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  1. John Hartson back in the day.
  2. Absolutely, no denying that. I was saying basically theres an option there to stop them pissing so many people off. Shame they won't follow that advice eh!
  3. Why don't these lads just record a voiceover of their thoughts in post production of the video? Saves annoying everyone around them and they can film all they want. Simples.
  4. Durnerz

    2020 deathlist

    1. Billy Connolly 2. Michael Parkinson 3. Albert Roux 4. Lesley Joseph 5. Don King Under 40: Brooklyn Beckham
  5. Noel Gallaghers interviews with Matt Morgan. Pure brilliance.
  6. While it exists in society it will exist in stadiums sadly.
  7. Met him years ago and thought he was an arrogant **** if I'm honest. Other than a great left foot for set pieces he was largely inept as a player.
  8. I had the amazing experience of being at the Madrid derby in the Atletico ultra's end. The chants of 'Mono' and monkey chants when players such as Marcelo were on the ball were shocking. This coming from women, children, you name it - it was terrible to witness. Leicester-wise I've only ever heard Brighton fans being taunted with the usual homophobic slurs and many chants of 'town full of p...' aimed at us. Interestingly in the 90's/early 2000's there never seemed to be any issues that I witnessed at football but 'Kick It Out' was prominently displayed around the ground as I remember.
  9. He is to us what Ian Wright was to Arsenal. Non league roots turned top level goal machine.
  10. I travel a heck of a lot and can honestly say: New York - Felt claustrophobic and incredibly busy, ridiculous tax system and generally found people rude. Rio de Janeiro - Beautiful Beaches, Sugarloaf is amazing but the actual city centre is very dangerous and there's not a whole lot to see. The poverty is also heartbreaking. Venice - A bugger to get around, incredibly busy and hard to find many places that serve great food at an acceptable price. Dubai is a wonderful city, if a little expensive. I did a jet-ski tour going past Burj-al-Arab and Atlantis and it was just incredible. I found the people there to be softly spoken and really friendly. Paris is my favourite city in the world but it does help to make an effort by speaking French. Head for the restaurants in the main tourist areas and you'll be treated as a tourist and most likely ripped off. Speak to any gypsys bothering you with clipboards in French and they won't bother with you.
  11. Draw at absolute best for Warrington, terrible display. I had Barry by 7-5.
  12. Ajax are unreal at the moment. Great goal that.
  13. Mugged off by an inept Bournemouth defence, gutted!
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