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  1. You're as funny as Curtis Davies who made the same pun on the radio.
  2. This must be the first time I've listened to a match on the radio since covid - because I notice they're adopting the pumped in fan noise as well!
  3. Only marginally racist there! The fact that the monkey has symbols and is a toy for children probably brings it down a peg?
  4. So not only do you have to pay £15 for the privilege of watching this, you are also be subjected to many, many marketing messages... probably about gambling, cars and beer?
  5. Slightly off topic... Baseball! We're getting to the interesting stage now with the World Series almost upon us - and a decider between the Astro's and the Ray's tonight, whilst the Braves and Dodgers match up is finally poised too. Just wondering if any of you guys have been following the action - and most importantly, know of a good freemium source to watch it from?
  6. I think it's more a question of whether the government have acted correctly in spending public money.
  7. You expecting a 400 page spike within the next few hours or something?
  8. There does seem something a bit fishy here (see snippets from article in June)... at least with someone taking the government to court they will be able to vindicate themselves to the fullest degree? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8394309/Small-family-run-pest-control-firm-won-108m-contract-procure-PPE-frontline-NHS-staff.html Revealed: Small family-run pest control firm with just 16 staff won £108MILLION contract to procure PPE for frontline NHS staff PestFix, which has 16 employees, was awarded a £108million contract in April Founder Da
  9. Bit of a short sighted view this. What do you think scientists and governments are doing with the wealth of statistical data that has come with this pandemic? That's right, they've used it to take informed measures with a view to reducing those corresponding numbers because the concern otherwise is they would continue on an upwards trend. More so, the prediction of the future based on past events is big business in normal circumstances - it's performed everywhere - and is not as impossible as you may think.
  10. Why spend 45 minutes listening to an interview and come up with a balanced positioned based on the nuance of what someone qualified to discuss a subject has to say on said topic, when you can instead spend 45 seconds making a snap judgement based on a small portion of what they said and then denounce any notion of the argument being made with an unearned level of superiority and an unreasonable level of outrage?
  11. I take it you're on about Mahrez here?
  12. Feels appropriate to bring up this past, infamous, footballing commentary in response;
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