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  1. Has anyone checked the players' FFL teams?
  2. Well, that's half true. You see when our fixtures get spread (and they most certainly are this year), purchasing the rights to show those games clips becomes problematic. Basically unless you broadcast most of the games, the clips you have access to can be limited. Not sure if that's changed or not, or I'm talking absolute balls...
  3. As I said sometimes things go in cycles. Man United were shocking for for a couple of years for example, and were relegated at one point. So we may well be in that refresh stage, but it still doesn't excuse or negate the fact that in my view we need to up the ante on our coaching quality beyond the first team.
  4. Bottom of the U18 league and third from bottom of the PL2. Whilst i appreciate we've got lots of players out on loan, that's not so becoming for our brand new facility, and a bad reflection on our coaching staff. I've said it before that we need to now start upping our game in our youth and development teams, and there are cycles of bad years to good years when you are shuffling the pack so to speak to send out your decent players to get more game time. However, it doesn't look great at the minute...
  5. Our Training/Academy facility is ready. Proceed with Operation Yoink!
  6. My bad guys on the suspension thread!
  7. So with one yellow away from suspension, does Youri play safe and take the hit this weekend, miss the Cup match, or take it during the Cup match and miss Sheff Untied, all assuming he gets a card without meaning to?
  8. Rodgers is in a difficult position. If we are realistically looking for a top position and compete in Europe then we need a striker biting at the heels of first team selection. The conundrum is, as you've said we need to give the him some games so he can get himself going again. However, given our fixtures this hasn't been entirely possible, and his peno miss will set him back. Affordability has a dual meaning, cos we sure as hell cant afford to buy a striker in a January window. We don't have an u23 striker with numbers to fill the gap. We unfortunately, I think, are going to need
  9. The offending footballers are only doing what people are doing up and down the country sadly. 'Rules don't apply to me', or 'it won't matter this just once'. The high infection numbers are reflective of this, and it was an inevitability that fixtures would be affected by non-compliance at some point, and Christmas time was going to be a flashpoint. Expect more of the same going into January. Fingers crossed we are more disciplined, but we can't either rule it out that we won't be impacted by another teams ill-discipline or rocking up to a game with an infected player(s).
  10. I remember when we were linked with Jonny, and the vast majority were against signing him, it was a significant fee sure at the time, and then once West Brom capitulated it reinforced the opinions of some. Which is to be expected to be fair. However, there was always a good player there, and he needed to make a choice of whether or not he'd get regular game time. He wasn't going to get that at Man City (certainly at that time). I had a indirect contact with him and his Dad (his agent), and did my bit in 'selling the club', and jokingly said that if he came to us, not on
  11. It can't be underestimated the improvement in prospects we'll see, but it's got to aid/support the 1st team, who at this point it might kick us off onto another level this season alone once we've bedded in. It not only has everything a world class training facility should have, but when you compare it to Liverpools efforts (laudable as they may well be) we've set a massive line in the sand to European clubs nevermind the Premier League. The return on investing at this scale is going to be immeasurable long-term. I really hope the PR/Comms team will present it in its bes
  12. Whilst there's no reason to believe this won't affect our transfer budgets, there's a couple of factors that will mitigate against the overall cost. It's obviously a long-term investment. A hotel/event complex will eventually return on the investment. We will soon be entering a different phase of recruitment. Our training centre is complete, and I suspect we'll be mostly buying in youth prospects, with an occasional supplement where necessary in the 1st team. This is long-term, but hopefully a relatively fast-track approach. It does mean the occasional eye-watering sale of our key
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