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  1. It will be an absolute farce if our game isn't cancelled on Saturday if we have players showing symptoms, after Man City / Arsenal was cancelled mid-week for something less. It would show a massive big club bias and could have a big impact on CL qualification. It could take a couple of weeks of our players being less than 100% as flu like symptoms start to show while they perform.
  2. It's all about confidence. The football for that goal. Laaaaarrrrvvvvley.
  3. 5-0 please. Go for their goal difference.
  4. I had zero confidence he was going to slot that in. Fair play
  5. Let's see if we can create a chance from this throw in by the corner flaaaaAAAND it's back with Kasper.
  6. It’s a strange one. I think letter of the law he’s in line, but surely you have to apply game sense to the decision. He’s in line but not impacting play as De Gea has already gone the wrong way with Maguire’s touch and can clearly see the ball. I think the ref has a no win in that situation - if he doesn’t give it people will be up in arms about what constitutes “active”. Overall though I think it should be a goal.
  7. What the actual **** is going on. We are getting worse every week and I’m not starting to worry about top 4. I’ve been very relaxed until tonight and we still have good fixtures in the short term - but you can’t deny tonight was shocking and something really isn’t right at the moment.
  8. Thought we played well and looked comfortable. Can’t underestimate how much the lack of at least one penalty changes the state of the game. More confident having seen that performance. Refs can just get in the bin. I hope the vitriol towards VAR finally starts to go where it’s warranted - the idiots in the studio.
  9. Jesus. Defending the indefensible.
  10. I don’t think I understand the rules anymore. That’s a clear red in my mind he bends his lower leg with a stamp. Yet BT are saying it’s clearly not.
  11. The offside is clear. The disallowed goal and lack of a red card for Maguire (in light of the Son red card) are ridiculous. The two wrong decisions aren’t VAR’s fault - it’s the incompetent ref on the pitch and sat behind the screen.
  12. We’ve become way too predictable that even Wolves are just saying sod it to their nice football at home and trying to beat us exactly the same way Burnley did.
  13. No more a penalty than the Cags knock on the knee first half. Just gutting that his hand has stopped the ball falling to Maddison to slot home. Gutting really should have won the game. Better than losing though. Hopefully they really benefit from the long break.
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