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  1. polarbear

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Vardys an idiot
  2. polarbear

    England v Belgium

    Delph looks v good
  3. polarbear

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    agreed - i dont consider him a judas or any of those other negative comments we read on here. However he does behave in a way that suggests he thinks he is doing us a favour by playing for us
  4. polarbear

    Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    my suggestions (not aiming for all of them though) jay rodriguez matt philips lemina romeu bertrand shaquiri butland forster
  5. polarbear

    Linked Players

    How about Danny ings? Can't see him getting many games at Liverpool next season
  6. polarbear


    this thing around ath Madrid being purely defensive and only playing counter attacking football is a myth. yes they do it against significantly better teams, but watch them against evenly matched or lower opposition they are great at keeping the ball. they did the same thing to us home and away - keep the ball for ages and creating chances. eventually we might get it in their half but they'd win it back and THEN counter the sitting deep and countering helped them win the league. since then they've had to evolve their style as opposition will sit back against them + they've been able to attract/hold onto higher calibre of player - griezman, koke etc
  7. polarbear

    Man City Away Match Thread

    What's happened to him the last 2 games?
  8. polarbear


    yes kane missed a penalty - different scenario of play but same distance and one less blocker to contend with vardy - has missed lots of easy chances salah has been on fire this season, at roma his finishing was hit and miss aguero. well AGUERRROOOOOOOOOOO (no complaints about him!) fortuitous blocks can happen now and then
  9. polarbear

    Ahmed Musa returns to Moscow

    people also seem to forget we were heavily after him in the January window of the title season - so walsh must have had some input here
  10. polarbear

    Chelsea Post Match 0-0

    11 vs 11 and Chelsea were lucky not to go behind! James ndidi okazaki amartey dragovic maguire Vardy Mahrez all put in superb performances
  11. polarbear

    'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    get @Cockney Fox the lighthouse beacon to start singing, shouting and flashing his lights more and the Kop will get going. lighthouse sandwich
  12. polarbear

    Andy King

    slow down spencer what did you have for breakfast I can smell it on you
  13. polarbear

    Andy King

    not really sure you understand the concept of a sqaud who else are we going to have as our 5/6th choice CM? don't revert to chauodry or some other nonsense. Unless you have a decent suggestion, back in your box
  14. polarbear


    Would be in Vardys interest to say that perhaps?
  15. polarbear

    Man City League Cup 1-1 - lost 4-3 on pens

    think hes played better vs Liverpool and leeds yesterday initially 1st half (the goal) and then opening of 2nd half (where he slipped) was a bit dodgy but rest of the game he appeared decent and composed did look a bit bulky and slow compared to the 2 previous games. maybe just not match fit anymore. still think he can be a good player for us if given the games especially over xmas