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  1. I think its a different style of podcast to say Peter Crouch's. A lot more "laddish" but that atmosphere seems to produce better stories and the players seem to be more open. Loved the Andy Johnson one, had no idea he was so mental.
  2. Just began listening to these podcasts and they are brilliant. Alan Rogers gives his account on what happened between Dennis Wise and Callum Davidson amongst other stories....
  3. Loved him up front with Dickov. A top player that season for us and scored some vital goals.
  4. Supermarket manager so been plenty of action. Plodding along through it all like everyone else, same nobs to deal with and some new ones too. Thankfully they've stopped raiding the shelves for pasta and bogroll for now.
  5. Surely that means that as a city we have the least amount of flies.
  6. Of course, i'm not knocking what we have over here but over there, as is the case with the dishes you've mentioned in their respective countries, the dishes in original form taste incredible due to how fresh the ingredients are.
  7. I've been to Bologna and tried the real thing and its miles away from anything we have over here. Much more dry and rich.
  8. Durnerz


    I've just began cycling again for the first time since I was about 16. Loving it so far even though its hard on the quads going up steep hills (I seem to be surrounded by them!). Averaging around 7 miles a day so far.
  9. Agree fully. It's such a shame as there are many talented ex-pro's or even reporters like Tim Vickery with an eye for the game who would be far better. Sad times when it comes to the state of punditry.
  10. I've never liked Jenas (not just because of the Forest connection) but just his state the obvious style and occasional ridiculous statements. Someone like Peter Crouch would be a lot better I feel, speaks well, has played at all levels and love how he comes across on his podcast. Richards is just there to laugh occasionally.
  11. Micah Richards can barely string a sentence together.
  12. Enjoyed watching this today. They seem really devoid of a leader in that dressing room. Kane is better at leading by example on the pitch as a player but lacks that oomph to get his team mates fired up. Mourinho you can see is a decent guy but still feel like he's reeling after the Man Utd job.
  13. I am as well mate (from Wymeswold) I used to play football with Franic and Dave Tat.
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