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  1. It would appear Liverpool are suffering with what Manchester City were inflicted by last season - a boredom of creating and scoring the easy or ugly goal. A lot of the approach play was intricate and pretty today, but there was very little thrust or threat in any attack. What chances they were willing to try and take tended to be through the idea of scoring the perfect looking goal. Yet, a fair proportion of goals are scored from imperfect play; missed tackles, knock downs and quick changes of possession - and this was a method of scoring that United locked mu
  2. He know’s Utd are getting a dodgy pen in a moment.
  3. You’re wrong. The game is intriguing. (strokes moustache)
  4. Well it’s not as if UEFA have produced a full colour guide on the mater https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/uefaorg/Corepartnership/02/60/10/06/2601006_DOWNLOAD.pdf
  5. How has this poor United side found its way to the top of the table?
  6. Got to see him play a few times when up in Boro under Woodgate. He was a bright point in some very drab performances at that time - combination of solid work rate, skill and positivity in decision making and personality. Think he’d fit in well at Leicester and only develop further, be it as a winger or possibly competition at left wingback.
  7. Is Aaron Ramsey on loan out of the question? I know central midfield is not somewhere where we're in desperate need, but he's a quality player, will be available and I sense would be an excellent fit for the way we like to play. I accept, wages is a big issue here as well.
  8. One thing I will say on Villa - what a deal they've pulled off with Martinez. So calm and commanding of his box, I'm really not sure what Arsenal have done in letting him go. Leno is not a patch on this guy and in my mind, this could explain part of the Gunners decline.
  9. Best thing about Chelsea tonight, closely followed by Giroud and Kante
  10. Felt it worth responding - because I've seen that claim making the rounds in numerous places - yet struggled to find the relating study. I have no doubt a study suggesting this has been published somewhere, but whether it's peer-reviewed and indeed in anyway a widely confirmed hypothesis is rather doubtful in my view. It's one of those - information is offered and because it confirms a certain overall view about this whole situation people leap on it without questioning it. But of course those who do believe that Covid is a thing to be concerned about are the sheep. And
  11. http://www.emro.who.int/health-topics/corona-virus/transmission-of-covid-19-by-asymptomatic-cases.html Comprehensive studies on transmission from asymptomatic patients are difficult to conduct, as they require testing of large population cohorts and more data are needed to better understand and quantified the transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2. WHO is working with countries around the world, and global researchers, to gain better evidence-based understanding of the disease as a whole, including the role of asymptomatic patients in the transmission of the virus. https://www.
  12. I'm not buying that! Johnson's administration have a long history of briefing moves to the press before they make them - and the level of detail the press had before the announcement suggests to me this wasn't a rouge leak, this was information planted into the hands of journalists with purpose. He even did it with proroguing parliament. However given the speakers rebuke of government behaviour of this level back in September - Boris needs to be seen to be 'furious' that his plans were leaked by some unknown awful, awful person, but I doubt the muted 'offici
  13. But is what you say a true reflection? My recollection is that initially Johnson had the weight of people onside, even if there were some rumblings that the lockdown came too late. It seems he even got a bounce in popularity from catching the virus himself judging by this article; https://www.newstatesman.com/world/2020/10/what-happens-public-opinion-when-world-leader-gets-covid-19 https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/trackers/boris-johnson-approval-rating But then there was the Cummings affair and a pleather of further tone deaf missteps and ge
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