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  1. Does he rhyme with Whyappe?
  2. probably his agent.
  3. I won't believe it's true until I've read it on Hirst4LCFC
  4. Very simple. I wouldn't like to prospectively loan any of our players to a club that we'll be jostling for table position with.
  5. Not sure I'd be happy for him to go to West Brom on loan. Would he be happy to drop down to Hull? I'd say they'd be able to pay his wages.
  6. ****ing painfully unfunny
  7. My summary of the match. Hong Kong Phewy
  8. Next match someone is going to break an ankle in a divot.
  9. just seen Slim on the bench sittin like a camplord.
  10. still has comedy eyebrows
  11. Addin zeros to his transfer...
  12. Elder/ Lawrence... think WB will continue down that side.
  13. Yeah, of course, I don't know shit... It's still a competition. I could have worded it better. If everyone wants to be a pedantic knob that's fine too.
  14. perhaps I should have worded it better. It's still a competition. What I should have said is that it looks like we don't give a ****.
  15. of course, it's a friendly. No shit lols. But that doesn't necessarily mean that we'd set up as a standard friendly, ie play our strongest side from the start, with subs to bring player on for game time rather than for tactical purposes.