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  1. I just can’t see Herr Hutter being successful in English football with his name as it is.
  2. I don’t think Corbyn would ever win a no confidence vote in this situation - the numbers would never be in his favour, one thing guaranteed to unite the Conservatives would be the threat of a Labour government - especially a Corbyn one. So for me a ‘no confidence’ motion is more about virtue signalling... a message to the electorate we’ve had enough of this PM - and this signal would look even stronger if May survives tonight. But if she doesn’t survive, the motion would also puts the talk of an election on the agenda - adding pressure to any incoming PM who wouldn’t have a direct public mandate - and this is something Corbyn would prefer more than the continued talk of f a people’s vote.
  3. If i were Corbyn - I’d put in the ‘no confidence motion’ as question 6 at PMQ’s today. He won’t though, will he.
  4. If you can muster the energy, it’s worth it - it may feel like a small token of nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it will give you a bit of focused energy for a while. Plus, as I imagine you realise - you’d regret it if you don’t go down. There’s no rush to do it right now - take the time you need for it to feel right - but felt a gentle push might help.
  5. Richard Wilson was the guy. i went to The Champions Wall after I visited the ground. It felt a shame there was no obvious way to add another face to the wall - or that he wasn’t on there in the first place. But that didn’t stop me sending him a message via his Facebook page to ask if it might be possible. I also suspect the thought may have occurred to him too today.
  6. Nearly 50 pages, but the first, most simple, one word post says it all really.
  7. Feel this is sadly relevant to all of us at the moment; https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.helpguide.org/articles/grief/coping-with-grief-and-loss.amp.htm
  8. May I in return offer my thoughts and condolences to the Brighton FC family, given you sadly lost one of your own at today's game Not been a great day really has it
  9. Why not use both ways of getting instructions across? Having visual and verbal instructions increases the likihood of the instructions being taken on board - even if the substitute isn’t paying full attention. The other thing to consider is how a key skill for every top footballer is visualisation - suggesting visual rather than audible instructions is a lot more effective - with basic formation visuals of a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1 or a 3-4-3 testament to that. To labour the point further - think of anything one might learn in life and consider what an advantage it is to learners to be able to see what they’re supposed to do. There are not many tasks where a teacher would rely on just vocal instructions.
  10. Lovely 5 minutes - backed Leicester to win (was strangely confident on that one this morning) and Pivoine at York. Mwah, ha, ha!
  11. I could see this being the end of him as leader... already mirred in anti-sensitise controversy, as you say this will run further still and with parliament off for the summer there’s not much to shift the political agenda. Wonder if he’ll make the reporters congregated outside his door cups of tea tomorrow?
  12. Oh and we’re light of a ‘different type’ of midfielder. Silva, Ibora, N’didi, all to similar.
  13. In a game of fine margins... two of the errors I see is managerial decisions. Personally, i wouldn’t have gone with Amartey. And I found the decision to take off Maddison strange.
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