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  1. Puel

    Oh here we ****ing go again. Get a grip.
  2. Why do people love to hate our manager?

    Because he doesn't lump it up to a big man up front and we don't score from corners.
  3. Puel

    ****ing hell.
  4. Puel-come to the future

    Im all for letting Puel build something here including his heavy involvement with our new training ground but not starting Iborra and Silva is becoming a joke. Dragovic can feel aggrieved too. Morgan is passed it.
  5. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    Whats happening to Bournemouth, Brighton, Derby, Forest, QPR and all the others that have breached it?
  6. ooooo I have a problem. Terrific. Mahrez just happens to play with Vardy and Okazaki most the time, two of the hardest working forwards youll find, creating all kinds of space for him. Shall we go on the stats that everyone rinsed about comparing Mahrez to Coutinho? Sane and Sterling this season have breathed assists and goals.
  7. Because from what ive seen this season of all three players, in my opinion, the two Man City players have offered more.
  8. Im not underrating Mahrez at all its just Sane and Sterling have been on fire and are also quicker players.
  9. Seriously though would he start ahead of Sterling and Sane this season? Bernardo Silva has a higher celling too in my opinion. De Bruyne and David Silva pick themselves as the two 10's. Could even make a case for Gabriel Jesus playing ahead of Riyad. They also have Gundogan who plays 10 occasionally with Foden and Diaz coming through. So for me Riyad would be the 3rd/4th choice winger.
  10. Not in training again today then? Pathetic. Why tarnish 4 of the best years of his career for the sake of a move to sit on the bench at a 'bigger club'? Full strength squad he wouldn't start for City.
  11. Everton 2-1 A Post Match Thread

    At least Puel now has an excuse to drop Albrighton and James for the next game and bring in the creative Silva and ball-keeping, controlling influence of Iborra. Gray was quiet and ineffectual but had to feed of scraps, yes he could've done more but there was no creativity from behind. Chilwell is still learning and will come good.
  12. New training ground announced

    Posted 22 January Said all along there was nothing concrete at Botcheston. Park Hill however...the ball is rolling.
  13. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    'Where were you when you were Sh*t' We've always had class away support + sold half their ground on like 4 occasions in recent times?
  14. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    The Irony of the peterbro chants. Good god.