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  1. That’s why it’s difficult to conclude anything. But take the example of the NFL and a receiver who can manipulate there body to miraculous standards in efforts to record a completion / touchdown, my gut feeling is Vardy cleverly got away with one.
  2. I wouldn’t say it was the same as the Nketiah incident, but I did question at the time in the match thread whether Vardy knew what he was doing at that moment? Nothing is conclusive here and to most impartial viewers it would seem to be a coming together and awkward fall resulting in a nasty outcome. However - knowing how top sporting stars are in complete control of their bodies to a ridiculous degree - he didn’t appear to do much to avoid booting Mustafi in the head 😉
  3. The Guy was class before he joined us - the only surprise Is no one else took a punt before us. But not a bad player for Justin to learn from and as you say, I like what I’ve seen from him. A lot was asked of him tonight, but he stuck to it.
  4. How frustrating to see our final 11 showing such a great shape and balance compared to what was put out to start. Yes it was against 10 men for a large part of those final moments, but we played some nice stuff with much greater conviction. Maybe we’ve been searching too hard for answers during this bad run - playing players in positions and formations that are completely alien to them is unlikely to work in the long run. Fingers crossed this breaths some confidence into the squad for a final push to secure the rewards that over the season these players deserve.
  5. If Rodgers intended to play a game of rope-a-dope with Arsenal, it’s a brave call, but it could just work!
  6. And even if he did - it was hard to tell whether he was offside anyway.
  7. Brilliant from Gray - this has to stand surely?
  8. Probably felt clear to the lino because all he could see was Vardy’s blue shirt.
  9. I think the ref gave him benefit of the doubt initially - the lack of crowd noise probably influences that. But no doubt it was a reckless challenge that Justin did well to escape relatively unscathed from.
  10. I felt it could have been a red on first look - the replays don’t make it look any better.
  11. Playing Mark Albrighton at left wing back is very questionable. I’m not sure what he’s seen in Bennett to fancy him over Wes or Fuchs. Playing an open formation against Arsenal is kinda playing into their hands. In short - there are plenty of other things he could have done and his first two changes already give an indication of that.
  12. Ok, Bennett’s not good enough with the ball at his feet either - sloppy passes, negative choices and negates any rhythm we try to get going.
  13. It’s to get a better balance out wide / across the middle. Already seems to be working.
  14. It’s the names of players that have let him down so he can put them into envelopes later on.
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