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  1. North East Fox

    Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    I think the ref knew exactly where everyone was but his interpretation might be different to yours so technology wouldn't make a difference here. In my opinion it wasn't a red even though it's 99% certain Vardy would have been 1 on 1 with the keeper. Stones is close enough for the ref to only give a yellow. Slightly unlucky as on another day Kompany would have seen red
  2. Champions League music
  3. North East Fox

    Wolves pre-season friendly THIS AFTERNOON 3pm

    Well yes, exactly. Just for fitness. So if we'd won 3-0 how much would people look into it? I'm not trying to deny it's better to win but this will have no bearing on how we'll do this season. And if a footballer is professional they should understand is was just a friendly and as a professional the last game has no effect on the next, especially a fkn friendly.
  4. North East Fox

    Wolves pre-season friendly THIS AFTERNOON 3pm

    This was a friendly right? F me, we've all watched football for a long time. It means sweet fa. I might do the research shortly on the correlation between friendly results and actual football results. Just have a word!!
  5. North East Fox

    How long have you been a Leicester City fan?

    When super Steve scored against palace. Can remember my dads reaction and thinking I want a piece of that. So I'm enternly grateful to him for that moment
  6. North East Fox

    Mahrez to .......................?

    Is this a joke, no way Barca would want Riyad (if I've missed the jokes I don't apologize)
  7. North East Fox

    Bob Madley's comical errors for Mahrez Penalty.

    There was a Newcastle game a few weeks back where the ref applied the wrong laws of the game regarding encroachment from a pen and apologised afterwards. There was loads of talk about it up here and I know a few qualified refs. Basically encroachment by the defending team only comes in to play if pen is missed. So ref was right today. We just got unlucky. Imagine if it wasn't, every pen that was scored you'd have the defending team arguing they encroached
  8. North East Fox

    Manchester City (Away) Pre-Match Thread

    Think Bravo's out for rest of season with a calf strain. Either way Caballero is equally poor
  9. North East Fox

    When did we sign Jaap Stam

    What I liked the most was when he read a ball in behind Chilwell, took a nice touch to possibly make a clearance but then kicked it in to touch when realising the clearance on his weaker foot was too risky. Commentators made a joke of it on BBC but it showed a footballing brain to me ... he was class tonight. P.S. I know it's a stupid point to pick up on but hardly seen many players make what I think correct decisions this season, let alone 3 in 5 seconds
  10. North East Fox

    When did we sign Jaap Stam

    Imagine most feel the same ... he should start on Sunday ... but won't
  11. North East Fox

    Wague not ready

    Don't really see the issue, seems like CR is trying to not put any pressure on the lad ... sensible to me. If he said he was the dogs bollocks and had a shocking start he'd probably never recover
  12. North East Fox

    Southampton (A) Post Match thread 3 - 0

    Players got no confidence but at least put some effort in. I'd be okay with losing if we went down fighting ... away dressing room showers not needed today, no f**ker broke a sweat!!
  13. North East Fox

    Chelsea Pre-Match

    Chelsea getting a bit of their own medicine. Hilarious to me