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  1. Our defence. Good enough?

    Would like to see if we could accommodate this formation in January, provided Gray could learn the right wing back kasper Armartey Morgan Dragovic Gray Silva Iborra Ndidi Chilwell Mahrez Vardy
  2. Would go for Amartey on the bench ahead of Simpson, as he offers more flexibility
  3. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Bobby Madley is a disgrace. Has to be the centre of attention. Some of the fouls in the West Ham Southampton game were far far worse, yet a bit of a barge gets a second yellow. Appalling. However, how silly of Walker having just been booked.
  4. Marc Albrighton

    Lucky we've still got him. It wasn't until Pearson changed formation that he got his chance and took it brilliantly. I remember at one point he openly criticised Pearson and I thought he may never get the chance with us.
  5. Additional Coaching Staff to help Shakespeare?

    If Shakespeare is appointed, wouldn't be surprised if Dean Hammond is appointed as his number two. I can also see Wasilewski being offered a coaching role. Let's be honest, there would be no dissent in the dressing room!
  6. Next Manager?

    Sounds like Leicester. Decent players not playing for the manager, for what ever reason.
  7. Woy?

    If Woy was appointed Would you protest, not go, give him a chance?
  8. Guus Hiddink being lined up ?

    His record over 27 games was won 10 drew 11 and lost 6. If we say he has approximately half the games with Leicester, I,d take won 5' drew 5 and lost 3. 20 points would see us safe.
  9. Guus Hiddink being lined up ?

    Would a 37% win rate keep us up? With a few draws thrown in?
  10. Guus Hiddink being lined up ?

    At the time I didn't think Sven would come here. I'm in agreement with you, I don't for one minute think Wenger would come here, but as we are all aware, strange things sometimes happen in football.
  11. Guus Hiddink being lined up ?

    Would he though? I'm not certain about anything anymore. Is the tail wagging the dog? Personally, the only realistic person to have the players respect is probably Shakespeare. Mr. Wenger is likely to be available in the Summer. Would people be interested if that were an option, or is he a dinasour?
  12. If Ranieri goes, manager suggestions

    Shakespeare until the end of the season, then Wagner from Huddersfield, for me.
  13. Thought Schwartzer was with us the season before we won the league, so he didn't win back to back titles.