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  1. Derek Harrison and Dave Tearse moved there in 1971 Looks like Pat Kruse transferred later in 1975
  2. The British connection goes back too far to be be of consequence in the political arena. Irish and Italian immigration is far more recent and extremely political especially in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and South East Pennsylvania.
  3. I think I predicted 5 of the last 6 elections, I'm not sure what that tells us.
  4. His name is not Dave, It's Rodney.
  5. Trump currently -120 and Biden +100 i.e 6/5 on and evens
  6. Peter Rodrigues was my first, a few after that but that wasn't the question
  7. Smudge


    Don't your think conflict starts with which religion you are affiliated to not the faith you have?
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