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  1. Arsenal would go into the CL if they win the EL. 5th would still qualify for EL. I think the only scenario of 5th not getting EL is if Chelsea win CL and finish out of the top 4 and all your other permutations occur.
  2. Won't be any better off going to Spurs if it a worry about players breaking Covid rules as they have some of the worst offenders.
  3. That's putting it mildly. If they do apologise, will it be because they were caught or because they genuinely feel that they have let the whole Leicester City family down.
  4. Disagree, the club and teammates have paid the price for their stupidity and in Maddison's case, it's not the first time he has shown a poor lack of judgement, Most of us who have made poor judgement calls haven't done it in a national crisis. I'd love to have a party with my mates and family, but unlike these clowns I can't afford a fine of £10000 for organising one.
  5. Utter brain dead. The most important game of the season and they've let the club and team mates down. Wouldn't mind, but Maddison has form and doesn't seem to learn from his errors.
  6. Agree, but a defeat could put a seed of doubt again in their minds and then those 4 winnable games become very tense, particularly if you drop points in the first one. 6 wins on the bounce I'm going for. That will tie up Champions League football and an FA cup final.
  7. I think 5th at the beginning of the season would have been a good season, but I fear if there is a repeat of last season, i.e. failing to make Champions League from the position we are now in, could have a damaging effect both mentally and on player retention.
  8. If we make Champions League, the squad needs to be strengthened as our limitations were shown in the inferior European competition this year. With no FFP now, I can see even more investment into the squad, particularly if we want to maintain our status as a top 6 club.
  9. We put £20m away for Under, which we aren't now spending.
  10. Not sure we were fighting off relegation. Granted it wasn't the best of seasons domestically, but did he forget that that season we also manged to give Athletico Madrid a fantastic run for their money in the Champions League Quarter Final. Comes across as ungrateful, to me. Brilliant talent, however, where would he have been without Leicester taking a chance on him?
  11. I'd be more than happy with either outcome. 👍
  12. Yeah, probably be awarded one, then miss it like the last time we had a penalty at West Ham. Luckily, we still went on to win, so I'd take that scenario.
  13. Agree. Strange how our expectations have massively changed over such a short period.
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