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  1. Been successful for tickets in this. got a spare under 18 ticket if anyone wants.
  2. Do u think they would start construction at the end of the season if an extension does get planned
  3. Now their asking about opinions on prices and thoughts on it to the fans
  4. Leicester City sending out surveys about match day experience and plans for the east stand expansion
  5. Do away points count towards trying to get a season ticket for the next season
  6. Do u get Home priority points for going to the U23 games at king power if so do these points help to get a season ticket and do away priority points aswell count for next season thanks
  7. How many points do u get from this fixture and if u don’t go do u still receive the points Did everyone get 10 additional points for becoming a member
  8. Hi Just wondering why there is a deadline on the foxes membership this season Thanks
  9. First-team coaches Mike Stowell and Adam Sadler, supported by the club's established backroom staff, will assume responsibility for the senior squad while the club begins the process of appointing a new manager.
  10. He Needs To GO!! He is going to kill the whole club with his style, Don’t even understand how he wants to set out the team #PUEL OUT
  11. Hi Just wondering when will Leicester City do a stadium expansion. They were planning to do one last year but no news after that. Think it might be good for the club. Just wondering if anyone knows about the situation. thanks
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