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  1. I don't think you'll be driving along the Big Sur in the near future. A landslide has wiped out a chunk. I have driven from Virginia to Denver several times and it's a 3 day trip without any sightseeing. Once you cross the Mississippi, there's little to see until you reach the Rockies, even Eastern Colorado is boring. I also drove from Las Vegas to Virginia via Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana then due East. between the Rockies and the Alleghenies it's just a flat expanse of nothing. I would definitely split the country into separate trips trying to do it in one would be brutal, for me at least. If I was planning that trip I absolutely wouldn't rent an RV. You can't use it as a runaround, they are expensive to rent and the fuel consumption is horrendous (8 mpg). I'd stay in fairly inexpensive motel chains like Holiday Inn Express, Hilton Garden or Courtyard by Marriott. Stick with one chain, sign up with their membership program and you get frequent stay points which will give you free stays for the future. Also get a frequent flyer membership with the airline you will be using. Often they will be linked to one of the hotel chains and car rental companies. Finally get a credit card that is related to one of the hotel chains. I use IHG (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza etc.) from Chase, which increases your points. All three memberships plus the credit card will give some great rewards but think it through so you maximize your points. If you need any advice pm me.
  2. You're welcome Sue
  3. Amartey: Be Compact Well that's it lads, solved!!
  4. I'm on board, however, I do think we cold have done much more to embarrass the club.
  5. Hmmm. If he's fit why isn't he playing. I know he's getting past it but surely he's a better option for Benny's substitution yesterday.
  6. What happened to Wasilewski?
  7. As to tipping I, I think it encourages great service if you are a frequent user of a restaurant. We used to frequent a certain bar several times a week and I always tipped 20-25%. Which sounds a lot but on a $25 tab the difference between 15% and 20% is $1.25, however it's much appreciated by the staff. We would always be welcomed like family and often treated to free appetizers and sometimes the manager would just comp the bill altogether.
  8. I don't understand the outrage. It's called State sales tax. most States charge about 6-7%. Four states including New Hampshire don't have any sales tax. I can't speak for every state but the ones I've lived in, don't apply the tax on food.
  9. On the other hand, delaying the next ice age might not be a bad idea.
  10. Excellent report Tony
  11. Blacks have only got onto the property ladder in recent years. That's because they didn't earn enough and unlike whites they have had no generational ability to hand down wealth. Whites have massively benefited from the huge escalation in property prices whereas blacks started when the market was relatively high. The recent selling of sub prime mortgages at a time when blacks were moving into property ownership hasn't helped.
  12. That's not right, that statistic is about wealth, ie assets owned. Source
  13. Said to me "Well that gives us another arrow up our sleeve"
  14. I wasn't so much scared as in a sort of disconnected state, it was so unreal. We were on a management training course at Aston University, we had spent the whole week since Sunday, cooped up and it was that night, Thursday, that we were let loose on the town. Thing was that all our wives knew that was the day of the night out so as you can imagine, they were very concerned until we managed to call them. No mobiles in those days. The scary times came later as I remember being quite quite jittery whenever I walked around Birmingham for weeks after that.