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  1. If we want top 4, we may need to overhaul United. Out of the sides vying for the remaining spots, I think they’re the ones likely to drop the most points.
  2. I’m not going back into the main Leicester forum if that’s what you mean 😪
  3. 😫 you had to say Ham didn’t you!
  4. Well if this was a big game, next weeks is even bigger. Despite it not being worth any points, lose that and that sinking feeling could start seeping into the squad. Win and we almost have every excuse to attack each game with abandon with the knowledge that there’s two bites at completing a successful season. As for the trio not at this game - let’s not judge too much now. Their mistake is done, what is much more important now is their reaction to it and how they respond. After all, I seem to remember a certain young English midfielder
  5. Wow, that second goal is a disgrace all round. Hopefully we’ll see some sort of a response in the second half.
  6. Don’t think he had enough sight of the ball - that ball comes around two players and you need some sort of view for your brain to figure out how / where it’s diving to.
  7. indeed and to help provide me with a flow of water less than a river.
  8. If anyone could provide me with details of a flow of water less than a river via DM, that would be greatly received 😉
  9. Doubt it, The Premier League will be operating under strict protocol much like other sports. You’ve seen the same with England cricket players, where they’ve broken a bubble, that player has taken no immediate part in team activities for good reason on both clinical and disciplinary levels.
  10. Taylor showed solid no nonsense officiating today in my opinion.
  11. Wilf deserved his yellow card, no-one can really have any complaints at that.
  12. Better to lose this one than the FA Cup final. Rodgers was also a little hamstrung here in that he couldn’t exactly drop player of the month Iheanacho to the bench for a midfielder to pack the middle, which I imagine he might have preferred to do. And that doesn’t even speak of injuries to key pieces in what is our own formidable jigsaw. Players will have learnt a lot from that mind... and dare I say it, I don’t think we’re a million miles away from them.
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