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  1. The_77

    Gray ??

    I think Friday showed he can play clever little passing combinations and is pretty adept at dribbling past defenders in tight spaces.
  2. The_77

    Gray ??

    That's f***in amazing, hahahaha
  3. The_77

    Gray ??

    Pretty sure Gray’s decision making is better than any of ours when we were 22.
  4. The_77

    Gray ??

  5. “Cruyff Court” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cruyff_Court
  6. The_77

    Gray ??

    Riyad Mahrez was 25 when we won the league; Gray is 22 now. His “football brain” certainly deserves more time before we start throwing out statements like that.
  7. The_77

    New chants and songs

    To the tune of “Les Champs-Élyesées” (like the song the French Players sang about Kanté) Oh, Rachid Ghezzal, Ohhh, Rachid Ghezzal, He’s Leicester’s, thirty-one, Makes Mahrez look, like his son, He left La France to join Puel, Oh, Rachid Ghezzal
  8. The_77


    Check out the twitter handles in this screen cap. There are a few guys and I know they’d like to get something started. I know @Brucelives and he’s a really nice dude.
  9. The_77

    USA Foxes

    It’s hard enough to get everyone to take a photo after the game, let alone in time to get on TV at halftime!
  10. The_77

    USA Foxes

    NYC on Friday
  11. The_77

    Mirror madness?

    I think Mourinho’s tactics flattered us a bit, and they actually looked dangerous the few times they set out to attack, but you can’t help who you play. Perhaps this story Tory is a smokescreen from United: spurned and trolled by us over Maguire, flattered by the score line, and knee deep in Mourinho’s third-season sh*t, they may very well be lining up a replacement for The Special One.
  12. The_77

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    You can write a funny post, though, hahaha. Sorry for the saltiness.
  13. The_77

    Mirror madness?

    Hahahaha. Maybe three games.
  14. The_77

    Mirror madness?

    Martinez is a fraud and Henry is his crutch; Vichai is ruthless but he’s somewhat reasonable. Can’t see this happening after two games.
  15. The_77

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    And I can’t believe you just admitted in public that you’re wasting tens of thousands on a sport you clearly don’t get if you think Leo wasn’t putting in any effort after he signed his new deal.