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  1. Perhaps this is a fact, but it may also be clever psychology so we aren't held to ransom on transfer fees in January, should other clubs think we have money to throw at any player. Just a thought.
  2. When I watch the TMO in rugby, to check forward passes or offside infringements there are no lines on the screen, it's all down to the judgement of the TMO. Personally, I think this would be a better scenario than the exact science, where offsides are being given if your toe nail is a bit too long. So, if there is no obvious offside when looking at the decision with the naked eye, the decision should go with the attacking team. Obvious offsides should be awarded accordingly.
  3. Mahrez by a country mile and his fellow professionals thought so to. Worthington, Guppy and Cambiasso also strong contenders for second best.
  4. It's Westley and Forest
  5. I wonder if Palace would consider £50 mil + Slimani? Slimani would suite Palace with the style they play and Zaha, IMO, would be the final piece of the jigsaw.
  6. Thing is, he was. Probably masterminded the great escape.
  7. I play golf with a bloke that plays all his shots left handed except when he putts, which he does right handed. Weird.
  8. Like others have said he struggled against Wood. Fortunately for Cags modern football seems to moving away from the massive target man and only a few teams with limited squads tend to adopt this style. For most teams we play against at this level, he will be very competent.
  9. Perhaps he feels the £50+ million transfer fee Leicester are likely to receive is repaying any perceived debt?
  10. I thought you went up through the gears. Playing in first gear would suggest playing at at worse level than second.
  11. If VAR had gone for us at Liverpool, but against us today, we would be a point worse off. So I'll take what we have and move on.
  12. Wonder if we were top 4 and likely to be there on a regular basis whether it would entice him to hang around. I mean why would he want to go to a mid table club like Man U?
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