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  1. Liverpool are sensationally lucky, should be 2-1 down
  2. With a half decent ref the score line would be 2-0 to WBA, which shows how useless VAR has been
  3. This is arguably the easiest of Liverpool’s remaining fixtures. I reckon they get 5pts max
  4. was MOTM with WhoScored. I thought he started very shakily tbh, but grew into the game.
  5. I was position 4000+ last night, not a lot left of the FA cup final stuff when I eventually got in, only massive sizes on most shirts EDIT: Honestly hope the club ups it’s game with Merch actually, we are behind clubs we are better than sporting-wise in commercial revenue, and after an event like this if there was more stuff worth buying I would have bought it and I’m sure many others would too. I’m sure more than just a T-shirt coming...
  6. Yeah his reaction at multiple points yesterday significantly improved my opinion of his attitude. I was wrong.
  7. Are you an Ostrich? Ha, yeah he is my number 4 also. Limited, but he laid the foundations for what we are now.
  8. Ranieri O’Neill Rodgers Top 3 for me, though I’m blind to anything pre 1990. Very hard to separate Brendan and MON for me though, relative longevity edges it for MON for now maybe...? In terms of who is the best overall football manager, I think it’s Brendan. Don’t think he can ever match what Ranieri did here however. This current team is also the best of the lot IMO, better footballing side than the title winners if a bit softer mentally - obvious places to improve our squad too, wouldn’t be shocked to see us in more finals next year given players we have been linked with
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