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  1. Seattle isn't even close to the Mexican border, it's in Washington where he is for pete's sake! (Did try to check to see if Seattle had a significant Mexican or Hispanic demographic, but figures varied so much from source to source it was hard to make a firm conclusion. 6.4% Mexican (9,0% Hispanic) according to the 2010 census data (allegedly).
  2. @simFox - looks like, regrettably, your hunch was right. No animosity meant to the other three quoted, it was just interesting what the following 3 responding posts were.
  3. In the greater scheme of things... to lose here might be better for this side in the long run. Suck in all that pain of defeat and getting so close, to ensure you never want to feel that way again.
  4. Ok, a couple of things that I think Labour have to do; Appoint a female leader Appoint an MP that is based north of Watford Now for me, Angela Rayner is the candidate that best fits that profile and would prove an astute choice to put up against Johnson. Just look at her back story and tell me it's not a perfect fit to start restoring faith in the party amongst Northern voters, which is what Labour need to do if they want to get anywhere near being relevant as a political party again. I also get the feeling that at the dispatch box, Johnson would end up having a real problem - I can't see him taking her seriously, to the extent the optics could end up being really bad for him. So that would be my current pick, if I had a vote in this (I don't) - no one else, even Starmer as capable as he seems, appeals as a likely winner against Johnson. That said, if there is one small positive Labour can take from this disastrous election, it's the seed the campaign managed to plant that Johnson is both a liar and chicken. That is definitely the narrative an opposition can use to good effect over a 5 year period to turn the tables.
  5. Can imagine TV executives pondering why they didn’t have this game down as one that should be on TV. Fancy the biggest top of the table clash of the season so far being played at 3 o’clock on a Saturday! Team selection will be interesting - wonder if Rodgers has a surprise up his sleeve?
  6. Bercow's going come 31st Oct (or at the next general election if earlier). But judging from the comments in the Chamber at the moment on this subject, including 'Mr Peter Bone' and the likes of Steve Baker/Michael Gove, it seems he's well respected for what he has done as speaker on a number of areas for the benefit of Parliament. Looking back, what is clear is he's made it his aim to provide back benchers with the ability to hold the executive to account - and I don't disagree with that. The reason his role has come into a greater focus is not only because of Brexit - it's because we've gone through a period of hung parliaments and narrow majorities, resulting in Government's trying to find creative ways to getting difficult legislation through. This has led to more contested votes and situations which require ruling on - and looking objectively, where he's been required to make a decision, I personally don't think he's made a call that is obviously wrong, unfair or nonpartisan (when positioned from a viewpoint of allowing MP's to hold the Government to account). That said, I'm sure there will be some inside and out of the HoC that will be celebrating his announcement on the basis of goodbye and good riddance - and will even insist 'a true brexiter' must be installed to ensure Brexit.
  7. A clear issue with ‘no-deal’ on the terms Johnson wants is that the final situation will only be fully known 11 days before it comes into effect. That appears bonkers - how is anyone, businesses or otherwise, meant to make adequate plans for what will be a seismic change in that short a time frame? Ok, you could make preparations beforehand - some stockpiling, registering for schemes etc, but that requires substantial extra time and cost deflected away from core business, for something that may not be needed if Johnson comes back with a deal.
  8. Journalists had turned up to her house - she told them to do one from an upstairs window.
  9. Can’t agree with this sentiment. Boris no longer has the numbers in Parliament to control anything. If Johnson doesn’t ask for an extension - he’ll look awful, will promptly receive a VONC courtesy of all the bridges he’s burned inside his own party and a temporary government could sort out the extension. Legislation could then be laid down for an election (but not on BJ’s terms) and he’d find himself going into it as a rather discredited and spent force.
  10. Think the clue’s in the spelling.
  11. Well this has been a very full 2-days of politics action. So action-packed in fact Johnson’s outshone his Orange stateside doppelgänger. But could Johnson have made a key mistake - by concealing what he really wanted (no-deal and an election) until forced - he’s emphasised what the opposition parties will attack him for. Trustworthiness is a big factor in deciding elections. If he’s further cemented in the swing electorate’s minds that he’s a man who’s loose with the truth, he may end up losing as many votes as he picks up from staunch Brexiters.
  12. Plenty of people. With the absence of any form of opposition, high level of name recognition and his ‘common-sense’ politic style - Out, no ifs or buts, 20,000 more police, more funds for NHS etc - he’s going to see a swing in the polls.
  13. They've fallen apart / United have been good. The lack of experience in the Chelsea side is clear - they've played naively at times. I imagine and fear Chelsea will be a lot better against us when we go to play them.
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