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  1. I think you've summed up rather neatly where I'm at. I think BR has flaws, but then so do nearly all managers in some shape or form, and realistically we are not going to get much better. Top 10 finishes, competing for the latter stages of the cup competitions and getting into Europe every so often would suit me perfectly. That is very much successful. Not only that, the squad we have has players in there that cover circa 5 or 6 managers. The squad reflects that we move managers on every 18 months which is not very sustainable in the long run. Many of the problems we have in the sq
  2. Very annoying result. With all the injuries a dull 0-0 draw against a confident Villa would have been ok - not great but not disastrous, as it would be 10 points fro 5 games. But to lose late on is very disappointing. Yet again it's a dull & inspiring performance, something that is more the normal for us, rather than it being put down to a rare blip. Given the money that BR is on, i think we can be justified to ask and want more from him. I can take losing or drawing, but at least back it up with a positive performance and showing some intent. Losing without throwing any punches is what an
  3. The Black HORSE on Braunny Gate.
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