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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 96 seconds  
  2. 90s Football Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 139 seconds  
  3. San Antonio/Austin Leicester Fans

    A friend of mine lives thats way and is from Leicester. Not sure if he is on Foxes talk though. I'll ask him.
  4. neo natal death support

    Good luck with the run. SANDS are a fantastic charity. They supported me after my 8 month old son passed away in the neo natal unit. These times are hard but its fantastic to see that you have inner strength to raise money in memory of Daisy.
  5. Midget Spinners

    my 8 year old was looking over my shoulder as i was reading the forum and said 'how far away are they'. love it
  6. What gigs are you going?

    Not far from earl mountbatten. Wasn't the best of sounds but just hear it. I heard a few people say beforehand that they didn't want to watch them. But what i've seen of them they are a fantastic live band
  7. What gigs are you going?

    Any good? I wanted to go but my wife was working and the kids would of complained. I sat in the back garden with a beer and a fire whilst listening to them. Not as good as being there though
  8. I hate the term 'Over the Line'. Its being used all the time, especially on Talksport.
  9. Hope to see you in there
  10. Hello I moved over to the Isle of Wight in October so missing out on the atmosphere in Leicester. Starting to feel homesick. Any fellow City fans on the Isle of Wight? If yes then where are you watching the game tomorrow? I'll be in the Hogs in Newport with my 2 boys, would be good if we can have a few joining us. Unfortunately no beer for me as i coach Basketball at 5-6. But got a pass out from the wife to go straight back to the pub to celebrate if we win. Be good to get a good atmosphere going.
  11. Life at the top

    I'm a Knicks fan so not a glory hunter at all. This time last year it wasn't good being a city or knicks fan but things are looking up. I now live on the Isle of Wight and lots want city to win the league. Still can't beat going in the pub to watch a match and being the only city fan there but still jumping up when we score as the rest of the pub is quiet.
  12. Would you ever contemplate suicide?

    Its positive that your talking about it. Like others have said that things can get better and talking to people can help. People are here to talk to if you don't want to speak to a doctor. I've been through times of planning to kill myself and even got to the point of as my wife was driving down the motorway i was going to open the door and jump out. I told her straight away what i wanted to do. Please talk to somebody. PM me or others who have offered. Carl
  13. Cycling

    It was 120 miles not km. I started at 4am and did 13 hours (including stops)
  14. Cycling

    Keep adding a few km/miles on every ride. I started off doing a cycle to work which was 6 miles each way. Then weekends it was 10/20/30 upwards to 100 miles. My speed has never been fast and some of my mates find it funny that i'm last on Strava. But it doesn't matter. GO at your own pace. If your struggling change down a gear, if too easy then change up. As the miles build up then eating is the biggest problem imo. I attempted a cycle ride from Leicester to the Isle of Wight in one day. Managed just over 120 on my own before having to give up. Probably would of completed it if with others. The year after i cycled Leicester to Caistor on Sea and back over 4 days. I believe that anybody can do that distance with the correct training. Seeing the world through the speed of a bike is a great thing
  15. Career change

    I'm also looking at doing the same. Selling up and doing something for the family we want to do. Got an idea of a career change but just need the balls to do it. Don't want to look back over my life and think all i've done is make other peoples dreams become a reality by working for them in a job i only do to pay the bills.