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  1. I did a while ago - wasn't much, a small pet project. It's still there; 🍪 🍪
  2. Have to say the comment you got was pretty fair and reserved... because over the two posts right next to each other, you've made yourself look a right tit!
  3. You may not find a 'patch' but have a look in the 'sale' section of the website. They've hidden the older, cheaper shirts, probably knowing that the new ones a bit shit and people will go... I'm not buying that!
  4. Bloody hell guys... we're the awkward leg of the Paddy Power special (the other two are already ahead)
  5. Oh dear, Shakespear out
  6. Bit harsh, but probably the way he'd want to bow out.
  7. I give Boris his due, he's giving this interview as much as he can, but there's something missing... I don't feel he fully believes the direction things are going (and Peston's picked at the thread a couple of times).
  8. If the guests are an issue, that's the time to look towards the staff!
  9. So Max Chilton has a seat in IndyCar! Just spotted after reading the initial qualifying report on Alonso. I can't avoid the feeling, Alfonso' going to do this. He's going to win the thing.
  10. Its also the wrong area to go after in relation to the grey vote... they really should go after the social care policy because the re's fantastic attack lines given the Tories used to be the party of home ownership and they've cut inheritance tax yet slapped this horrible death tax with disproportionate impacts. Plus the key in all of this... most retired people I know would much prefer to pass on a meaningful possession than 'cash' and with good reason. It's funny, their are claims of "May's moved to the centre ground" but I think she's moved to the middle of nowhere - by the sounds of it she's not appeased much to the party faithful with her manifesto and I reckon it's Corbyn's weakness that is pushing the centre leaning voters to the Tories because that's the more palatable option out of two very poor choices.
  11. Has anyone... played this on a laptop with touch screen / pen thing? If so, can you play it with touch screen or do you still have to use a mouse/trackpad?
  12. Just as the flames of the Pearson debate on this forum were dying down, you have to come in and poor petrol all over the flickering embers! If you haven't guessed from the responses so far, he devided opinion on here. For those that were glad to see the back of him, I'd suggest that this was not purely for footballing reasons and more to do with Pearson's 'rough' character and the circus that it created. On on the other hand, those that loved him still do and would probably have him back for a third spell tomorrow. Many of us extend a great deal of credit to him for our greatest ever achievement, even if he didn't play a direct hand in things that season. I'd say from my limited knowledge on your team, Middlesborough and Pearson feels like they'd be a good fit, given I believe the club already has decent foundations (youth setup especially). Given time, Pearson should be able to build on those foundations so the club has an excellent setup, where it's not just about the manager, it's a group of staff all providing input into getting the best out of the players at the club. The only danger I can see is if your fans get easily impatient... because the build tends to be more methodical and designed for longer term success rather than instant gratification, plus that Championship is a bloody tough league to get out of. Hope this gives you a picture of what to expect. Whatever happens, all the best for next season 😉
  13. Triple lock does't matter in the short term if inflation goes above 2.5% which will probably happen. Now bugger off!
  14. @Carl the Llama To answer your perdicament seriously... by posting on here, it suggests you would like companionship of some sort and have so far not found anything suitable in the wedding after party. I can agree that in this situation, getting away from the maddening crowd for a period would be very pleasant, but come the morning you may feel it a missed opportunity if you don't at least return to the party for a little bit. i therefore suggest you have a quick look in on the Tinder thread, pick up some sure fire lines from there and armed with this return to the party with renewed confidence and bag yourself a women or two (but not your sister). We don't expect to hear from you until tomorrow afternoon now. Good luck! P.S. If upon your return, an available women asks where you've been - that's a sure fire sign they're interested (otherwise why would they have noticed / care?) You could always, add "in my room, it's got a beautiful view... pause, and see if she invites herself for a look.
  15. Hang on... i popped in here to ask a serious question, not provide a crude reply to @Carl the Llama Q: Has anyone on here gone to University as a mature student and if so; What's it like / how awkward is it? What did they look at from you in terms of entry requirements? On the money side, was it diffcult to go from work and having some to studying and not having any at all? On the attracting females side... would I potentially hold an advantage because I was a mature student? (possible fringe benefit that popped into my mind). Can you offer any other guidance to someone who's contemplating it? To give some additional background... I'm 35 going on 65 and have been looking at Sports Journalism courses. I've previously worked in various finance administration roles, but that was driving me into the ground and I'm now in a position where I could make a change. I'm single with no dependents, so there's not a massive amount to stop me in that respect, but I do have a lingering thought that this could be a mid-life crisis calling (I can't afford a convertible). For what it's worth, out of the Universities that run this type degree, Teeside University is interesting me, so if anyone has experiences of this particular University that they can pass on, that would be fab. Thanks