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  1. Great player who has game changing abilities. My main concern is that Pep will see Maddison as his replacement and continue to have a little word in his ear at the end of both matches this season.


    But £90 million for 26 year old defender is reasonable?
  3. Think they would be in the top 6. Why. Well, they would have all the revenue from Sky that we enjoy. They would then be able to buy much better players and I think that would be a very attractive proposition for quite a few players. The only thing holding Celtic back is the awful league that they play in which attracts little to revenue.
  4. If we could actually sell Slimani, that would be 'money for nothing'
  5. I am not advocating the sale of Maguire, but he is prone to errors. I wouldn't be opposed to Dunk as a replacement. He won't be as dynamic as Maguire, but he is solid and does score a fair number of goals every season, I believe.
  6. I hope that Mendy will be going and this is an alternative type of midfielder. We have Ndidi and Choudhury that can play the holding role. We don't need 3 similar players for one position IMO.
  7. Slimani Return to Sender
  8. Feel back in those days Vardy was a much bigger idiot than he is today. Remember the issues in the restaurant with the Chinese bloke, when RDL had to physically calm him down. My own opinion, for what it's worth, is that Vardy didn't like Cambiasso running the show, because a) he thought he was top dog b) he had loyalty to Pearson. l may be completely wide of the mark, but anyone watching Leicester at the end of that season, could see how much positive influence Cambiasso had during games, and maybe at training and whilst I really have a lot of time for NP and what he has done for the club, I feel our survival that year was as much down to Cambiasso's influence as it was Pearson's.


    I think we have 2.young, talented centre backs already that we could develop. I am pretty sure Benkovic and Suyoncu (sorry for the spelling) were bought as an insurance for the likelihood we would lose Maguire at some stage.
  10. MGLCFC


    I think Dunk is a good defender, however, if (and I am not convinced we will) sell Maguire, I'd like to see the money invested elsewhere. We have 4 decent centre halves, two of which are proven at this level, and if we could buy Tielemans, Fraser (in a swap situation with Gray), Adams, Peresic and Rodriguez (mainly for an alternative option and at £5 mil its not really a risk), I think that would bean outstanding window and would probably still have a relatively small net spend (if Silva is part of the Tielemans deal)
  11. With my blue tinted glasses on I am hoping we can keep the squad together, add a couple of quality players and make the Champions League again. That way, we may retain players and keep attracting better ones.
  12. Being the nephew of the Sultan of Brunei, one of, if not,the richest men in the world, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is some financial benefit in retaining his services
  13. Could add a bit more now he's a proven penalty taker.
  14. MGLCFC


    It is surely better playing every week for us in Europe's top league, rather being a bit part player at one of the top 6 clubs or worse still going to a European club and being shut out like he has been at Monaco. Look at our young players, they are getting international recognition because they are playing regularly at Leicester.
  15. Either it is last year's news or total fiction.
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