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  1. Can you ask him if he has any plans to visit the New Jersey Foxes?
  2. OK, well, Man City changed tactics and formations. Good chat.
  3. But they did change their tactics, especially against Madrid. A "Plan B" isn't just reverting to hoofball or throwing in a target man.
  4. Sure they do. Man City played three different formations in their last three games. Sometimes the ball doesn't bounce a certain way for you, a player or two just isn't up for it, or a opponent has a glaring weakness or dangerous strength. Every top team has to be able to adapt at various points of games throughout the season.
  5. All Rodgers has to do is win an FA Cup, and we'll all be happy.
  6. Constructive criticism is cool only when it's directed toward the manager.
  7. Have you considered writing an open letter?
  8. Game is on this Friday at Football Factory-- no better way to start the weekend. I'll be at Carrow Road if anyone reading this is going to Norwich away.
  9. Hi, Ed! Unfortunately the bar does not allow children downstairs in the Football Factory-- it's a pretty stern policy, unfortunately-- even Becky Vardy had to keep her daughter upstairs when she joined us for a game! During the day, you would be able to sit in the restaurant area upstairs at Legends where they will be showing the game. Too bad I won't be around to meet you guys and wish your son a happy birthday-- I'm actually going to the game on Friday night! I hope you guys have a blast in New York-- let me know if there's anything we can do to help with your trip.
  10. If we pick up 15 points from our last 11, United will have to pick up 25. A lot of the sides battling for that last spot still have to play each other. I think we should still feel pretty good about our chances.
  11. If there’s one thing we haven’t done in recent games against opposition like Man City and Liverpool, it’s “be proactive and stamp out identity on the pitch.” We barely pressed in either of those last two games. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect six points out of those two games! Hoping we can get right at Man City this weekend and see this a “free hit” ahead of a decent run of fixtures.
  12. Just booked a flight over in time for them to sell out. haha Would anyone happen to have an extra? I can provide references. Thank you!
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