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  1. Amended Babs
  2. What are you saying, he shouldn't be given a chance to prove he is good enough. A fit Matty James is better than King And Amartey, and probably Mendy. So I would suggest he does need the chance to show what he can do.
  3. Got to give the bloke a chance. Worst case scenario he isn't up to it and we sell in January. Best case scenario, he saves us millions.
  4. I've resigned myself to him leaving. If Roma are prepared to pay €48 mil it's not a bad price for someone who doesn't want to be here. You could get 2 or 3 top class players for that money. Potentially, Smalling, Ziyech and Cafu.
  5. Every year prices inflate. Would could have got Keane for £20 mil, but thought it too much - he is now valued at £30 mil. If we want a player bad enough you may just have to ask the asking price. Mahrez, IMO offered far less for us last year, than Sigurdsson did for Swansea. Yet we still value Mahrez at £50 mil. I'm not suggesting we should pay £50 mil unless we are confident he would make a major impact.
  6. Or Cambiasso
  7. But if they are not willing to spend £40mil, we should.
  8. I agree, just wanted to say something to get to 100 pages. Sad I know.
  9. I know it's sad, but I got there. 100 pages.
  10. Pre-season has started and our transfer policy has brought in one key player. Not good enough.
  11. Splash the cash and get Sigurdsson in.
  12. Leicester's transfer policy is shambolic.
  13. And Klassen
  14. Would like 5 additions Defence Ake Zouma Midfield Adrien Silva No. 10 Gylfi Sigurdsson Forward Lucas Perez This would be if the following left Musa Mendy Mahrez Ulloa I don't think the net outlay would be too bad then
  15. I don't suppose we would moan if we could buy the league?