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  1. Man City Away Match Thread

    What's happened to him the last 2 games?
  2. Iheanacho

    yes kane missed a penalty - different scenario of play but same distance and one less blocker to contend with vardy - has missed lots of easy chances salah has been on fire this season, at roma his finishing was hit and miss aguero. well AGUERRROOOOOOOOOOO (no complaints about him!) fortuitous blocks can happen now and then
  3. Ahmed Musa returns to Moscow

    people also seem to forget we were heavily after him in the January window of the title season - so walsh must have had some input here
  4. Chelsea Post Match 0-0

    11 vs 11 and Chelsea were lucky not to go behind! James ndidi okazaki amartey dragovic maguire Vardy Mahrez all put in superb performances
  5. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    get @Cockney Fox the lighthouse beacon to start singing, shouting and flashing his lights more and the Kop will get going. lighthouse sandwich
  6. Andy King

    slow down spencer what did you have for breakfast I can smell it on you
  7. Andy King

    not really sure you understand the concept of a sqaud who else are we going to have as our 5/6th choice CM? don't revert to chauodry or some other nonsense. Unless you have a decent suggestion, back in your box
  8. Slimani

    Would be in Vardys interest to say that perhaps?
  9. Man City League Cup 1-1 - lost 4-3 on pens

    think hes played better vs Liverpool and leeds yesterday initially 1st half (the goal) and then opening of 2nd half (where he slipped) was a bit dodgy but rest of the game he appeared decent and composed did look a bit bulky and slow compared to the 2 previous games. maybe just not match fit anymore. still think he can be a good player for us if given the games especially over xmas
  10. Man City League Cup 1-1 - lost 4-3 on pens

    he didn't have a bad game either - ultimately we didn't have other choices for CM. Poss Amartey but then that means Simpson not being rested don't think there was much king or iborra could have done - man city were passing rings round us, and when we had the ball they pressed and pressed us into mistakes iheanacho - poor first touch leading to the 1st goal aside, wasn't too bad - there is a glimmer of hope there how was the atmosphere? we didn't sound too loud on Sky,
  11. Dogs

    its American and all cheesy, but I would recommend watching 'the dog whisperer' on picktv channel I think. just helps you set some ground rules about structure and ensuring you and the wife are the pack leaders certainly helped my wife and I when we got our 1st dog (who was about 15 months at the time)
  12. Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    Really? not sure what chaudry added, last the ball a few times
  13. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    yes guardiola has only managed big teams and not had to work at the level dyche has but to anyone who doubts his managerial abilities - id suggest reading Barca:the making of the greatest team ever. there is a chapter or 2 in there which describes the work he does in his office + training ground and his obsessive nature and attention to detail. yes he has a talented team but coaching them to move in sync the way they do didn't just happen automatically
  14. The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    I agree that we need to find the best ways of motivating our players - we don't have the same levels of ability as the bigger clubs so stringing that extra 10% out of them is important However for players to be down on him on the first day smacks of brattish we didn't get our way behavior Sounds like he took the same approach Claudio did when he first arrived - stepping back and watching and assessing the sessions rather than interfering and changing things straight I think over the next few games the players will find reason to be confident in claudes approach and methods
  15. Puel's Diamond Formation

    this is a potential option until silva is available: kasper albrighton Maguire dragovic chilwll iborra amartey ndidi mahrez/gray slimani/vardy iheanacho/okazaki