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  1. I loved every minute I spent there. It's a cracking island
  2. kenny


    Esurv do visit but they are scroats and are the cheapest ones for the mortgage companies to employ. They are an agent with a network of self employed valuers hence they are cheap. The valuers have become very risk averse and you will find that the person inspecting your property knows nothing of the area. The fact that 5 people can all agree to pay the asking price means that the house is worth that price. To a valuer visiting the area for the first time they can disagree with this and leave you high and dry. Gone are the days where the value is what people will pay for
  3. kenny


    Esurv? Been shafted ourselves in the past. Valuing a 3 bed detached at lower than semis on the same road.
  4. Something had to be done. The planners at a nearby hospital wanted 13 weeks to approve a new oxygen tank to be installed as part of the Covid preparations. As long as the government are unable to do what they say because the civil servants are being difficult, we will see more and more power being transferred to Westminster.
  5. kenny


    I wouldn't let any form of Surveyor that I don't have a contract with enter my home then carry out intrusive testing to it. I am highly qualified in my field but I am not capable of damaging a home then making good all surfaces and finishes. Furthermore (at my healthy hourly rate) it would not be feasible for anyone to pay me to do it. If you have Surveyors or Engineers prepared to do that type of work then you have done well but they won't be making a mess in my home any time soon!
  6. kenny


    I can assure you we don't!
  7. We went to a 9 day fortnight and productivity did go up as a result. We have a good motivated workforce and I wouldn't guarantee it would work everywhere however. It's also not contracted so it can be taken away if it isn't working out.
  8. kenny


    All surveys exclude what cannot be seen. So a structural survey would not have picked up dry rot unless it was visible on the exposed timber. In that case, it should have been picked up in the valuation report. The other tricky thing to navigate, is that the valuer has a contract with the mortgage supplier, not the vendor so they are under no obligation to assist. If Rumble wished to claim, he would need to claim from the mortgage supplier in the first instance.
  9. kenny


    Great post, landlords are constantly demonised and have very little protection from the government. The vast majority just want a small investment for the future and want own a property that they would be happy to live in themselves. There are some fairly bad stories of HMO's, sublets etc but this is not a reflection on the industry as a whole. For those that complain about property prices etc, one way the government could assist is by ensuring that new build properties are not sold to investors by way of planning conditions. There is already the affordable requirement
  10. Much of what is developed is council and national policy rather than developer lead. They of course want to make as much as possible by getting as many units on the site as they can. However, the look and size of the building is often dictated by the planners who are obessed with bricks in Leicester. There are very few Leicester developments that don't have vast swathes of brick as it is the only thing that will be accepted. Many of the developers I work with are excellent and want to do a good job. This approach typically sells better with higher rates than the build them cheap st
  11. Sister in law has been told that any teacher that is concerned about safety are not needed back at school. Guess that means they have no intention of opening. Yet LBC this morning were discussing bringing teachers out of retirement due to a huge shortage and caused by smaller class sizes. Why would teachers bother going back if they don't have to?
  12. Can't get planning for student accommodation as it has listed elements of the building. I'm told it's interior is of particular historical interest.
  13. Labour activist hoping to be an MP perhaps? Or a doctor that realises you earn more through private agency work than you do with the NHS?
  14. Most interesting is the white box immediately above the memorial garden. It is currently unlabelled so this could be the arena being mentioned. I really can't see student accomodation being built there either!
  15. Its a high level utilities drawing probably produced as part of the national grid land deal. To the right of the drawing is labelled as the Energy Centre, so it looks like the club is re-locating that office as part of the deal.
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