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  1. The_77

    Yohan Benalouane

    Agent Benny is off to cut down the legs of that entire squad. My god, I love that man.
  2. The_77

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    And they finished 6th-8th during the three seasons before he took over. How many managers have good finishes every year?
  3. The_77

    Mohamed Elneny

    Are you sure you've been to London?
  4. The_77

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    Our new game plan is three defensive midfielders lumping balls up the pitch, pretty perfect for Vardy.
  5. The_77

    Eldin Jakupovic

    We'll be splashing the cash as soon once, um, Mike Stowell's massive wages are reduced a tad.
  6. The_77

    Wilde Donald Guerrier

    We don't need another Wild Donald, thank you very much.
  7. The_77

    Christian Fuchs to Aston Villa

    It wasn’t very long ago when FT was hailing Fuchs’s League Cup performance and calling him a model professional for keeping in shape and putting in a shift when called upon. He makes one mistake yesterday, which he followed up on by putting two peaches in the box that should have turned into goals, and now he’s suddenly horrible. What a joke.
  8. The_77

    Mohamed Elneny

  9. The_77

    Silva back to Sporting

    Inconiminh t Strong post just hours before the Nacho Man kicks off this year’s version of his trademark FA Cup goalscoring bonanza.
  10. The_77

    Mohamed Elneny

  11. The_77

    Mohamed Elneny

    He’s played in the Champions League, and helped Egypt qualify for a little tournament called the World Cup for the first time in 28 years. Oh yeah, he also played in the World Cup.
  12. The_77

    Ricardo Pereira

    Pereira in front of Simpson worked wonders against Man City once that sub was made and did just fine against Everton.
  13. I've been telling lots of people that we should take inspiration from Atleti for how we build our squad into a perennial contender: a hardworking defensive unit that is difficult to breakdown and can create enough high-quality chances a game to get results. I think that's a much more sustainable path to success than becoming a budget Man City. And to those who say that method only works against the big clubs, Atleti seems to do pretty well in a league that has plenty of small clubs as well. The games against Chelsea, Man City, and Everton weren't very pretty but, damn, I really enjoyed watching us stifle nearly every attack that came our way. An early kick off on New Year's was always going to be an ugly game and Puel got the tactics spot on for a satisfying smash & grab win.
  14. Pulisic has been dealing with injuries this year. And you can also believe that Chelsea and Nike will go all-in promoting this deal in the States.
  15. Surprised to see Evans so high after the dangerous giveaway and foul on the edge of the box. Had a strong game otherwise.