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  1. Is now the right time to bring in a competitive option for GK? Is Maignan at Lille worth a punt?
  2. Is it wrong that I hear this song every single time when I see our long haired Turk galloping across the field?
  3. I've seen that run before. You've parked the car in a hurry, are juggling your house keys, car keys and bags of shopping, trying to get up the drive to the door and get it open as quickly as you can lest you purge yer troosers.
  4. Chatty chitthay bang bang
  5. It's a balance of affordability for the model we are on as a club in the short term and planning for the long term. Our youth and training ground isn't ready just yet, and it's going to take 3/4 years before we see our model changing as we are bringing through prospects. Up until that point we are going to have to sell one or two players a season to balance the squad in other areas. The club can hold out for a higher fee cos we've sorted the contracts. An area we've in the past where we've been naive or haven't been able to negotiate tight deals should big teams come knocking. So we're in a very strong position to demand fees. We need to bring in a couple of experienced (not old) players to help us with a Champions League campaign. Wages and transfer fees need paying. If we get the top end of rumoured fee for Chilwell then we can do this and more with prospective Champions League cash. I'm not one of those who wants to sell. But if he's made any real suggestion to the club that he might consider a transfer, then we keep our options open, I'm fairly confident that we've scouted in particular areas of key players for contingency. Whether they're available that's another question, and whether we can get a decent deal and attract them to the long-term plan.
  6. This the only Max for me.
  7. You've always been the caretaker...
  8. We're not Europa League Geoff!
  9. If a team plays to all out win then that's exactly what we want. It's the teams that shut up shop/park the bus/overload their midfield to frustrate us that our problem. If any of them dare play an open game and don't have the quality of Man City then they are likely to play right into our hands. I'm being optimistic here of course, and anything can happen, but we can and should be able to find a bit of momentum in those fixtures.
  10. If he's decent, we'll rake in dollars on our Yankee summer tours.
  11. Is there an equivalent model elsewhere in the world where this isn't the case? i understand the NBA livestream all the games in the US? Do the big teams get more of the revenues?
  12. Live streaming HD from your television whilst, say the rest of the household are using the same wi-fi for their phones/laptops/tablets etc, there's going to be a lag and possible disconnect. There's also a chance the app might need updating for your smart tv, but unless you're plugged directly into your router, which is your best and easiest solution you'll likely have some issues. The outside connection won't be the major issue, especially if you have a reasonable service and download speed in general.
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