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  1. I know, let's ban Brummie, Scouse, Geordie, Yank, and Taff while we're at it. Angry from Aylestone x
  2. Aren't loans based on risk? For a house at say 3% the collateral is in the property and recoverable. With a student loan, who knows if they will recover their cash and the risk is much higher. The interest rate will have to cover bad debts otherwise the funding will be bankrupt.
  3. Must be a wood pigeon
  4. In Massachusetts about 30 miles South of Boston in a place called North Easton. Lot of wildlife, deer are often grazing in the same spot.
  5. We see a few of these on the grass opposite our house. Northern Water Snakes, they love frogs!
  6. Blaming Rudkin is probably right but we really don't know the circumstances. I assume he has a budget to work to and that maybe the issue. In any event, the owners are responsible for his employment and ultimately the budget limits. Having said that, if the guy's a sycophant and isn't fighting for funds for quality players, he's failing everyone.
  7. At most until the great awakening.
  8. I think Dylan is always pitch perfect for his voice it's the timbre of the voice that is unappealing to some. I have most of his albums including the bootlegs. Some favorites of mine are 'Disease of Conceit', 'Dignity and 'Ring them Bells'
  9. Great story. Woolworths would do the same and sell only covers. When I was at at school I worked at Brees Records at the top of Church Gate on Saturdays and holidays, between 1960 and 1962. Tiny shop and was heaving at Xmas time.
  10. I'm worried about who's gonna take the penalties if he leaves.
  11. I don't think you'll be driving along the Big Sur in the near future. A landslide has wiped out a chunk. I have driven from Virginia to Denver several times and it's a 3 day trip without any sightseeing. Once you cross the Mississippi, there's little to see until you reach the Rockies, even Eastern Colorado is boring. I also drove from Las Vegas to Virginia via Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana then due East. between the Rockies and the Alleghenies it's just a flat expanse of nothing. I would definitely split the country into separate trips trying to do it in one would be brutal, for me at least. If I was planning that trip I absolutely wouldn't rent an RV. You can't use it as a runaround, they are expensive to rent and the fuel consumption is horrendous (8 mpg). I'd stay in fairly inexpensive motel chains like Holiday Inn Express, Hilton Garden or Courtyard by Marriott. Stick with one chain, sign up with their membership program and you get frequent stay points which will give you free stays for the future. Also get a frequent flyer membership with the airline you will be using. Often they will be linked to one of the hotel chains and car rental companies. Finally get a credit card that is related to one of the hotel chains. I use IHG (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza etc.) from Chase, which increases your points. All three memberships plus the credit card will give some great rewards but think it through so you maximize your points. If you need any advice pm me.
  12. You're welcome Sue
  13. Amartey: Be Compact Well that's it lads, solved!!