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  1. It can't be underestimated the improvement in prospects we'll see, but it's got to aid/support the 1st team, who at this point it might kick us off onto another level this season alone once we've bedded in. It not only has everything a world class training facility should have, but when you compare it to Liverpools efforts (laudable as they may well be) we've set a massive line in the sand to European clubs nevermind the Premier League. The return on investing at this scale is going to be immeasurable long-term. I really hope the PR/Comms team will present it in its bes
  2. Whilst there's no reason to believe this won't affect our transfer budgets, there's a couple of factors that will mitigate against the overall cost. It's obviously a long-term investment. A hotel/event complex will eventually return on the investment. We will soon be entering a different phase of recruitment. Our training centre is complete, and I suspect we'll be mostly buying in youth prospects, with an occasional supplement where necessary in the 1st team. This is long-term, but hopefully a relatively fast-track approach. It does mean the occasional eye-watering sale of our key
  3. Did Fofana get an U21 call up and this injury is to protect him/us?
  4. There's going to be a lot of classically ruffled jimmies if he comes in and does well. I'm all for this entertainment.
  5. This is proper MoonShot plans. Aim for the stars, ready for a few concessions, yet still get exactly what they want. More disaster theft. Opportunism seems to be modus operandi these days.
  6. If both of them come on song and Vardy tunes in...
  7. Needs to update his twitter. Thought he was fast?
  8. Is it wrong that I hear this song every single time when I see our long haired Turk galloping across the field?
  9. You've always been the caretaker...
  10. We're not Europa League Geoff!
  11. If a team plays to all out win then that's exactly what we want. It's the teams that shut up shop/park the bus/overload their midfield to frustrate us that our problem. If any of them dare play an open game and don't have the quality of Man City then they are likely to play right into our hands. I'm being optimistic here of course, and anything can happen, but we can and should be able to find a bit of momentum in those fixtures.
  12. If he's decent, we'll rake in dollars on our Yankee summer tours.
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