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  1. No, just correcting your assumption. In a race, particularly the longevity of it, it's not always the start that necessarily determines where you finish. Hence, why I gave the Blackpool analogy. Even sprints, Usain Bolt was renowned for his poor starts, but rarely lost.
  2. Not when the race is a marathon. If you sprint the first 400 metres, you may be well ahead, but you are not going to keep that pace up for 26 miles. It's a bit like the hare and tortoisevsyndrome. I remember when Blackpool stormed the first 10 to 15 games, yet were still relegated.
  3. Love the way he sprinted back from our corner just before half time, to make timely interception after Ricardo's mistake.
  4. Perhaps we would have to be Citeh ?
  5. Can't see us signing Kane this window. I think a £70 million bid would be rejected. Can't blame them really.
  6. He got that when he lost control of the ball and had to slide into a tackle to win it back. It happened about 2 minutes prior to him going off.
  7. Soyuncu looks a million miles away from a Premier League defender. Outmuscled and out thought on too many occasions by a League 2 attack. Perhaps I am being too harsh and it may be a one off, but it didn't fill me with any confidence.
  8. Great player who has game changing abilities. My main concern is that Pep will see Maddison as his replacement and continue to have a little word in his ear at the end of both matches this season.
  9. Being the nephew of the Sultan of Brunei, one of, if not,the richest men in the world, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is some financial benefit in retaining his services
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