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  1. We've probably been paying the majority of his wages though. I'd say don't really want to loan him out anymore as it's difficult get a deal through without getting shafted. We're always at a disadvantage.
  2. moving to the wing?
  3. We don't need a complimentary player to Vardy, we need an alternative/replacement.
  4. If we sign him, there goes our Syrian following...
  5. We weren't in a position to go balls out against a team like Man City, and for me we need to pick our battles. Against a tired Liverpool at home we can do just that. Sure they'll be buoyed by their silverware, but this for me was the game to try get something out of between the two. there will be a rotation of players after this which is hoping that they can step in/step up. There are a couple of players which do seem a bit jaded, and protecting Vardy's longevity over the season is crucial to wherever we finish. I'd be surprised if we bring in a striker in the January window, and though we could do with improvement on the wing, I'm not sure we'll address that issue either, it's just too expensive a window.
  6. Summat I wrote back in August. Still relevant I think now. All on black.
  7. A collective well done to everyone.
  8. I can't believe they've made him conditionally shave and get a haircut. Taken years off him.
  9. all the hopeful members below refreshing frantically and being disappointed with each and every new pointless post.
  10. Essentially we are getting to a point where we have a plan b both away and at home. I'd say we have a plan c too. Having a squad that is technically tight (once we've reduced numbers) and has the flexibility to change shape and adapt to the opposition is vital to our success this season. We are a little unsteady at the minute, yet getting results, and there's going to be an result that doesn't go our way, and if that happens in the next two months, then it's happen at home given the number of games we have. So we'll have to shake it off, and the players seem a group that can do just that. We're not as fluid at the minute in our play as we can be, and I think over the season we're only going to get better. It's going to be something once we find our rhythm. I'm going to stick my neck out and say someone is going to get us and it'll be an absolute horror show. But we're not there yet, and I hope as fans we give them patience, and room to make mistakes along the way.
  11. LOLS! The FAI have no chance of recruiting Maddison. As an Irishman I'd love to see an LCFC player joining our tepid International team (or more Prem players for that matter!), but this is blatant agent schnookery.
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