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  1. Yeah I'm surprised I thought he would be like Rodgers Joe Allen or Leon Britton at Swansea
  2. Hi lee Can I get a code if they are available
  3. the irony of us bringing Klopp's nationality into any insults against him, in a thread complaining about racist abuse of one of our own
  4. You're taking his comment to literally. Just because she had a well paid job over here, her family are likely to have jobs in Thailand jsut not as well paid - they won't be hangers on at all. Much like immigrants who come to the UK for better wages will tend to send some money back to their families in lesser paid jobs to help them
  5. are we still expecting BR to send out the U21's for cambridge tomo?
  6. Why do you need to keep mentioning Asian lads
  7. Gray definitely has more skills and pace however Albrighton is the more effective player becuase he uses his head, sees the bigger picture - knows when to pass when to cross. For example gray came on yday and quite quickly had a run at a tiring right back instead of taking him on the outside he took a soft soft from the edge of the box which was blocked If Brendon can help him with his decision Making we'll have a good player on our hands
  8. Tielemans was clearly struggling to keep up the last 5 and the fans blame puel!
  9. Palace fans support shows up our fans as a bunch of *****
  10. On the plus side the fans are making noise for once
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