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  1. Triggered.
  2. So glad I know by now not to get my hopes up when a thread suddenly increases by a few pages.
  3. The guy was a super sub, what league have you been watching? [emoji12] If I ate 20 slices of pizza, that doesn't mean I've eaten 20 whole pizzas.
  4. If your name is Gian Marco Ferrari and you're not the suavest mother****er alive, you're doing something very wrong.
  5. "Jamie Tabor opened the meeting by welcoming all the attendees and conveying apologies." Apologies for what?
  6. Foxes Talk has become a parody of itself.
  7. Still waiting for a retweet from Kasey.
  8. We need players who can threaten the opposition. We didn't have enough options last season and made it too easy for the other sides to shut us down.
  9. lololol this is stuck in my head-- just repeating this part could work too.
  10. Nah.
  11. Holy crap-- there is a resemblance... haha
  12. I hear he's been asking Oxford for a while to let him move to Leicester so he can be closer to his night job at Mosh.
  13. Willing to at least consider any offer. Thanks!