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  1. Absolutely, blackball the bastards! I aint joking, I'm sick of these turds Best of good fortune Andy I hope it all works out for you!
  2. Righto Mate i'll return to my "Talking Heads" DVD and in particular ' Start Making Sense"
  3. I take your point and I'm not suggesting the apocalypse is nigh but the behavior of the politicians of today is nothing like I have ever seen before.
  4. I've lived more than most on this forum so I've experienced a thing or two but in all my years I have never experienced this absolute denial of what is right. I can only think this is what life was like in Germany and Italy in the 1930's
  5. I know Mac it was somewhat rhetorical, but still eh?
  6. I totally agree but why do so many take the opposite view? Apart from self financial security/interest what am I missing? My neighbors will vote for Trump because their IRA will stay in tact.
  7. I thought Rev Malthus was predicting population growth based on arithmetic vs geometric progression. Mind you I learned that 1000 years ago. What was his race theory?
  8. I went there last December, it's like eating in a cottage bedroom. If fact you do eat in a cottage bedroom. The ability to relax and enjoy the company was overshadowed by incessant attention of the waiters and sommelier. I guess they are proud of the food and wine, quite rightly but I didn't find the ambiance at all relaxing.
  9. Smudge


    I'm not sure i'd be taking the pharmacy lobby as gospel.
  10. Smudge


    After reading The Da Vinci Code many years ago, I visited the Inns of Court in the City and the Temple Church. I found it fascinating but that's me. Access is easier on weekdays, There are guuided tours https://www.london-walking-tours.co.uk/inns-of-court-tour.htm
  11. I'd say the overriding reason is that it stops theft of cash.
  12. Smudge

    Dennis Praet

  13. That's true but a drowning man will grasp at straws.
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