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  1. Shocking decision. Son tries to pull back / foul McTominay which is the only reason he’s trying to hold him off.
  2. How many times have they been on the floor already?
  3. Fair play to West Ham having a great season. Lingard’s totally reborn.
  4. Wolves passing the ball around the back like they’re 3-0 up. Is Nuno taking advice from Puel?
  5. One of these days a Ref will realise all Guardiola teams are masters of the technical foul. Just forever goes unpunished and it’s a big part of the way they’re successful.
  6. Misses aside I think Vardy has looked back to his old self - massively benefitted from the rest I think. Will be so important for the rest of the season hope he can just get one today to get the confidence back.
  7. Exactly I just think the squad looks exhausted and 3 weeks off / training / preparing for the run-in could really see us right for the rest of the season, almost like a mini pre-season. Totally get we want your players match fit and playing games but this season has been brutal and I can't see players losing match fitness just missing this one game. It would be a nightmare if we picked up a couple of injuries when things are starting to look up again. Are any of the squad on international duty I've not kept an eye on what's happening in the break - Belgium / Tielemans is my mai
  8. I think Rogers has a big call to make on the FA Cup game. Personally I'd play the kids and anyone coming back from injury who needs minutes, but can see the pros and cons. Really want us to win the FA Cup but feel like that will happen soon enough, whereas top 4 this season will be massive for our progression as a club.
  9. So is the silhouette thing part of the rules yet or not I’ve lost track.
  10. Nice to see this type of tackle hasn't gone out of fashion:
  11. This corner situation has gone beyond a joke. We can’t possibly spend any time on it during training. If we do the relevant coach needs sacking.
  12. Nathan Blake - those were the days.
  13. I wonder how much Peter Walton gets paid for contributing to each game on no more than three occasions and his response each time is to say “I agree with the VAR”.
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