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  1. Just stay outside and maybe talk from the window. I bought my own flask of coffee so we could have a drink together (for myself) I did this a few weeks ago and it did my parents the world of good. We all kept our distance and so far so good for the 3 of us
  2. satellite images are showing significant drops in pollution and nitrogen oxide across china, italy and new york so far! imagine what we could do when we're really pushed...
  3. Was quite cute earlier, the old folks living opposite us has their grandson and his gf over. And they were sitting in their front garden all 2 or 3 meters apart drinking wine and having a chat
  4. The other thing that hadn't been mentioned is the utilization of emergency services at football matches. Those paramedics and police could be beyyer utilized over the next few weeks
  5. all of the above and more for me. praet and to an extent tielemans are the sort of players who play the pass before the assist. like a miralem pjanic, amadou diawara, toni kroos, xavi they help 'move the chains of the team', this helps particularly when teams arent playing 1 long ball counter attacks (like our title season) where we want to move MOST of the team from a defensive phase of play to an attacking phase. additionally this means that when we do get to attack we have more than 1 or 2 passing options (see mainly vardy and mahrez in our title year) and can sustain the attack longer and keep teams penned in, much like we did against villa last night
  6. You mean when he did a circle like a dog?!
  7. Is it? Or is it just actually the fact that not every single cross from any player always gets to their man (assuming your commentjng on that break)
  8. Yeah I'm surprised I thought he would be like Rodgers Joe Allen or Leon Britton at Swansea
  9. Hi lee Can I get a code if they are available
  10. the irony of us bringing Klopp's nationality into any insults against him, in a thread complaining about racist abuse of one of our own
  11. You're taking his comment to literally. Just because she had a well paid job over here, her family are likely to have jobs in Thailand jsut not as well paid - they won't be hangers on at all. Much like immigrants who come to the UK for better wages will tend to send some money back to their families in lesser paid jobs to help them
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