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  1. Muzzy_no7

    New training ground announced

    Purchase is complete, just awaiting registration documents now I've heard.
  2. Muzzy_no7

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Pretty upset about that tbh
  3. Muzzy_no7


  4. Muzzy_no7


    Evans would be great signing. Anyone saying otherwise needs a reality check.
  5. Muzzy_no7

    Vardy to Atletico

    I would agree with a few others, 30-40m + Kevin Gamiero would actually make sense. Gives us almost a like-for-like and gives Vardy a deserved chance at a European Heavyweight, chance to win Champions League and experience another league.
  6. Muzzy_no7

    2017/2018 away followings

    Gotta be a list somewhere surely.
  7. Muzzy_no7

    2017/2018 away followings

    Cheers. Looking for a list of our away followings though. Used to be in the programmes I’m sure.
  8. Pretty certain we’ve sold out every away end. Anyone got either a list of our away followings in all competitions or a link for this? Thanks.
  9. Muzzy_no7


    Ndidi, Chilwell to a point but still worries me defensively. Needs someone to aim for in the box or change his style/increase variation of crosses. Morgan, Simpson lost causes for me. Only capable of playing deep + defensive. Choudhury. (think barnes, Thomas etc should've been given chances) I think Vardy looks a man possessed atm but don't think that's down to Puels coaching. Grays attitude stinks, he just wants to sit on a bench for a Spurs or Arsenal. Dragovic should've been played more, he's playing better here than he did last season at Leverkusen.
  10. Muzzy_no7

    When did you start to doubt Puel

    This weekend tbh. The players have downed tools and there's no way back. You cant sack half a squad and press a re-start button on some of their attitudes so there's only one way its going to go. Queue a relegation battle next year, Alladyce or similar coming in and Andy Carroll signing on loan while all the passing football moaners get sore necks. Seriously who would wanna manage this group of players at the moment?
  11. Jesus wept. https://www.ccfc.co.uk/tickets/season-tickets/ Off you go lad, taraar.
  12. Good grief those stats for assists, crosses and through balls are actually tragic.
  13. Muzzy_no7


    We need pace at the back, Dragovic provides that while also being comfortable on the ball. Simpson is also slow and looks afraid of the ball. I'd prefer Albrighton at right back for some games. Having good wing backs and centre backs who are good on the ball is so crucial now. Even Atletico Madrid push their fullbacks forward. Morgan has been a good captain, hes a tough guy and rather inspirational but that is no longer enough to warrant him selection when there is a proven chap sat on the bench.