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  1. And anyone of us could rattle off a bunch of players on whom we’ve spent so much more on the transfer market, yet Dimi is Public Enemy #1. It didn’t work out for him— that’s football. The club’s moving on, he’s moving on, we’re in a great position and looking to strengthen. It’s not that bad.
  2. Sure, that poster was wrong about that, I’m not disputing that. But this was also a ridiculous thing to say: “At one point he spent a good proportion of his life on social media moaning about a lack of first team opportunities “
  3. People on FoxesTalk spend a lot more time bringing up his posts than he ever did making them.
  4. But Nuñez isn’t a Portuguese name.
  5. What are we going to do when he moves and the Transfer Talk threads can’t offer him up as a swap for Leo Messi?
  6. Even if wages weren’t an issue, he would never come to Leicester. Leicester players hate him— some have straight up told me that in the past. 😂 Also, he’s completely volatile and our management wouldn’t take that risk. Now, Balotelli, on the other hand, needs to come home to the Midlands.
  7. Wow, this thread is still going.
  8. I’ll call him up in the morning and ask him!
  9. I’ve watched a decent amount of Marseille this season and he’s looked great for most of it.
  10. Yeah, I suppose a player like Ings doesn’t come around too often!
  11. Tielemans and Fofana are much younger players who can earn us a good fee if/when we sell them. Fofana’s value has probably doubled just in the short time he’s been here, whereas Ings’s value would likely go down once he’s past 30.
  12. Did he? Anyone watching the game already knew we did exactly what he described, well, everyone except Frank Lampard.
  13. Obviously! Rodgers knew he was a weak link and set up so that he would be causing harm to his own side with every forward run. Also allowed us to completely overrun Chelsea’s midfield.
  14. Outclassed them everywhere. Rodgers gave Chelsea all of Chilwell’s side of the pitch and they couldn’t do a damn thing with it. Brendan had the perfect setup and the boys executed. Everyone involved in this game for us deserves so much credit and praise.
  15. Vardy wasn’t exactly pulling up trees when he first arrived, as good as his record was in lower divisions. Barnes was scoring for fun at West Brom before he was recalled. Barnes looked like the better finisher yesterday (Vardy had an off day) and made plenty of incisive runs. No doubt that Barnes could be a deadly striker but for now he’s best making his terrorizing runs down the left side. I seem to remember someone else playing as a wide forward on the left side for a while... 😜
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