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  1. The_77

    Adam Lallana

    Yep. Wasted money on bad transfers/signings takes time to correct and makes it more difficult to bring in other targets.
  2. There's an element that brings a different 90s shirt to mind. Different shirts, though...
  3. What if it's a bit like one of their shirts but with a different version of the sleeve cuffs...
  4. One of the better drawings of Filbert's face I've seen, well done.
  5. The_77

    Antonee Robinson

    We’re both going to have to shamefully own the spelling of his name 😂😂
  6. Agreed. 4th until we know the result of their appeal.
  7. The_77

    Antonee Robinson

    Exactly! He was treated for the condition.
  8. The_77

    Antonee Robinson

    Which he was treated for?
  9. The_77

    Antonee Robinson

    One of his parents is British, and he was born and raised in Milton Keynes.
  10. We kept the clean sheet and that’s what matters. Some are being a little harsh on him— we had plenty of players who didn’t look so hot over the past few weeks and but at least they had been playing before lockdown. Bennett didn’t do so badly, considering he hadn’t played any real minutes for over six months.
  11. But seriously, let’s f***in’ win this one.
  12. Let’s get the stadium rocking, people. 90 minutes in full voice, roars for every tackle, and let Zaha have it each time he dives.
  13. This guy and Stengs in a double swoop
  14. Why would he have to move if we gave him and his staff all the money they wanted?
  15. He made sure he and his boys found a nice little cash cow in the Midlands.
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