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  1. Reporter at L’Equipe
  2. http://sportwitness.co.uk/phone-call-made-advanced-talks-leicester-city-forward-collapse-last-minute/ edit: just noticed yesterday’s date on this, sorry if already posted
  3. Master is *very* generous...
  4. Would be difficult for five and half men to play a full eleven to be fair. even if we are generous and say 5 plus whatever is left of Matty James...
  5. Can I get a mute button for Sean mentions on FT? Much easier to get rid of him on Twitter...
  6. Why can’t we afford this guy up front anyway? We should have at least 20m left in the bank from Chilwell transfer, suggests maybe another incoming?
  7. Maybe we will pay them a loan fee substantial enough that they can buy a replacement CB? £5m or so?
  8. The dragging on makes quite a bit more sense now, doesn’t it?
  9. I agree, but if we did initially offer such a deal it may explain why it has been so tricky.
  10. not reliable person, but likely copy/paste from elsewhere
  11. Buendia will go for at least what Maddison cost you’d imagine, he has the additional value of having shown what he can do in the Prem, but minus the English player premium.
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