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  1. Only took up running at the end of January to lose weight (and some of my internal organs along the way!), using the couch to 5k method. Up to 7.35 km at a 5:54/km pace and looking to push on to 10k! I've requested to join this group via the Stravia app so I can share my pain on this front too!!
  2. Leicester all day long. Easy question to answer tbh as a Scotland fan (we don't see much international football these days, just 90 minutes of ambling around in a mild panic wondering what the round white thing is)!
  3. How could I forget the Swinging Sporran in Oadby!!
  4. Seeing as were on a countdown to be able to visit our favourite watering-holes again, spare a thought for those that are long gone (and heaven forbid, may never open again). As a muso, I was always fond of The Magazine, the Pump and Tap and the Charlotte. For pure design aesthetics, the Black Boy was art-deco heaven!! Gone but never forgotten!
  5. This hits the nail on the head! Great post! The whole situation is media driven and moot, but also provides an excellent brand opportunity doesn't it? I'd suggest 'And Leicester'!!
  6. Nacho off.. Vardy on. These are for the taking!
  7. His kicking is inconsistent to say the least, but at least he's stopped punching the ball and is actually catching it (my pet hate)!!
  8. Panagiotis Tsintotas, ΑΕΚ Athens goalkeeper: “It was very important for us to return to European football after a year’s absence. Leicester are the favourites in our group, but all matches will be equally tough. In modern football one can underestimate rivals at their own peril.”
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