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  1. On the other hand, delaying the next ice age might not be a bad idea.
  2. Excellent report Tony
  3. Blacks have only got onto the property ladder in recent years. That's because they didn't earn enough and unlike whites they have had no generational ability to hand down wealth. Whites have massively benefited from the huge escalation in property prices whereas blacks started when the market was relatively high. The recent selling of sub prime mortgages at a time when blacks were moving into property ownership hasn't helped.
  4. That's not right, that statistic is about wealth, ie assets owned. Source
  5. Said to me "Well that gives us another arrow up our sleeve"
  6. I wasn't so much scared as in a sort of disconnected state, it was so unreal. We were on a management training course at Aston University, we had spent the whole week since Sunday, cooped up and it was that night, Thursday, that we were let loose on the town. Thing was that all our wives knew that was the day of the night out so as you can imagine, they were very concerned until we managed to call them. No mobiles in those days. The scary times came later as I remember being quite quite jittery whenever I walked around Birmingham for weeks after that.
  7. I can see you're ITK
  8. 'Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall'
  9. Robably
  10. Sounds like Rick with a silent 'P'
  11. We watched Eastern Promises (2007) last night on HBO. Russian mafia in London. Viggo Mertensen was excellent 7/10
  12. Don't they live everywhere? I recollect quite a few in the UK. Brady, Morris, Neilson. not to mention our home grown Colin Pitchfork
  13. That's possibly one reason but the 20% drop in value of the pound has to have had an effect.
  14. I was thinking the same yesterday and how we become 'comfortably numb'. I think it's a defense mechanism for the helplessness of it all.