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  1. If it’s white shorts I’m happy whatever the shirt looks like
  2. The hatred of Liverpool is bizarre - don't give a monkeys who wins it as long as it's interesting
  3. Not that it mattered, but why wasn’t their defender sent off for bringing down Vardy? No attempt to play the ball. Personally preferred the old rule - you foul as last man, you’re off. No grey areas
  4. Controversial but I really like the late 80’s kits with slight red trim on them.
  5. “Puel gets it” absolute claptrap
  6. His foot is in line with defenders shoulder! WHY CAN YOU NOT SEE
  7. In line with the defenders shoulder this is this the issue with using var for tight calls - comes down to opinion, not clear like the goal line tech
  8. Only a right snotty nosed git would complain about that not being called offside
  9. That dragged on way too long - and half a leg offside? Come on
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 58 seconds  
  11. I used to look at him at Southampton and was glad he wasn’t our manager - used to think he was lifeless. Also wary of the Southampton fans comments when they sacked him.
  12. “Puel out” I believe it went
  13. Giving managers time is fine if you have the right man - unfortunately I never believed that Puel was the man. Hoped to be proved wrong but just can’t see it happening
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