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  1. Cengiz scored again. On fire at the moment
  2. Scored for turkey today against Croatia. Cracking strike with his right foot
  3. Another assist last night. Assist a game will do
  4. You mean after 80 mins when he put it on a plate for under and then controlled the rest of the game. If anything he looked better after 75 mins than all game
  5. After such a great fight back from the first 8 overs two elementary mistakes cost us. Will rain all weekend anyway so doesn’t really matter. Umpires should hang their heads in shame. A clear bias
  6. 150-160 on the board and squeeze. Let’s go
  7. Tbf we were 4 down for 70 odd and I'm sure like the rest of us even Nixon didn't think these two would be in that long. Ideally one would have got out with three overs to go where 2 big blows from mike or hill would have comfortably seen us home.
  8. 14:40 is quality. Vardy tries to start ‘Tottenham hotspur we’re coming for you’ 😂
  9. Anyone not planning on renewing their season ticket going forward or just for next season? Happy to take one off your hands on a season by season basis or whatever if so
  10. Won’t be an overseas player that’s for sure
  11. Pray for the first one. Second is my picks for day 1. Can do well using Betfair for the ‘to be placed’ market. Get decent amount of places. More than most firms
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