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  1. Maybe, just maybe Man Utd aren’t as absolutely useless as everyone thinks, and we were on the wrong side of a tight game
  2. Reality check for people - our squad is nowhere near where people think it is
  3. I remember Vardy as the occasional winger in 14/15 - really don't want to see it again
  4. Stats, schmats. Base opinion on what you see when you watch them play. I think Schmeichel has been fantastic for us.
  5. “Make sure you get the lambo badge in” tosspot
  6. Probably about as popular as my MILLS 5 one a few years later!
  7. 3 40 minute videos of him talking about his career - worth a watch if you’ve got the time.
  8. Huth at Bournemouth few years ago as well - pushed over Callum Wilson, booted the ball at his head, then shoved his teammate in the face. Only got booked.
  9. Few more years of 9-10th everywhere interest will wane slightly - don’t agree with “build it and they will come” wouldn’t like to see us go past 40,000 personally
  10. How can people be so touchy over a shirt? Adidas/Nike don’t make shirts for the good of the clubs wearing them - it’s so they can get their name around as much as possible. Gonna have to get over that I’m afraid - give over with this “representing the club I love” it’s a shirt!
  11. Want Derby to come up to we have at least 2 interesting games next season (I work in Derby) - can't bring myself to get excited when we play the bournemouths and brightons of this world - non events
  12. Why would you even want to dive there? You're past the defender, one on one, if you score it goes down as a great goal.
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