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  1. Ignorance, prejudice and/or fantasy?
  2. I think he played exactly like he normally does during a starting opportunity. Unlucky for us it was inconsistent, a little slack in decision making, and he tended to give the ball away. He seemed to spend a great deal of time cutting in centrally and being dispossessed. Now whether he was told to do this, who knows, but genuinely there's no need to call him trash. He's proven that that he's nowhere near good enough for a starting place, and for his own career, he needs to move on.
  3. If Hamza does go, then I really hope we have someone lined up to replace him and also be able to step into the Ndidi/Mendy role
  4. Where's the vitriol? I'm asking a question about his capabilities. If he's shown that he's adaptable to play in a three, then perhaps it might be worth considering. I doubt he'll conisder it though, as i think he has enjoyed himself and done well in Italy.
  5. Has Smalling played in a back three either at Man Utd or Roma?
  6. The Evans/Smalling combo? Yeah I've seen that not work in the past...
  7. It just means that he does potentially have a say, as perhaps the the board might have to be a majority to sell/buy a player. Doesn't change that they might be able to replace him (whatever the price) in this window.
  8. What's that a euphemism for?
  9. I suspect he'll be in the shop window tomorrow night.
  10. Congerton currently ringing around clubs and players agents with 'Fix You' playing in the background as he gives them the big sell.
  11. <checks on flights from Lyon to Luton...> EDIT: Checks flights to Stansted instead...
  12. You've failed specifically to indicate where exactly you're right. You're more like the character in a film that even knows is going to bite it first.
  13. So if St. Etienne board have come out and said (if true) they will now no longer sell to us, how in the f***k does this vindicate your obsession with Puel?
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