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  1. Missed the game, did we win by more than six in the end?
  2. Seen enough of this outfit to know we can still win this game, get three central midfielders on.
  3. Missed the first 30mins, score line not great, have we been playing okay?
  4. Praet’s all round game is better than Maddison’s IMO. Maddison is somewhat a luxury player, I’d start him against bottom half teams but not the likes of Liverpool. I agree on Cags and Fofana but Evans has been pretty poor for best part of a year now, doesn’t deserve his place arguably.
  5. Possibly not, and not the point I was going for but I do think the role of the full backs in our usual side is underplayed, we rely on them creatively as well as defensively. It will make a huge difference to have Ricky and Timmy overlapping some wingers.
  6. Is this our best side with everyone fit? Schmeichel Castagne, Fofana, Soyuncu, Pereira Praet, Ndidi, Tielemans Barnes, Vardy, Under I’m not a fan of this 5 at the back malarkey.
  7. JJ going forward has been a rare bright spark in this game.
  8. Worst performance of the season? Probably, for me.
  9. We are still half asleep, what is the point in still being setup like this? We are two down!!!?
  10. Sky coverage was 100% Liverpool... didn’t show the handball or a single Leicester chance or piece of play during half time analysis
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