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  1. Biggest shock was how dangerous we looked from corners! Crazy times. Great performance all round.
  2. The amount of deflections that consecutively fell their way for that goal was almost impossible.
  3. VAR is a waste of time but that decision is hilarious. Klopp and the Liverpool fans can swivel if they think they’re getting sympathy after our game and their shithouse response after it.
  4. Played well end of the first half and start of the second so think we just about deserved to win. But remembering how shit it felt after the Liverpool game we just have to hold our hands up and say we've got away with one there. Burnley will rightly feel very hard done by - of all the decisions to use VAR to overturn this season they chose that one. Obviously very happy with the 3 points.
  5. Can understand the Morgan change but it’s completely but us on the back foot.
  6. That’s very very lucky. Evans isn’t getting there. Feel sorry for Burnley really.
  7. Jamie Vardy... your wife is a .... About 5 mins before the goal. Hopefully he gets the winner and wheels into the away corner.
  8. As soon as they started chanting about Rebekah you knew he’d score.
  9. Benji


    Time to just vote the bloody thing through now. In my perfect world Brexit would never happen but no deal is just a shit show waiting to happen. Get this through and start concentrating on the trading arrangements and domestic policies before we’re all six feet under.
  10. Public transport is much closer to the solution than the problem - this was an incredibly ill-thought-out protest.
  11. Benji


    Maybe we need a Foxestalk equivalent of the BBC fact checker. I nominate Alf, his posts are usually TL;DR so I assume they’re completely factual (and well researched)...
  12. Benji


    To be honest I try not to engage in whataboutery (though I’m sure if someone could be bothered they’d be able to dig up a quote of when I’ve done it). If I see something that’s clearly bullshit I’ll point it out. If people were more accountable for what they said and published then the average person on the street who doesn’t have the time or interest to read everything could base their decisions on something more reflective of the truth. You only have to look at the comments on that tweet to see the impact it has.
  13. Benji


    Incorrect second quote I’m afraid. Here is what he actually said: “... I’ve been wondering what the special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it safely” The tweet has been cut short to suit their agenda. It’s a shame a lot of people seem to believe everything they read online.
  14. Bit short sighted to just want to let him go. He’s a good left back who appears to be central to the good feel factor we have at the club. Lose him then you have the likes of Maddison with less of a reason to stay and the dominoes continue. I was sad to see Simpson go for the same reason but we seem to have coped fine - start losing the younger lads though and it will be a slippery slope and all our potential will slowly be sold off to the highest bidder.
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