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  1. Your Top 5 Best ever LCFC center Midfielders

    Stephen Hughes Yuki Abe Junior Lewis Radostin Kishishev Gareth Williams
  2. Candidates for 2025 City of culture

    I can tell you now. Hull is still a complete dump.
  3. Right-back

    Careful with that sort of tactical formation talk. Some on here simply wont understand anything other than two banks of 4 and hitting the channels.
  4. George Thomas

    Could say that yeah. Like to see Thomas and Barnes eased in over the next 6-12 months.
  5. George Thomas

    He's more a second striker/attacking midfielder. Quite technical but with a high work rate. Tevez-ish
  6. Right-back

    Neville offered overlaps and the odd whip. He was also a team and defensive leader.
  7. Right-back

    Bit of a sideways step really and to leave the south coast/Hampshire for Leicester?...
  8. Right-back

    Sam Byram.
  9. New training ground

    Ive got no idea what the plan is in that regard but I know that the ex-national grid building is in the hands of a wealthy organisation who 'help convert' old gas works and then sell them on for profit. So it would seem possible that King Power Holdings (another off-shore company) will purchase said building.
  10. New training ground

    Some of it, but not all of it. The building and some area close to the East Stand remains out of KP's hands.
  11. New training ground

    Now unless there's some kind of problem with the power building next door to the KP I think the club is looking at a new stadium. This would explain the delay. Would love someone to interview the board/owners.
  12. New training ground

    100%. Anyone against expansion is wrong in my eyes. Now is the time to capitalise.
  13. New training ground

    You could probably consider anything over 31,500ish a sell out really with the segregation, single seats left and ST holders not turning up. Im 99% sure if we expanded to 38-40K we would still sell out.
  14. New training ground

    No solid interest has been lodged, no contracts signed, no plans received or searches gone in. Also no planning details on Hinckley & Bosworth or Blaby sites. Rumours at the minute are exactly that, rumours.