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  1. Anywhere but Arsenal.
  2. Camp outside of Roberto Mancini's house.
  3. Can anyone could send me a stream please?
  4. Genuinely only just remembered King was playing haha.
  5. Haha, that celebration in front of the West Ham fans. Classic Vards.
  6. West Ham aren't very good at football.
  7. Any advice as to where the best place to sit is for atmosphere?
  8. Am I right to assume that this will easily make general sale?
  9. Pretty rich coming from someone who doesn't even make the starting 11 this season. Don't know the reliability of the source to be fair.
  10. Pearson out.
  11. Genuinely torn up about this
  12. Bit unrelated but what happened to that Belhadj that was at Portsmouth a while ago Algeriafan?
  13. Looking likely that Mahrez will go. Only one more outfield player to be cut which should be a defender or a defensive midfielder according to Jason Bourne's twitter
  14. Don't think I've ever seen him jump, let alone win a header.
  15. Discussion league 3 proposals. Don't know why anyone would want to listen to his opinion after just being deemed not good enough to play at that level. Could be part of his media btec?