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  1. Everybody knows Remond.
  2. You need some YT action to get you onboard. Looks like he's a unit, good with his head (due to height), can pass, and timing looks pretty good. Can play CB/LB, and left of a 3. If we can get him at a reasonable price, he could be mustard.
  3. Wonder if he has a great great grandad called Michael.
  4. Need some Irish in the squad. I'm down with this.
  5. Can't spell his name. No respect. No transfer.
  6. Andrew pronounced in a Brummie accent?
  7. Quick summary https://sphericalfox.wordpress.com/2021/05/23/the-cudbes/
  8. I'm not singing Morrissey chants. It's a no from me.
  9. At his age you'd think he'd want the security of a reasonable length contract and playing time.
  10. Why would Bertrand take 1 year deal, even if it was decent wages? Surely he can get a longer deal elsewhere and get more football too. I think he's ok, and perhaps a stopgap til we've got a fully fit Justin/Ricardo. But I don't see this happening.
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