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  1. Puel would make a fine DoF. Let’s get someone who can manage a squad to get results.
  2. A side that went down 4-0 didn’t play well— not sure why there are several folks on here trying to say we weren’t that bad. If we’re going to play Ricardo at RB, the CBs need to play like superheroes and one of the CMs will have to drop back. Unfortunately, Wes and Harry didn’t have their best showings. I don’t think we’ll get consistent production out of Ghezzal or Gray, which will continue to be a problem. I see what Puel is trying to build, and he’s made some shrewd acquisitions, but maybe it’s time to admit that he might not be the best at setting up and managing his team to actually win games.
  3. The_77

    New chants and songs

    Sun is shining, When you’re smiling, Blue, white, Iheanacho Came from Naija, Scores for Lesta, Puel calls for Iheanacho You don’t know how to stop him at all, You just don’t know how to him at all, And you don’t know how to stop Iheanacho
  4. Not sure that Wolves’ average rating should be below ours.
  5. The_77

    New chants and songs

    Charlie don't surf and we think he should Charlie don't surf but we know that it he is that good Charlie don't surf but he’s our big number four Charlie's gonna be a Lesta star
  6. The_77

    2 for Liverpool Home Needed

    FoxesTalk comes through again. Can't wait to be back in Leicester.
  7. I don't doubt Puel's transfer acumen, ability to develop youth, and that he knows how to create a solid foundation for a club-- if that is what the club currently values, then he's Vichai's man. My reservations with Puel stem from his tactics and the way we've been playing. I know it's going to take time to find the right starting XI but he's constantly tinkering with the lineup, and it might take quite a while for the side to settle in this season. Both Mourinho's set-up and Wolves' awful luck have flattered us a bit at the start of this season. If we can keep and develop Maddison, Ndidi, Mendy, Gray, Barnes, Ricardo, Chilwell, Iheanacho, and the two new CBs, we might be able to dance around opponents en route to the goal for the whole game. In the meantime, I just can't see us picking up as many points as we should if we don't start getting the ball to Vardy more often and in dangerous positions when he starts. We saw quite a lot of that isolation last season, and it was more of the same against Wolves. All in all, I'm willing to keep the faith in CP and this sort of approach; however, we saw how much of a cash cow European football was for the club (and what an experience it was for the fans!), and we can't make a habit of forsaking those opportunities if they continue to be in reach.
  8. Hi, all-- I know this one is going to be a long-shot: I've flying over for Liverpool home-- while my ticket is sorted, I'm trying to help two friends get their hands on a pair of tix. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. The_77

    Gray ??

    I think Friday showed he can play clever little passing combinations and is pretty adept at dribbling past defenders in tight spaces.
  10. The_77

    Gray ??

    That's f***in amazing, hahahaha
  11. The_77

    Gray ??

    Pretty sure Gray’s decision making is better than any of ours when we were 22.
  12. The_77

    Gray ??

  13. “Cruyff Court” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cruyff_Court
  14. The_77

    Gray ??

    Riyad Mahrez was 25 when we won the league; Gray is 22 now. His “football brain” certainly deserves more time before we start throwing out statements like that.
  15. The_77

    New chants and songs

    To the tune of “Les Champs-Élyesées” (like the song the French Players sang about Kanté) Oh, Rachid Ghezzal, Ohhh, Rachid Ghezzal, He’s Leicester’s, thirty-one, Makes Mahrez look, like his son, He left La France to join Puel, Oh, Rachid Ghezzal