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  1. Won’t be an overseas player that’s for sure
  2. Pray for the first one. Second is my picks for day 1. Can do well using Betfair for the ‘to be placed’ market. Get decent amount of places. More than most firms
  3. Saturday evening would be lovely. Anything on Sunday is shit
  4. Anyone got a spare pair? Anywhere in the ground?
  5. This thread has taken a sudden twist. From blaming our shit support on the OAP’s to now blaming the younger lot. Fair to say we just don’t have the same passion as many others. Sad
  6. 80% of people didn’t sing at all. By that I mean not even a word. No wonder the players didn’t turn up
  7. All well and good blaming the layout but let’s be honest that’s a terrible excuse. We have the worst fans in the league. JL8 there was 20 of us singing for 90 mins with no ***** interested in joining in and they were all next to us. Wow
  8. **** me cambiasso has given everyone an excuse to carry on being shit
  9. Has gray contributed this amount in his whole time here is the question 😂
  10. He was absolute class today. His pressing is what got us going because for the first 15-20 mins we didn’t get a look in at all.
  11. Leaving early Saturday lunchtime game. Some people have circumstances but that many at that time? No chance. These people are not very interested and more than likely contribute nothing (oops am I allowed to say that).
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