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  1. Neither of them seem to want to win this... makes it a fascinating watch!
  2. Selby has a way of making any match look difficult
  3. So Moose is actually Le Pen?
  4. I ran some figures based on our very unscientific opinion poll... and it suggested a Conservative majority of 4, on account of the strong Lib Dem support being shown. I'll look to do another opinion poll in a few weeks time to see if the mood has changed any, after all, there's plenty that could happen between now and June 8th.
  5. and the money was just resting in my account
  6. @Alf Bentley You missed obvious example number 7 7) Then leader of the country leaves daughter in pub as he goes about his business!
  7. Not completely sure if this is in jest or not? 🤔
  8. This assumes the people who voted in the first round for another candidate are motivated to go out and vote again in the run off and this is possibly where Macron is more vulnerable than Le Pen? Whatever happens, given the base that Le Pen has come from over time, it's clear she isn't going to drift away from the French political scene anytime soon, so in some respects maybe it'd be just as well If she wins now? Defeat probably only delays the inevitable and a win now would make it very interesting in political terms.
  9. Be very careful... you could end up pissing them off! Have you had any hinting discussions with them on what they might like done?
  10. Hmmmm... I'd quite like to move North of the border if I had the means too.
  11. I don't like his shoes one bit - they're ridiculous and make him look fatter than he is!
  12. I assume this midfielder responds well to voice commands?
  13. You do realise the two stories you've highlighted are bourne by two completely different sources? BBC's story comes from the ONS data release and uses its headline overall figure. Sky's story comes from the UK Cards Administration - hence why that is the headline - because it's not centred on overall retail sales. Your not comparing like for like!
  14. Some may claim policies are the biggest factor, but my hunch is it's actually a mixture of; Your background (class) The area you live Your family / friends political persuasion Your level of education job type/class Your age Your gender I imagine most people will go with gut feel when it comes to voting and will ultimately look for policies to justify their position, rather than look at the balance of policies and decide from their. Voting is rather tribal, its about someone identifying with a person or group, so image is also a huge factor - which is why Corbyn is at a disadvantage because he's already been painted with a negative image across many people's mind. Now it certainly seems he's on a mission to change people's opinions of him judging by the early days of this campaign, and IF (a big if) he is reasonably successful with that this could bring further focus on May and her 'untrustworthy' character that is beginning to build around her.