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  1. Tielemans was clearly struggling to keep up the last 5 and the fans blame puel!
  2. Palace fans support shows up our fans as a bunch of *****
  3. On the plus side the fans are making noise for once
  4. ive done the same if we excuse the misses, im gambling on the fact he reads the game well and makes runs which are direct, well timed and into good space the goals will come
  5. The pain? Seriously it's not even that bad
  6. so surely this is good management? he's seen their strengths are bombing on and therefore has adjusted his team & formation accordingly (mendy and Ndidi to sit and mop ((admitted they could do a better job of it))
  7. or perhaps..just perhaps out of the 2 games (fulham and spurs), fulham will want to dig in a protect any point or 3 points they may have the opporutnity of getting. whereas spurs come to our place and are likely to attack (like last season) and leave spaces open for our quick players to counter attack. puel probably knows what he's doing...
  8. disagree - his career shows hes consistently good at coming in and quickly turning things around at a club, especially ones that arent getting the basics right - see roma, parma, juve, monaco its 2nd and 3rd seasons which tend to be quite erratic
  9. ****s sake kitch If he inspires the players then God sakes I don't care if he inspires the fans Before you start I do thihk he inspires the players but some don't have the quality to provide that quality in he final third
  10. Yeah anyone know what time he came and what car he was in? Could have sworn his car was behind me but I couldn't tell due to too much reflection
  11. shows that he wasnt a detached owner and felt very strongly about the results of the team and 'his family'
  12. How about just Vichai Vichai Vichai Vichaiii To the tune of Leicester Leicester Leicester Simple and understated, yet powerful and clear like the man himself It would also be easy enough for the whole stadium to join in with
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