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  1. 3 40 minute videos of him talking about his career - worth a watch if you’ve got the time.
  2. Huth at Bournemouth few years ago as well - pushed over Callum Wilson, booted the ball at his head, then shoved his teammate in the face. Only got booked.
  3. Few more years of 9-10th everywhere interest will wane slightly - don’t agree with “build it and they will come” wouldn’t like to see us go past 40,000 personally
  4. How can people be so touchy over a shirt? Adidas/Nike don’t make shirts for the good of the clubs wearing them - it’s so they can get their name around as much as possible. Gonna have to get over that I’m afraid - give over with this “representing the club I love” it’s a shirt!
  5. Want Derby to come up to we have at least 2 interesting games next season (I work in Derby) - can't bring myself to get excited when we play the bournemouths and brightons of this world - non events
  6. Why would you even want to dive there? You're past the defender, one on one, if you score it goes down as a great goal.
  7. If it’s white shorts I’m happy whatever the shirt looks like
  8. The hatred of Liverpool is bizarre - don't give a monkeys who wins it as long as it's interesting
  9. Not that it mattered, but why wasn’t their defender sent off for bringing down Vardy? No attempt to play the ball. Personally preferred the old rule - you foul as last man, you’re off. No grey areas
  10. Controversial but I really like the late 80’s kits with slight red trim on them.
  11. Why don't Monaco want him?
  12. Refuse to believe anyone had heard of this guy until a few days ago
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