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  1. Get with the times Grandad!
  2. Must be careful not to judge too early - lots of people were calling De Gea shite early on at United. But that is rather poor sweeper keeping. This lad could prove quite amusing 😂 Good finish by Rom mind.
  3. @leicesterlad1989 What company is it? You probably need to contact customer services again (to cover yourself), but if we can figure out who the company directors are and what their email addresses might be, you can copy them in as well. That normally shits people into action.
  4. Oh and @Turbogre - you might want to check with your friend what exactly she was getting paid and whether it met minimum wage requirements. What she probably wants to do is go and ask for the money with 2 well built / clued in people as witnesses, when the restaurants reasonably busy - that puts the pressure on the owner. She could also go local press route, see if they'd be interested in sending a reporter with her.
  5. HMRC Fraud Hotline: 0800 788 887 One awkward bit to note with this mind - your friend could end up with a tax bill go through this route. Hopefully HMRC wouldn't be idiots and would ignore that in favour of the tip off, but technically she's earned without paying tax and NICS.
  6. You'll be sorted if your wife unexpectedly drops quadruplets then!
  7. It should be noted, within the article, Scudamore has accepted that a "39th" game is not workable. If the idea was to advance within the Premier League, it would be as part of the normal season (i.e. One round of the 38 games would be played abroad).
  8. One of the issues I sense is that austerity gave private business the excuses to suppress its own costs against workers and has ended up building in a profit margin that is unsustainable long term. For example the middle-class worker has seen themselves asked to do more for the same money and seen side perks of the job removed under the guise of 'efficiencies' - that in turn has benefited this sector of business in increasing profits in the short term, but has left the driving force of our economy squeezed for disposal income harming prospects longer term. Business has survived so far because those middle class workers can get access to credit, thus allowing them to maintain a standard of living for a period - but signs are, this won't remain the case for much longer. Problem is - how many company execs would sanction moves to make less profit now in the thinking of making sustainable profit over a longer term? There main focus is on the now (understandably). We are in a horse / cart situation.
  9. Because there were factors out of our control that stopped us confirming before the trip - and whilst on the trip, a lot of the key support staff in confirming a major deal (like the manager) will be busy with other things. This is a major signing, so I expect the club will want to treat the reveal in a way that signifies this. It's quite a different situation to the Jako signing.
  10. It's not stupid for a Chairman of a sport that has a global following and captive market overseas to want to tap into that - he wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't try and advance that agenda for the organisation he overseas; especially as he will be well aware of the American Sports success of moving games over here. It might leave a bad taste in the mouth for fans here - but chances are, within the next 25 years a meaningful game will be played overseas. I wonder if possibly there's an opportunity to do it with the FA Cup Semi-Finals; provided they consider giving a fair selection of season ticket holders of the club's reduced/free tickets and travel as compensation.
  11. It could be a simple case of using what he currently has in a formation that allows him to get players a sufficient run out. I would expect Shakespear to play certain combinations and structures he's looking at as a firm base for the future, but not necessarily all at the same time - he will need to employ the fog of war a little too. The other thing to consider is that teams now need to be able to morph the functionality of a formation both through the season and an individual game itself - you may start of playing 4-4-2 one way, but finish playing it in another based on an ever changing personnel and match situation. Interesting that one of the complaints about our first friendly was the switch to 3-5-2 was largely unproductive in an attacking sense - because that's not necessarily a bad thing. It could be, that formation is designed more as a recking tactic that prevents the opposition from playing, in which car it did its job. Whats clear, with the top 6/7 teams showing incredible strength in depth, we will need to be more flexible in approach. The high intensity approach that we've come to love and expect won't be a solution for all games.
  12. The uncomfortable truth is there are cross sections of society that cost more to employ than provide benefits for - and sadly a large proportion of these are natives, which is a damning reflection on our education system and structures around that. The immigration debate on low skilled jobs is not as black and white as you put it either... the trend for importing workers began largely because we had low unemployment and companies were struggling to fill their low paid menial work with workers from within. This is led to creating structures (like agencies specialising in bringing in foreign workers) to fill this void, that simply haven't gone away. The key thing to consider about immigration is that if there's not opportunities, immigration won't happen. For someone to move town, let alone country, they will need work and a roof over there head.
  13. Well isn't that what The Spectator article is alluding too? One of the things I wonder is whether it would be better to have a higher level of unemployed, rather than have an economy awash with the low level, pretty much garbage jobs that it has now - but clearly that's not a policy either political party will look to follow given how unacceptable that would be to the electorate.
  14. Could be a bit of nerves. He probably went with what felt most comfortable to him. Hopefully he can learn to allow himself to make mistakes - it's the best way to learn quickly.
  15. Conservatives have surely lost the next election with this move. 7 years ahead of schedule!