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  1. Great band, good live, Paul Heaton, one of the best song writers of modern times
  2. early song of theirs, when played live, all band members, would be playing a drum, at the end of the song.
  3. Phil Simmons,was probably the best overseas signing, the county every had, good opening batsman or middle order, back up seamer, and great slip fielder, and big impact on the team.
  4. The late great Ian Dury
  5. another great song from a group, that was compared to U2, and probably as good.
  6. Man City (A)5 - 0 1990s Middlesboro (A)6 - 0 1990s Newcastle 5 - 4(A) remember that one Barnsley 3 - 0 (A)about thirty years ago Spurs 6 - 1 (H) I could list a few more, then you realize what a good team we have got now, think paying you dues come to mind on these games, , and never walked out on any of those games.
  7. fantastic, envy anybody that was there brilliant night for any leicester fan
  8. There is the shop near Leicester market that was selling last season Leicester City shirts,I think they were £25, if any left.
  9. James Waltzing Along, not a well know James hit, but a good song, often play.early when played live.
  10. song about spanish civil war, one of their best, pays homage to The Clash - Spanish Bombs
  11. Good band, good live, and came back and recorded a couple more albums.
  12. Australian band, brilliant live, who didn't; shy away from political or climate or human rights issues
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