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  1. Yeah I was out celebrating and thanking those who gave their lives for our liberty, at a safe distance from anyone else. I also go out and clap the Key workers as I have family who have had their lives saved by their bravery. Bit different to organising a sex party because I'm bored and then expecting sympathy because I'd been given a rough time.
  2. Never seen him look so clean and tidy. He looks better now than he did 10 year ago.
  3. I'd have risked it mate. You never know you may have ended up with Covid 69.
  4. Think this might be a bit of a bum deal .
  5. Probably only played a handful of games as most of the time he is suspended.
  6. Always thought Dean Hammond was reliable. Just did his role effectively with limited ability.
  7. How does Grealish's agent know this mates number if they ran away from them?
  8. Patrick Gerrbrand all over the place at centre half
  9. Managed 10, got Callum H A wrong, but have to confess, 3 or 4 were calculated guesses.
  10. Loved the chant from outside the ground 'Just like a library'.
  11. Evans for me. Mr. Consistency. Can't think of any game where his level of performance has dropped. Yes, he's made the odd mistake, but throughout the season he has been so reliable. It is highly likely that Soyuncu has improved as a result of Evans' mentoring.
  12. Sad that we are bemoaning a VAR ruling. Being 3rd in the league we should have enough to comfortably beat Norwich without having to rely on VAR interpretations. If we turn up and play to our potential VAR shouldn't have been an issue. By the way, whether we agree with rule or not, we all know that the goal was going to be chalked off. Can't really complain as Wolves we're equally mystified at our place when their attempt was disallowed.
  13. Last time it tipped it down on an away game on a Friday night we won 9 - 0. Fingers crossed.
  14. Really, without Kane and Son for the rest of the season?
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