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  1. We're not Europa League Geoff!
  2. If a team plays to all out win then that's exactly what we want. It's the teams that shut up shop/park the bus/overload their midfield to frustrate us that our problem. If any of them dare play an open game and don't have the quality of Man City then they are likely to play right into our hands. I'm being optimistic here of course, and anything can happen, but we can and should be able to find a bit of momentum in those fixtures.
  3. If he's decent, we'll rake in dollars on our Yankee summer tours.
  4. Is there an equivalent model elsewhere in the world where this isn't the case? i understand the NBA livestream all the games in the US? Do the big teams get more of the revenues?
  5. Live streaming HD from your television whilst, say the rest of the household are using the same wi-fi for their phones/laptops/tablets etc, there's going to be a lag and possible disconnect. There's also a chance the app might need updating for your smart tv, but unless you're plugged directly into your router, which is your best and easiest solution you'll likely have some issues. The outside connection won't be the major issue, especially if you have a reasonable service and download speed in general.
  6. I watched games over the xmas period on Prime both on my laptop with a hardwire connection to my router and also via my virgin box amazon app. nothin but HD for me. if you are watching via dongle or on your laptop through wi-fi then you were bound to have a loss of picture and lagging etc. There's a significant market for this, and the Amazon experiment only reinforces the possibility of this going ahead. I suspected years back it would be a conglomerate of betting companies that would step into the streaming market, but Amazon can afford either taking a loss if needs be to make this happen. It was also refreshing to watch the ads, as it wasn't wall to wall betting companies pushing their bobbins.
  7. Maddison does it 4/5 times a game at least just outside the box, and Shinji did it both to break up play and earn us freekicks for Mahrez at every opportunity before him. It was and is intrinsic to some of our tactics.
  8. We weren't in a position to go balls out against a team like Man City, and for me we need to pick our battles. Against a tired Liverpool at home we can do just that. Sure they'll be buoyed by their silverware, but this for me was the game to try get something out of between the two. there will be a rotation of players after this which is hoping that they can step in/step up. There are a couple of players which do seem a bit jaded, and protecting Vardy's longevity over the season is crucial to wherever we finish. I'd be surprised if we bring in a striker in the January window, and though we could do with improvement on the wing, I'm not sure we'll address that issue either, it's just too expensive a window.
  9. Summat I wrote back in August. Still relevant I think now. All on black.
  10. A collective well done to everyone.
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