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    Great post, landlords are constantly demonised and have very little protection from the government. The vast majority just want a small investment for the future and want own a property that they would be happy to live in themselves. There are some fairly bad stories of HMO's, sublets etc but this is not a reflection on the industry as a whole. For those that complain about property prices etc, one way the government could assist is by ensuring that new build properties are not sold to investors by way of planning conditions. There is already the affordable requirement on developments that works well. But if the other 2/3 bed propeties were not snapped up by Buy to Let investors this would assist with first time buyers looking for a starter home.
  2. Much of what is developed is council and national policy rather than developer lead. They of course want to make as much as possible by getting as many units on the site as they can. However, the look and size of the building is often dictated by the planners who are obessed with bricks in Leicester. There are very few Leicester developments that don't have vast swathes of brick as it is the only thing that will be accepted. Many of the developers I work with are excellent and want to do a good job. This approach typically sells better with higher rates than the build them cheap stack them high approach. The opinions on here are not reflective of the majority of developers who are hamstrung by the planners and planning policy.
  3. Sister in law has been told that any teacher that is concerned about safety are not needed back at school. Guess that means they have no intention of opening. Yet LBC this morning were discussing bringing teachers out of retirement due to a huge shortage and caused by smaller class sizes. Why would teachers bother going back if they don't have to?
  4. Can't get planning for student accommodation as it has listed elements of the building. I'm told it's interior is of particular historical interest.
  5. Labour activist hoping to be an MP perhaps? Or a doctor that realises you earn more through private agency work than you do with the NHS?
  6. Most interesting is the white box immediately above the memorial garden. It is currently unlabelled so this could be the arena being mentioned. I really can't see student accomodation being built there either!
  7. Its a high level utilities drawing probably produced as part of the national grid land deal. To the right of the drawing is labelled as the Energy Centre, so it looks like the club is re-locating that office as part of the deal.
  8. The black box are the disabled parking bays in a longer row of parking off the service road. The blue dashed line is the gas line.
  9. kenny

    Corona Virus

    I would ask for a 'valuation' of the build in its current state then get the builder to return those monies. In reality, you have no idea how long it will be until they return back to the project so I wouldn't leave it.
  10. I watched the game. It's clear from the rear view that the ball did not touch Ian's hand. Var and more importantly the lack of decision making from the on field ref has cost us a goal. For all of those complaining about our mental fragility, you need to understand that the players and fans no longer understand the rules of the game they are playing. We have a team of players that are constantly knocked by a series of bemusing and incorrect decisions. Any professional person would struggle to overcome the constant setbacks being faced this season. Hopefully we can ride out the bizarre mess of a season being created by the referees association. But if this is the future of football then I doubt it's a sport that I will stick around with for much longer!
  11. I was going to say £15-20k for a 4m x 3m shell which works with the above. See previous posts about rising construction costs! Saying that, you can't go wrong in Burbage at the moment. There are some very large and very expensive houses being built, so any extension should be good value in that area.
  12. It's your wedding and you can be totally brutal about what you want for the day. Your guests will either enjoy the experience of going along with your day that's about the 2 of you or they won't show. People that grumble about other people's weddings really frustrate me. I'm pleased to get an invite and am excited to see what the couple have come up with to represent themselves.
  13. kenny


    Davidson's are good, but pricey. Jelson always look dull but are generally solid. Otherwise go for an independent developer
  14. kenny


    Unfortunately, Labour and material costs are spiralling. The materials are being most effected by the ever increasing Building Regulations and the demand for raw materials in China. During our build, the cost of insulation increased by 35% throughout a 9 month build. We built an 80m2 extension (2 storey) and were pleased to keep the cost below £120k as we are in the industry. Our neighbours built a 25m2 rear extension for £25k as their father was building it for free. The construction industry is at the point of collapse as a result of spiralling costs and it will rely upon people not being able to afford to move and will therefore want extensions regardless of the value it adds to their house. You are quite correct that the above costs need to be considered but in my experience a well-thought out extension will typically add the same value to the property that will be spent. A poorly thought out one will struggle to return the investment. At the end of the day, if people are happy in their homes then the value is irrelevant.
  15. kenny


    It will, but the build costs have shot up so much you are lucky to get your money back. Single storey rear extensions are costing £30-40k and 2 storey side extensions are £100-120k. This may work in Market Harborough but probably won't in any of the areas inside the ring road.
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