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  1. One thing I noticed he seemed to have a lot of arguments/disagreements with other players, nothing major, just exchanging words. Just something I haven't seen from our lads for a couple of years.
  2. Out of interest who would you want as assistant manager? A big name? One thing LCFC have shown is it's about how it all comes together with the right people in the right jobs, not how big and well known each individual is. Give Appleton a chance before crucifying him.
  3. Way too many people on stage, just a slagging match.
  4. Where on earth was benalouane going?
  5. Surely long term it would hit attendances though if you can pay to watch any game? Maybe not in the Premier League, but further down the pyramid why would people go and watch their local team play when they can just click a button on the remote and become an "armchair fan"
  6. It wouldn't be knee jerk. The club is in free fall and it isn't improving. This season has been horrific - I genuinely can't remember us looking this bad in terms of performances. Early on the season I was telling myself after every game "it can't get worse than that", and every week it did. Players are so devoid of confidence and genuine 100% effort, the manager looks the loneliest man in the world on the touchline. I just can't bear the though of Barnsley away on a tuesday night and games of that ilk again. Love Claudio for what he did - and it isn't all his fault, it's a collective cock up from everyone, but the manager takes the bullet.
  7. Yes, every issue this squad has, defensive and attacking wise, is Vardy's fault. (really?)
  8. Don't buy this Vardy story at all. No one except the lads in the dressing room know what the cause of the problem (s) are, we're just seeing the results of it. People jumping to conclusions about this mole, that's if there even is one.
  9. Anyone pick up on that Huth line in the beeb article? "you cannot say you've been brilliant when you haven't" slight dig at ranieri's post match interviews?
  10. I like rowett but as has been mentioned it would be an almighty gamble with our prem status very much in the balance
  11. trouble for me is if a player is the sin bin for x amount of time his team will just stick 10 players on the goal line, could kill large parts of the game
  12. very mixed reception at Stamford Bridge, expect a repeat of that. Although to be fair, he did come over and acknowledge the city fans at the end of that game.
  13. but what is a genuine attempt to win the ball? Only the player making the tackle can know, to everyone else it can depend on what angle you're at etc. It was never a 3 game ban anyway, professional fouls are 1 game
  14. ridiculous rule, leaves it completely open to interpretation, different refs will see it differently. There was nothing wrong with the old rule, you chop someone in the box, last man, gone red card.
  15. Craig Pawson has got about 5 major decisions in the palace game wrong