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  1. We need a RB to cover for Ricardo, but we also need a right winger. Would moving Ricardo forward and bringing someone like Trippier solve both issues. A 2 for 1 transfer? Not saying we're linked or interested, but could this be a solution to a problem? Sorry if already discussed or addressed.
  2. Sustainability long term is the business model we're aiming for. Top is canny enough, and learned that you don't go into the market displaying or talking about your fat wad otherwise you get rinsed. We know that we are going to have to 'twist' at some point if we genuinely want Europe (and consistent Europe at that). It's all a waiting game, guessing whether or not we'll go all in this summer isn't going to be based on one factor, but a number of factors, not all of which will be evident or be made or leaked to the public.
  3. Alex Telles, man.
  4. So essentially we’ll be taking a financial gamble this summer with any outlay with a pretty solid demand for Europe? Risky business given our new Head of Recruitment’s history but keeping our assets does send a strong message once again, and we can ask for a significant premium should someone come knocking
  5. I'd buy him for a dollar.
  6. It's going to be a looong summer.
  7. There weren't that many of the magic moments in that posted showreel that were Mahrez class, don't even try to be serious. Doesn't mean he won't eventually in the right team, but I don't think we're likely to go for him if you already believe Wolfsburg have him in the bag.
  8. After watching his showreel, he looks not much better than say a level up above Knocky. Suppose showreels aren't going to show off the ball and other elements of his game, but at this point I'm slightly underwhelmed.
  9. Despite his showreel, he does feel like player that a few years ago Stoke would have seriously overpaid for, and then failed to deliver. I don't know why though.
  10. It is obvious that everything is being done to try to integrate him in the short space of time that we have him on loan and make him as indispensable as possible. The other players know as much as we all do that we NEED a player of his calibre to build around. Celebrations and his demeanour around the other players looks genuine and unforced. The only real obstacle is his ambitions. Does he want to be a keystone in the building of a young side with European dreams? I don't think he'll get the same level of adoration that he'll get here from fans and teammates if he decides to go to a bigger club. If we did manage to sign him, we'll be lucky to get two years out of him before he'd be bought, but damn what a glorious two years that could be!
  11. We don't need a replacement. If a sale of significance happens, and it's supplemented by the sale of Silva, then we'll have coin to buy Youri (fingers crossed) with coin to address our right wing upgrade and maybe with some coin left over.
  12. Might well be on an accessible wage if he was interested, but obviously would need a bump on his current deal if Uncle Claude would be so kind to sell to us. He's primarily a left winger though, so not sure what that means for any player shuffle, as it's the right wing we're needing an upgrade.
  13. On FM you might have. In reality we had to buy a squad player in Ghezzal, and address this position in a later window.
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