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  1. Tarkowski for me. £35m is a lot of money, but he would be low risk. £35m for Forfana is high risk. No Prem experience, indeed no real experience at all. It's a real gamble that could go either way. What we don't need right now is another Benkovik who was also highly rated, but still isn't ready to compete for a place in the starting Xl. ideally, buy both and loan Fofana back for a season to gain more experience.
  2. Lucky boy, Mane. Thought it might be a straight red.
  3. Possibly, but my money is on Tarkowski signing before Friday this week.
  4. He is quoted in today's Leicester Mercury, or Leicestershire Live webpage as it likes to be known.
  5. Doubt it. With Maguire, we had 2 possible ready made options , unfortunately Benkovic hasn't made the progression as expected. In this case there isn't a ready made replacement or 2, so the only real upside is that we probably only need one centre half and Armarty can be used as 4th choice or a utility player.
  6. Read through the match thread earlier. Can't believe how much carp was written about him in the first half. The lad is learning still, but learning fast. He is such a useful player and in the second half completely nullified Mahrez.
  7. To me he's worth every penny. Our defence is so much better and well organised when Evans plays.
  8. It depends what you call value for money. £20m will only get you a championship centre half. Unfortunately proven centre halves cost upward of £30m.
  9. I agree that £35m is a huge sum, but we sold Maguire for £80m. Is Tarkowski only half the player Maguire is? Whilst Fofana is undoubtedly the more exciting prospect, Tarkowski has proven Premier League ability. For a player in his prime who has represented country, currently playing for a poor team, I feel £35m is probably the going rate.
  10. Must be well regarded at Everton as he has been rewarded with a new contract, which he has just signed. For me, with the start we have had, Tarkowski is less of a risk than Forfana. Albeit, Fofana may turn out to be a world class player.
  11. Highlights only really showed our goals. Pity they didn't balance out our other efforts in the same proportion as Man City's. Made it look as though it was a pretty even contest, when in reality we were very comfortable, apart from the first 20 minutes.
  12. Brilliant today - but this is the standard he will need to replicate on a consistent basis. Certainly worth a place in the squad, but a centre half signing is still a priority. If Dan hi happy as 4th choice, then there probably aren't many better 4th choices in the league. He also is a versatile player and can play in several position, which is useful to have from the bench.
  13. Would love a last minute run, full length of the field, gains a penalty that Vardy puts away to give us a 1 - 0 victory. He did arrive from Copenhagen, so if Carlsberg did . . . .
  14. Probably frustrated with the lack of quality around him.
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