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  1. Glad to help. I normally cast to my TV through my iphone but you may have a better alternative if you have a smart TV and can download the ESPN+ app.
  2. Get a grip man, stiff upper lip and all that. Sign up with ESPN plus for a month. It costs me $5.99 US https://www.espn.com/espnplus/collections/26048/fa-cup-live-upcoming
  3. What the fluck, , there was me thinking I was special.
  4. I know Singhy, the last time I sat myself, I thought I had frated but oh so wong
  5. i damaged my discs at the age of 28. When I was 40 it got worse and I was on my back for three weeks and eventually lost the motor nerve in my right foot. I won't describe the pain I was in, I'm sure that you can empathize In 1998, I had spine fusion and have not had serious back pain since. My advice to you is get talking to a neurological surgeon a soon as you can. It doesn't necessarily mean that you need surgery but they will give you the best advice. Mine did
  6. They're all squad players as they come in and out of form or fitness. I have been a huge critic of Perez but after his last game, I have some real hopes for the guy. Let's hope he builds on that.
  7. You can't be wrong with that!
  8. If that's a question the answer is 'yes'
  9. Well that's what it says here. I can hear a Brummie accent when I hear one and she has one
  10. In the same vein, Did you know it was Joan D'Arc who said "Lawks a Lordy my bottoms on fire!"?
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