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  1. sphericalfox

    Danny Simpson - Fulham

    Both have played RB for the u23 without any issue. Neither looked uncomfortable, and Pascanu looked a threat at times marauding up the wing.
  2. sphericalfox

    Who do you want January 2019

    In the last 5 years he's scored 27 goals, with his total annual appearances dwindling to single digits each passing year. I'll take a pass.
  3. sphericalfox

    Danny Simpson - Fulham

    Despite your immature childishness, I do indeed wonder whether either Johnson or Pascanu will be given an opportunity at least on the bench. whilst it's a danger if forced to put them in team due to suspensions or injury, maybe with Albrighton to step where necessary for an experienced head, then this could another great opportunity for another u23 to step up.
  4. if he came to us he wouldn't need to manage the team, they do it themselves.
  5. sphericalfox

    Who then......

    You've answered your own question. Changes were a coming.
  6. sphericalfox

    Who then......

    It's the other side of the coin that's the drawback at the minute.
  7. sphericalfox

    Who then......

    It's obvious why a decent manager would have major reluctance to come to us anyways. We've still got an underlying issues(s) that resulted in previous managers being binned.
  8. sphericalfox

    Who then......

    I think we are polling the wrong people (fans). How about the key influencers in the team? They want to play a particular and specific way despite it only working 1 out of 3 games against opposition who play into the hands of that limited tactical strategy. Let history repeat itself.
  9. sphericalfox

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    The reason Puel used Everton/ West Ham/ Wolves as examples is because they are our competition for position in the table, however I think what he is eluding to is the unsustainable manner in which they have and are utilising the transfer market, and are trying to buy instant or short-term success. This isn't our plan, and we are attempting to prepare for a model that generates both players for the team, and some for financial profit where necessary. But a strategy that hopefully can generate team stability, cohesion, and longevity. I for one, am glad that our owners are able, due to our success to implement this plan, and aren't easily swayed by a loud vocal minority who are unable to get their heads around this, and don't want to rationalise, use context, or look beyond a stance that doesn't meet their short-termist expectations.
  10. sphericalfox

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    That's a horseshit assessment of what our prospective gameplay will develop into. It's blatantly obvious what the inevitable aim is to transform the team into. Guess what...we ain't there yet! The players have signed long-term contracts, both protecting our assets and indicating that they are buying into the long-term plan and development of the club. It's not the patience of the players that should be under question, it's the fickle and short-termism of the minority of fans that's the problem.
  11. sphericalfox

    Southampton (H).. pre match thread

    Southampton haven't a striker available and are playing a 'make-do' line-up. They'll literally follow the Cardiff approach against us, and deliberately try to break up and slow-down play and park the bus to frustrate us, and try to catch us on the break. We're going to have lots of possession, and will have chances (as previous), but what we need to do is improve our finishing. If we can do this with a dab of luck too, we could hammer them, but they'll be playing for a draw all day long.
  12. sphericalfox

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

  13. sphericalfox

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    Are you asking who replace Vardy like for like or who will score us the same number of goals? Vardy does need to be replaced at some point. If Vardy can change to a new type of play, as admittedly he says he's struggling, then that's great we get a couple more years out of him. If he can't, then despite being remembered for ALL time for the success and simply immense goals he has scored, we need to part company.
  14. sphericalfox

    Che Adams

    There'd only be an Addams Family theme chant, which would be embarrassing. It's a no from me...
  15. sphericalfox

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    A £50m offer at this point we'd be snapping their fingers off, but there are better options for them available with better return (younger), so I can't see much in this, unless Vardy personally puts in a request.