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  1. 4 - 0 in the first 15 mins, silence of the Rams
  2. its got to be Vichai, and not just for the football
  3. Tony Cottee goal at Man Utd, and the second half being like the Alamo
  4. Ian Marshall goal against Athletico Madrid v Leicester City UEFA Cup 1st Rd 1st Leg 1997/98
  5. pioneers of electronic music
  6. this has to be stand out moment, first trophy in ages
  7. yes I was in a seat, and had the pleasure, I waiting out side while the mount police cleared their fans before they started a riot, great Gary Mac goal, he was a class act
  8. you did not need membership,then you turn up at small shed front of filbert street and buy a ticket, for home games
  9. we go told make trouble you ruin it for everybody else.
  10. Yes I remember that too, copper came on coach
  11. last few games performances, have improved, plus weight in with goals as well
  12. like one or two similar posts come away think we should have won, draw not a disaster, and got a positive reaction after villa game
  13. I would say regular CL football, and trying to win cup competition, every season
  14. you look at it another way, people were bother last night,to come on the forum, who wasn't angry or pissed off last night its human reactions, it was a semi final we lost last night, when we got over we go again Saturday
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