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  1. my cousin and his wife are in the rockies for their honeymoon atm and i have to say the pics are incredilble. we went in the winter but i have to say the colours of summer make for some good romantic scenes after a long ball sweaty hike
  2. calm down you gypsys fart
  3. compared to s6 e1 this was a good steady season opener - whereas that was a just a rush to close loads of plots from the end of s5 answer to above i dont think hodor was the walker - seemed way too tall loved the hound scenes - they and presumably the book are giving him more charecter and depth - certainly will be heavily involved from now i think bran the liability has walked into the wall and will remove the protection spells just like he did at the 3 eyed ravens gaff - dont know if anyone picked up on that ed sheeran - why why why? completly agree with the comment above in losing immersion of being in the westeros world loved the back and forths between cersi and jamie and the quick repetivness of the samwell food, toilet bowls scenes whetted the appetite for e2 for sure
  4. 2 weeks in the Seychelles. Lovely. on another note my thick ass brother in law recenTly suggested to my in laws for their family holiday they go to 'trivago' hes 39
  5. surely we need to open a transfer thread about this?!
  6. would argue that people are forgetting the fa cup game vs Everton, where for me he stood out more than ndidi and drinky. Especially the 1st half. reg his Bordeuax comments - it could well have been misintepreted by the media or exaggerated. he was the ex captain of Nice, i can see him behaving more professionally than those comments suggest. For me - give him pre season to assess properly
  7. agreed the build up in the music and what was taking place on screen was superb then the comedy value of how tommen limply takes a fall superb direction
  8. calm down and put your tank top on you guppy fish
  9. Or man city at home. The talent and aggression is clearly there it's how we get that sort of performance out of him on a consistent basis
  10. You brought up the 60m point...
  11. From what I recall he was bought for 5m which is a small portion of the 60m. Which suggests he was bought to fill out the squad and potentially grow into something bigger...
  12. Col your lack of understanding over how a squad set up or young player development might work is astounding. You've had a bee in your bonnet over amartey all season that any good performances or moments of talent are completely ignored in your mind. You also ignore that during the Ranieri days the WHOLE team seemed to have a cautious nervous newly style about them so its no surprise that amartey followed suit (or was given instructions to do so)
  13. 😂 Haha bloody hell
  14. Anyone know how renewals are progressing?
  15. what row are the tickets? are they next to each as well?