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  1. Durnerz

    2018 Deathlist

    Genuinely saddened by the death of Anthony Bourdain, his shows inspired a lot of my travels and all the good times I had on them. A real sad loss.
  2. Durnerz

    2018 Deathlist

    First pick! Never normally get one, RIP to the king of clubs
  3. Durnerz

    90's Leicester Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 80 seconds  
  4. Durnerz

    The joke thread

    I pulled a Chinese girl the other night and we made it back to my place in the early hours. "How about a 69?" I suggested "Do one" she replied "I'm not cooking at this time of night!"
  5. Durnerz

    Serie A Quiz Akabusi

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 112 seconds  
  6. Durnerz

    Fear of flying

    Take some sweets on with you, ideally mints or something to clear your airways to aid breathing. It works for me as I used to get a bit of anxiety, not too bad but I found this really helped me.
  7. Durnerz


    Could see through Haye's bravado pre-fight. It was obvious from the last fight and the set backs before the original date that he was damaged goods and well past his best. Credit to Tony Bellew though, still had to get the job done and did just that.
  8. Durnerz

    World Cup Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 101 seconds  
  9. Durnerz

    Is N'Golo Kanté a Leicester City legend?

    The best player that I've ever seen in a Leicester shirt, by some distance. Absolute legend.
  10. Durnerz

    The joke thread

    I was teaching my dog to play the trumpet on the London Underground the other day.....he went from Barking to Tooting in under an hour.
  11. Cooking- an actual life skill
  12. Durnerz

    The joke thread

    A friend of mine went to prison for rape.. His Cell Mate didn't disappoint.
  13. Durnerz


    Already fought him once before.
  14. Durnerz

    The joke thread

    PIcked up a copy of the bible yesterday and I’m currently halfway through the book of Genesis... ...still no mention of Phil Collins.