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  1. Credit to the Toon, they have come with a game plan and it's worked perfectly, but Christ it's boring. Glad we avoided Rafa.


    I think the dilemma he would have going to CL club is the same as when he was at Monaco where he failed to establish himself. He knows he fits in well at Leicester and can spend 3 years show boating his skills in the best league in the world. If he continues to impress we would probably have a £100 million player to sell and at 24 would still be a very attractive proposition to the big clubs all over Europe. You never know we may be a CL club in 3 years time and he chooses to stay.


    I don't disagree, but I would also argue that we only have one style of play and whilst at present that is working fine there will come a situation where a plan B is required. Rondon could offer that requirement and not be too against being mainly a bench player. I agree that a further striker, an understudy, to Vardy is also needed.
  4. Can only see a win if we turn up in the right frame of mind. If Huddersfield give it a go it could be an entertaining high score win, otherwise, a routine 2 nil.


    Did you expect us to win the league with Ulloa? Someone like Rondon is a good option to have from the bench. We have no Ariel threat or a player who can hold the ball up when we are under the kosh. We are a bit like Spurs with Kane, no top quality striker will want to come to Leicester and sit on the bench.
  6. I still think the big thing in our favour is that Monaco are very keen to keep Silva. Added to this is his desire to play regularly which we can guarantee and the lad looks genuinely happy at the club. I would certainly hope that breaking our transfer record on this type of quality player is within the recruitment remit.
  7. Not sure the main source is the duty free. The King Power wealth empire has grown exponentially since Vichai took over as Chairman. I would think they have made investments on a grander scale to make the kind of profit margins reportered by De Loits.
  8. Daily papers saying Man U confident of signing him in the Summer for £65 million. I would snap their hands off if true. Benkovic will be a more than adequate replacement.
  9. It depends what you class as bang average. Bang average Premier League player maybe, but in France he may suit their style of play and be outstanding. Whilst not a fit for us, he could be outstanding for them. We regard Tielemans as outstanding, Monaco see him as poor.
  10. MGLCFC


    Think this will be down to the player. He has stated that he would prefer to play regularly, rather than being a rotational squad player, which he probably would be at one of the top 4 clubs. This fact puts us in a strong position and it just depends whether or not Rodgers wants him and whether or not we are prepared to break a club record for his signature.
  11. Ok add another £5 million on. Still only takes our net spending to £10 million, which we could probably save on the high wages from released or players being sold.
  12. This may not be popular, but I would consider selling Maguire and Chilwell. This should realistically bring in at least £100 million. With that we could secure some top class players. Tielemans £25 million + Silva Ziyich £40 million Tierney £25 million Adams £15 million Bring back Benkovic, give Morgan a one year extension and Amartey should be back as back up. That would be the defence sorted with what we already have. Could realistically sell Mendy, King, James, Simpson, Slimani, Diabate and Ghezzal and recoup around another £20 million and bring in another midfielder. Hopefully BR can get Nacho man firing. There appears to also be some talent in the U23's that could push for first team contention.
  13. Agree - Most would welcome back Steve Walsh as head of recruitment, yet he is poorly regarded on Merseyside.
  14. Not sure I want it this season. Would prefer Rodgers to have a full pre season with a newish squad. Get them as sharp and fit as possible so we can hit the ground gunning at the start of the season.
  15. Lots of talk about us signing someone with experience who wouldn't mind sitting on the bench. Surely, Morgan fits the bill. Yes he is past his best, but would do a job in an emergency.
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