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  1. Not frightened of this West Ham team - if we play our game well, we’ll win
  2. Where do you stand if a season ticket holder passes away? Swapping it from a father to a son for example?
  3. Does Keown know the rules? Banging on about attempting to play the ball, that makes no difference outside the box when it's a clear goalscoring opportunity. (not that i think that was)
  4. Watkins looked level with the ball originally anyway
  5. You want to get that chip on your shoulder looked at
  6. We supply the factories with essential parts - the car factories etc shut their doors, but most in our area were unaffected. This means the entire supply chain stays open as well, so for me and my colleagues, from a working point of view this year has been no different to any other. Been in the branch as normal all through the year!
  7. Surely people aren’t defending VAR when it comes to offsides? Whether it’s the technology or the rule itself doesn’t matter - the end result is the same. A shambles.
  8. I don’t bother with the analysis and don’t take offence at commentary - only thing I judge it on is the quality of the picture. It jumps from 240p all the way to 1080p within 20 seconds and then back again. Also occasionally audio would outrun the picture. Only happens with prime bizarrely, all my other streams work fine. In that regard it can’t compete with traditional tv.
  9. Crap coverage - audio is good 5 seconds ahead of the picture. Bin off live streaming immediately
  10. Vardy was a long way from the level required that season - there was no justification to play him during the run in. Vardy himself has acknowledged he wasn’t up to it that year.
  11. Imagine how long that VAR check would have taken in the Premier league. 5 minutes?
  12. No different for me throughout both lockdowns. Been going into the office all the way through - less traffic on the road for sure!
  13. When they lifted the trophy against Everton. Missed 4 games over a 2 year spell - that was one of them! Booked a holiday to Florida - hindsight is 20/20.
  14. They use thicker lines and if they touch, the original decision stands. I think that would go a long way to stop some of the controversy, but not all.
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