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  1. The_77

    Ben Arfa 2018

    We should sign him just for the fans who think Kelechi’s name is “Ian Nacho”
  2. The_77

    Robert Huth to Leave at End of Season

    Huth is a rare breed: intelligent, thoughtful, witty, self-deprecating, and a unit who’s tough as ****in’ nails. I’m glad this interview shows his depth and that so many on this thread understand how crucial he’s been to our recent success. This season has been such a shame but it doesn’t take anything away from everything he’s helped us accomplish. I met him out in L.A.; he’s a nice guy but you know right away not to **** with him. He made sure nobody got a photo with him smiling— can’t have any evidence! What a guy, haha.
  3. The_77


  4. The_77

    Jamie Vardy

    Atléti ain’t a top European side?
  5. The_77

    Jamie Vardy

    That’s all completely wrong. Ohh, Atléti’s got the money (especially if Griezmann goes) and a glistening new stadium that’s hosting next year’s Champions League final. Griezmann certainly doesn’t play second fiddle to Costa and Vardy wouldn’t. Simeone sets up his side with two strikers that have very different roles.
  6. The_77

    New chants and songs

    Rico! (Rico Pereira) Suave! (Rico Pereira)
  7. The_77

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    I can get with that. As much as I’m a skeptic, I’m not gonna act like the guy spit in my grandma’s face, like some folks.
  8. The_77

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    I mostly agree with you and think we could get into a big mess spending a short offseason joining so many other clubs in a big manager chase. What I don’t understand is people insisting that Puel has got everything figured out. I don’t question his transfer acumen but what has he really said or done to show he’s used his time here to figure out the best way forward from a tactical and management perspective?
  9. The_77

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    We’re all going to be forced into patience here, the guy’s clearly sticking around for a bit, but what makes so many people think the guy’s got everything figured out? People are going out on more limbs for this guy than they would for their own mothers.
  10. The_77

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    I think Claude Puel was not ready for Europa unless we qualified his way. If he actually said Burnley deserved 7th from “consistency” then he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Burnley has a stretch winning only 6 points from 11 straight league games.
  11. The_77

    Jamie Vardy

    And yet that's still such an underrated performance.
  12. The_77


    I love reading your posts.
  13. The_77

    New chants and songs

    Can’t not have a swear word in it if we’re recycling the song. “But that’s all right because he’s ****in’ great!”
  14. The_77

    Jack Wilshere

    Has anyone mentioned his injuries? I'd be shocked if this happens but he'll have a less-demanding schedule here and would definitely make an impact.
  15. The_77


    We gave up 5 goals...