believe in me..."

    The 433 worked rather well at Everton, Claudio then for some reason changed it to a disastrous formation against Chelsea and an even worse one against Southampton.The performance against Everton was perfectly acceptable and would have given us a much better chance of success in subsequent games. 442 without Kante is a recipe for disaster as the first half of this season showed. Claudio has to take responsibility for continuing with 442 for too long and then ditching 433 when there was clear evidence of it working. That being said some of our players need to take a long hard look at themselves, the lack of effort at times has been beyond a joke. Claudio can only do so much when too many of our lads could not look less arsed if they tried. And anyone thinking that John Percy article is standard media sharks circling, it will be almost 100% accurate. He is spot on with all things midlands football based.
  14. DMU Fox

    What is wrong?

    This is my confusion. It worked quite nicely as you had 2 CDM's providing cover to the back 4, and allowed our best passer of the ball in Drinkwater to play further forward, meaning he had more of an impact on the opposition box. This combined with 2 wingers meant we looked better defensively, and had more of a threat going forward, hence why we rescued the result there. Instead of building on that positive showing we've ripped it up and binned it off. It is baffling as we've gone backwards. As we've seen this season, 442 doesn't work as we don't have Kante so we get overrun, so Claudio stating he wants to go back to it is deeply worrying. Sad to see what mess this season has turned into. I hope we win on Friday, otherwise it'll be an evil atmosphere towards the team.
  15. DMU Fox

    Vardy Masks

    These face masks just show that, quite clearly we as a football club, have far too much money at our disposal!