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  1. He is to us what Ian Wright was to Arsenal. Non league roots turned top level goal machine.
  2. I travel a heck of a lot and can honestly say: New York - Felt claustrophobic and incredibly busy, ridiculous tax system and generally found people rude. Rio de Janeiro - Beautiful Beaches, Sugarloaf is amazing but the actual city centre is very dangerous and there's not a whole lot to see. The poverty is also heartbreaking. Venice - A bugger to get around, incredibly busy and hard to find many places that serve great food at an acceptable price. Dubai is a wonderful city, if a little expensive. I did a jet-ski tour going past Burj-al-Arab and Atlantis and it was just incredible. I found the people there to be softly spoken and really friendly. Paris is my favourite city in the world but it does help to make an effort by speaking French. Head for the restaurants in the main tourist areas and you'll be treated as a tourist and most likely ripped off. Speak to any gypsys bothering you with clipboards in French and they won't bother with you.
  3. Draw at absolute best for Warrington, terrible display. I had Barry by 7-5.
  4. Ajax are unreal at the moment. Great goal that.
  5. Great strike but Nalis's was far better for me.
  6. Mugged off by an inept Bournemouth defence, gutted!
  7. Delighted we won but just lost a treble in the worst way possible. West Ham came back from 3-1 down to win 4-3, we manage to win 2-1 away with 10 men, only need Bournemouth to hang on in stoppage time against Newcastle and they go and let one in - fuming!
  8. Horrendous, just clicking the Christchurch trending link on twitter brings up multiple playing videos. Sadly this is the world we live in. Thoughts to the victims.
  9. What really angered me was that O'Neill ran the club on a shoestring for the most part of his time. Taylor was given a war chest and went out and bought crap. Awful manager. Always seemed pre-occupied with England as well and had to cover the first team when Keegan walked away. Never felt he was entirely committed to us.
  10. I think it should be like tennis rules. Once the game has started you are only allowed to enter/leave the stands during a break in play, either a substitution, injury or medical emergency (dodgy pie giving you the shits for example). It's not fair to keep blocking peoples view and interrupting their enjoyment of the game just because people cant go 45 minutes without grabbing food, a drink, the toilet or can't arrive on time.
  11. My favourite manager and probably the best years until the title win that I've ever experienced as a Leicester fan. The distraction technique of bringing on a 6'7 Aussie was enough to allow Claridge to send us to the Prem. His teams were always hard working with talent in the areas that mattered. Brilliant manager.
  12. Tried Crafty Burger last night - probably the best burger I've ever had. Quality meat and really good combinations. Pimping of the fries should be compulsory.
  13. I went to the gig last night at The Criterion, given that it was the 'unofficial' launch party many acts began making their way over from the official party at Peter Pizzeria as no one was there! So we got extra acts, the quality of the stand ups was brilliant and I never expected it to be that good, for a fiver you can't go wrong.
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