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  1. Imagine if we all wrote vardy off after a season and wanted him gone.. oh wait we did. Give him a chance to adapt.
  2. If we're talking about that miss then everything about that header was textbook. Technique cannot be faulted so don't tell me he cannot head the ball. It trickled past the post. If it lands 2 inches to the left we are saying the perfect headed goal and well done slimani goal and assist to win us the game. He is definitely lacking confidence due to the lack of game time. He has had no proper run in the team and it was evident that as the game went on and he grew into it he was very dangerous. Remember that header at the near post from a Mahrez corner ? Again very nearly in the bottom corner. Give the lad a chance and stop bleating on about £30Million as if it's come out of your dinner money.
  3. His penalty cost me £350 tonight. Why didn't he chip it the c***
  4. Good video. Not sure about the choice of music this time. Doesn't give you that tingle like the other ones
  5. Nobody is saying Ranieri wasn't a part of our miraculous and best ever season however now that he is gone he is coming accross as bitter and arrogant and keeps praising himself and is still taking the credit for our performances now even when he isn't the manager. The worst thing is he is he thinks he made them turn the corner at Sevilla (A) and he still hasn't recognised let alone acknowledged the mistakes he made this season. There is one thing respecting a manager who won the league for you and yes he was great but don't be like the media and think that anything that comes after that is not even worth considering
  6. He was with us for one season, how are they his players playing 'his' system ? Seriously losing respect for him. The media love in has got him believing he won the league himself
  7. All those blaming Leicester fans and backing the police what do you have to say for the Spanish police actions last night ? Despicable. Thugs in uniform
  8. Just got back. To put things in to perspective, everyone in the plaza was having a good time, singing, drinking in small and large groups dotted around from about 11am. The choice of song is each to their own, the only song,until the 'riot' which may be classed as idiotic was the German bombers song and that was about 30 very pissed young lads singing it once maybe twice at most. The majority of European fans use smoke bombs and flares inside and outside of grounds home and away and are not attacked by police and that is Both in Spain and in other countries. Prime example atletico fans when their coach came in. So I can't accept that as a valid reason for police closing in. It was just singing whilst holding flares and smoke bombs. It was only when police closed in that people panicked and threw them. People enjoy themselves in different ways and nobody was doing anything illegal or offensive at any point until police waded in and intimidated people. Unless you were there and part of it you don't really know how intense it was so you can't give a judgement on how people should have reacted. Some people over reacted but when you've drank a lot and it's 30 degrees in a situation like that it's not easy to always think rationally. I'm not saying we don't have idiots in our fanbase, everybody does but I can tell you from being there everyone was having a good time and the locals were loving it, taking pictures and videos and joining in. There was absolutely no need for riot police to be lined up waiting for something little to happen so that they could excercise their powers. Overall was a great trip and there is a lot of over reaction over what happened. Leicester fans sang and had a good time, were pounced upon and reacted by singing about Gibraltar and were then attacked more. the end
  9. From what I watched of that tonight I didn't hear Claudio even once accept any blame whatsoever for this season or even accept he made a couple of mistakes. Instead he just kept on talking about 'his' system and 'his' players and the team 'he' built. Very strange and today I saw a level of arrogance from Claudio that I didn't think existed in him. Thank you for managing us last season Claudio but you really need to stop playing this victim card and acting as if you were wrongfully dismissed.
  10. Somewhere on the marina mate. Or If you're around the city there's a place on the creek with a big screen by the water where you can drink and smoke shisha. It's called QD's and entrance is through Dubai creek golf club. If you want a British pub inside Sheraton Dubai creek hotel there's a pub called The Chelsea arms. Decent place
  11. If Ranieri does try and play the sympathy vote it will leave a sour taste in the mouth. All this about Ranieri won you the league the players should be forever grateful to him from jealous pundits is very weird. Majority of these players were here before Ranieri which many people forget and if anything they have more inclination to the club than he does. Yes he was the manager but without the players what is a manager ?
  12. When your success is based on a certain way of playing football and you change it for no apparent reason and then when this doesn't work again change it further then I'm sorry but you have to take a large chunk of the blame. Add to this the fact that sport science teams and psychologists were removed when players have openly come out and said how important this was to them, then you definitely shouldn't act so much a victim when change is made. If I was a player and the owners asked me after 7 months of nobody understanding what was going on, the reason why, i would most certainly say the changes are not working. That is just doing my job not being a snake. Ranieri and his experience was pivotal last year in dealing with the media and keeping the players calm and focused but he didn't put his stamp on the team last year and he couldn't bear having another season without doing things the Claudio way. In the end that was his downfall
  13. Big Albert is ITK so I believe him!
  14. He had us down to lose 3-1 actually
  15. Behave mate. If you can't see how hard he worked then you were watching the wrong game. Oh yeah he scored too