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  1. Thought Child care support bubbles were still allowed
  2. Why would they? We are the bigger club they have been looking for. 😃
  3. Doesn't look good though when the rest of us are being repeatedly told to keep our distance. I'd love to hug my grand children, but can't (even though I have done everything by the book) and won't as I have been asked not to. Footballers should think themselves lucky they can carry on doing what they enjoy doing. Most of us have had to accept the harsh realities of this dreadful situation. It doesn't help when a minority of them act in an irresponsible way, then apologise for being caught. Players like Kyle Walker should have their contracts terminated. There is absolutely no excuse for repeat


    Think BR has had a look at Hamza over the last 18 months and may have come to the conclusion that he hasn't the skill set to work in our system (that's not to say he couldn't be effective elsewhere). Perhaps the opportunity to bring KDH into the 1st team squad gives BR half a season to establish whether or not he feels he can make the necessary step up.

    Islam Slimani

    Don't think it matters. If a loan, it will be to the end of the season, when he won't be on the books anymore as his contract will have expired. If it is a sale, I believe it's a free transfer. We benefit from not having to pay his wages, either way.
  6. But I am not disputing that we have sold players for really good profits. I'm just inferring that losing £9m on Haller is peanuts, considering how much we have lost on Silva and Slimani in transfer fees and wages. At least West Ham have had the sense to sell whilst they can recoup some of their outlay, whereas we've been lumbered with Slimani for 4 years and Silva for 3 and let them go for nothing.
  7. Don't think we should be too critical of West Ham selling Haller for a £9m loss, when you look at the hit we have taken on Slimani and Silva.
  8. Didn't we spend £30+mil on an unproven defender who was only 19?
  9. I agree, but at present no one seems capable of that. So if this level of inconsistency is maintained any one of the top 10 could still be in the mix for a top 4 place.
  10. We have only drawn against Man U and Palace this season (I know you are looking at the whole of 2020). You could argue wins against Man City, Spurs, Wolves and Arsenal, do make us top 4 contenders. If you look at all the teams in and around us, they've all dropped points against teams they wouldn't have expected to beat. I agree, our form isn't consistent enough, but no one has been that consistent. We might not make top 4, we may finish 10th, but equally we could be in the mix at the back end of the season.
  11. Why would Jota move from Liverpool to Leicester, having only just signed for them.
  12. The new training facility should put us ahead of the queue for players like Olise. He would be able to develop under a top class manager and at £8m we should see an handsome return in a few years time. We obviously aren't the same attraction as Liverpool, but if it is about his own development I would have thought we are a better proposition.
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