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  1. Benji


    Unfortunately ****tards up and down the country will continue to call this all Project Fear. One can only hope God sees the justice and makes the same people suffer the most.
  2. This is exactly why Vardy retired. 75 minutes and no changes to bring on in-form game changers.
  3. Kane is the penalty taker simple as that. Don’t want a Man Utd shambles situation.
  4. I would be amazed if we didn't play Ndidi and Choudhury away at Old Trafford. It'll be the way we go with the big six, especially away.
  5. We'll need Ricardo to have a good game and keep James quiet. Can't see why we can't go there and get a result, though. They've looked average last couple of games and they're a Rashford injury away from struggling up front.
  6. No complaints if that had been a red. They’ve really set a high bar on VAR.
  7. Adama is built like he should be playing rugby.
  8. Benji


    I'm pretty sure some surgeons must be sadists to be good at their job.
  9. I feel your anxiety. I'm about to exchange on a new build flat in London to be built this time next year so risk struggling to get a mortgage if shit hits the fan over the next 12 months. You might say well why not wait, but I've spent almost three years with a "let's wait until Brexit is sorted" attitude and we're still no closer to a resolution - I'm 31 I can't put my life on hold anymore so I'm taking the plunge. I despair at the situation we're in. When I graduated in 2009 I had to get a job off the back of the last recession, moved cities to find something and a few years later when I came out the other end I thought I'd done my time for a couple of decades with economic turmoil. Instead we now have this self-inflicted shite which puts my job and housing situation at risk. I'm beyond f'ked off at the situation and am sick of hearing particularly golden generation people saying "well it will be shit for a bit but then it will eventually get better" when they're lucky enough to afford to survive it having benefited from absurd house price booms and final salary pensions (I should say, I include close family members in this). Maybe one day people will realise that while the Boris's and Jacob's of this world can afford to play ideological politics most of us can't.
  10. Pissing it down here in South Hampstead which is down the road from Lords. Not sure where this rain has come from was supposed to be a nice day. Will be a shame if this one rains out it has so much potential. Need a reserve day on these tests with our ridiculous weather.
  11. Enjoyed Maguire slapping down Geoff there.
  12. Federer. He makes every part of the game look like an effortless knock about. His one handed backhand is a thing of beauty. I generally find tennis quite boring to watch but could watch him play all day.
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