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  1. Obviously a lot of positives but most delighted for Chilwell. Some good attacking moves as soon as the confidence came back. Has looked scared to be near the ball recently not helped by fans being on his back and recent nonsense about indiscretions. We need to support this young team as they can be top class.
  2. Seem to remember double jeopardy doesn’t apply when it’s a clear attempt to stop a goal - like a handball on the line or like it was there, a clear attempt to stop it being rolled into an empty net. The covering player only caught up because Luiz kept pulling Tammy back. Seems fair to me.
  3. For the sake of the game I’m hoping the replays prove me wrong but Grealish just looked like a prolific diver all game everywhere on the pitch.
  4. If anyone is arrogant enough to think we'd sell Maddison in January at all, let alone in exchange for a player like Lingard, they may as well just stop watching football. United are definitely interested, but they will have to wait until the Summer at best.
  5. Bit disappointed Barnes hasn’t been given a good half hour to get some confidence back.
  6. A lot of negative chat. I was thinking we look composed and like the home team. The result will come if it carries on like this.
  7. I know City and Liverpool both significantly raised their game against us but why could we not have given them a real go like other teams are showing.
  8. Presumably double jeopardy - Ederson was outside box. Unless rules have changed...
  9. Looks like a full second team from the pre match Insta stories
  10. Couple of decent interviews fromRodgers and Chilwell. Bit of honesty And respect without throwing In the towel. We just need to hold our hands up today and not let it kill momentum.
  11. Disappointing really. Masterclass from KDB and City deserved winners. From our perspective, we were too slow to identify the issue with KDB and Mahrez. Chilwell needed support and with hindsight could have done with Fuchs in the squad, especially as he had Mahrez in his back pocket last time. Really wanted us to have a good go at them but just never happened. I think you have to applaud City for that with their press and domination. Hopefully it doesn’t derail our top 3 ambitions because that was quite convincing. Although outside City and Liverpool there’s not a lot to worry about behind us at the minute.
  12. No mention of the dive that resulted in the free kick before the corner, then. Oliver is having a mare with all things involving Ricardo. Playing well though. Carry on like this and we’ll be fine but we’ll now likely need to weather a storm in the first 15 mins.
  13. Watford heads gone - push for a second goal now while they're like this.
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