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  1. Wonder what they’ll with season ticket holders in the east stand if it becomes the main stand - I sit half way up J2 on the halfway line. i remember the survey they sent out a while ago, was concerned by the idea of “season ticket plus”. To me it meant paying a lot more for the same seat. I don’t fancy moving round the ground unless it’s directly opposite which at the moment would sit me next to Top.
  2. I don’t think VAR is worth it in its current form - I’m not bothered if the other team scores when they’re 0.2mm millimetres offside , some go for you and some don’t and I was fine with that. The glaring mistakes obviously not, but with the law as it is, you can’t ignore one and not the other because it’s less obvious. offsides are the biggest issue for me - it was never meant to be this closely scrutinised when the law was written - football is just so over analysed as a whole now. The law should be changed - football has become so tedious this year. Yes, you can argue that by the
  3. Wanted Moore to succeed, but just wasn't quite up to it in the Prem. The final straw for me was Villa away during that rotten run in the first season up - got a lucky break to go 1-0 up. Within 5 minutes Moore had lost his man from a set piece and bang, 1-1 and went on to lose. Rather gave up on him after that.
  4. Not sure if it’s my internet, but watching on tv and quality is rubbish
  5. That was a pen, Barnes wasn’t. Serious blue tinted glasses to think otherwise
  6. We had a referendum in 2011 on whether we should change the voting system - 67% said no. Here to stay for a little while yet
  7. Chris Wilder will go crackers at Dean Henderson for not trying to save that.
  8. If Amazon get into this properly there's no way they'll keep the price low - there be Amazan Sports or similar that isn't covered by basic prime membership. Probably end up costing the same as Sky
  9. I was in such despair at our defending I laughed when the 4th goal went in
  10. Only got 1 look at the 2nd goal - looked fine to me. Don’t want to see a 5 minute delay looking for a toe that’s offside. Frustrating with the inconsistency with it though. (Sheff Utd)
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